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SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report
2 years ago

Your weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

November 2-8

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 A Maze by number41 was collected by maxstealth for $5,253

A Maze
Edition 1 of 1
“When our consciousness has become a haven of illusions, our mind may have a hard time to fight the maze in our thinking. Only anchor points from our past and the innocence of our childhood might give back the core of what we are. (“Not without the past”)” ― Erik Pevernagie

#9 Christine et la pièce digitale by Alotta Money was collected by etyoung for $5,374

Christine et la pièce digitale
Edition 1 of 1
A digital euro would make 100% of your payments traceable. It could actively encourage innovation in taxation. The ECB and the national central banks of the euro area are exploring the benefits and risks so that money continues to control Europeans citizen. A digital euro would preserve the benefits that the euro provides to governments. It would help to deal with situations in which people no longer deserve privacy.

#8 Moment by mercpin was collected by zonted for $6,450

Edition 1 of 1
Finding where I belong in this moment. Do you know where you belong?

#7 Curse of the Dancing Flamingos by Gavin Shapiro was collected by maxstealth for $6,680

Curse of the Dancing Flamingos
Edition 1 of 1
3D animation by Gavin Shapiro. Style transfer by Jeremy Torman. Music by cYsmix.

#6 Exploding heads – original trio by Jon Noorlander was collected by ohhshiny for $7,987

Exploding heads – original trio
Edition 1 of 1
These are the heads that started it all. First of its kind.

#5 Echo Animus by Pak was collected by gltr for $8,620

Echo Animus
Edition 1 of 1
“So it kept replicating like a disease of the mind.”

#4 Mendax by Fabio Giampietro was collected by mrbridge for $8,705

Edition 1 of 1
A portrait. In the Metromorphosis series the boundaries between portraits and urban landscapes collapse into a play of lights and shadows. Oil on canvas, 2020. 4600 x 4600 pixels. Physical canvas size 67″ x 67″

#3 BROKEN_BEAUTY// by fvckrender was collected by landbaron555 for $9,525

Edition 1 of 1
Created this piece after a burnout, i was working about 80h a week always accepting work. and this burnout made me realise what was important and it was creating more art less client work. This piece for my recovery. Track by The Holy

#2 Pockets of Impulsion by Pak was collected by R&A Art Collection for $12,471

Pockets of Impulsion
Edition 1 of 1

#1 The Meeting by Pak was collected by anonymous for $14,282

The Meeting
Edition 1 of 1



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