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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

Pawel Nolbert
Visual artist exploring color, perception, beauty, and the 3D painting style that he pioneered, in the various fields of digital & traditional mediums. Collabs/media include Apple, Nike, Disney, Sony, Saatchi Art, Collossal etc. @pawelnolbert

Rare Moments of Beauty – Origin
Edition 1 of 1

My first Superrare NFT focuses solely on beauty and its importance in my work art style – of 3D brushstrokes – the elusive moments of beauty, suspended in time and space.  ~ RMOB examines the value and meaning of beauty today, as the standards of beauty change over the years, while some classical canons of beauty remain universal and timeless, regardless of trends. Beauty, being the original purpose of art, adds the spiritual layer that transcends centuries and momentarily lifts us to a higher space, from the mundane everyday reality. ~ Epitomized by the three-dimensional colorful brushstroke style which I pioneered since 2013, when I first created my deconstructed paintings – delicate paint sculptures, using thoughtful paint strokes and transforming them into digital sculptures, giving the brushstrokes a new life in the modern realities. ~⠀ This work preludes the Rare Moments of Beauty series, as originally created with a geometric colored background. It references my earliest works in this style. ⠀~⠀In my work I play with color and paint and its relationship with space – freeing the painting from its usual physical confinement. ⠀~⠀ 6000x8000px artwork.
American post-conceptual artist Rob Pruitt (b. 1964) doesn’t adhere to one style or medium, his art spans painting, installation, sculpture and performance. Known for making political and cultural statements, his Panda series addresses issues of climate change and global responsibility, while encouraging everyday activism. Solo exhibitions include the Stony Island Arts Bank and the Aspen Art Museum and his work is in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Hirshhorn Museum.

Listen to the Panda
Edition 1 of 1

Perhaps because their existence has been threatened by man’s assault on the environment and we know them to be vulnerable and gentle, it’s easy to see the panda as a prophet. In his first NFT, Rob Pruitt deepfakes a panda verbalizing these words of wisdom to the viewer: “Some humans are not very good at being humane.” This NFT was created using low-tech software and that feels just right to Pruitt, “This is just a starting point for a project I intend to grow and develop. Soon I imagine the bear will be jumping off the screen and talking non-stop.” Over the last two decades, Pruitt has used the panda in painted form as an avatar to tell stories of friendship, family, equality, and environmentalism. He hopes the talking panda will grow technically by embracing more sophisticated digital processes and by engaging in the ever-changing cultural conversation. Rob Pruitt works across a variety of styles and mediums to create playful and thoughtful reflections on popular culture. His work is in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Hirshhorn Museum. This NFT uses a Fair Trade Art Certificate and 18% of the purchase amount will be personally donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. Verisart Certified:


London, UK
Whatshisname is an innovative artist specialising in modern POP Art with a highly creative and sometimes provocative style that aims to challenge existing conceptions of design and bring joy to viewers of his work. Well established among the UKs’ urban and contemporary art scene, with his signature balloon dog sculptures and a series of prints called “Gone”, Whatshisname gained acclaim in cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore.

POPek Balloon Dog 23k Gold
Edition 1 of 1

Whatshisname’s signature piece of POP Art, the iconic POPek the pooping balloon dog which revolutionised the image of a balloon dog. This unique NFT edition features the popular sculpture is in 23k gold. This is Whatshisname’s first NFT. Additionally, this NFT comes with a unique physical archival pigment print of the gold POPek balloon dog. The print is signed and dated and comes with a certificate of authenticity.



New York
Sekani is an award winning Motion Designer and the director of viral hits such as Star Wars: The Last Stand and Hidden. He strives to make beautiful work that incorporates story and concept.

Edition 1 of 1

Hidden is a short film about self appreciation, it’s about uncovering some of the thoughts and feelings that make us who we are and emphasizing that those feelings are beautiful. Each of the figures are representative of an emotion; chains represents fear, crystals is love and affection, gold is greed/ambition and flowers is joy/happiness. We start off with
them being all covered in cloth to be synonymous with the idea of not sharing certain feelings or aspects of ourselves, a reflection of how many of us interact in today’s society. As we progress through the film, we peel back the layers (removing the cloth), revealing what lies underneath is beautiful. We then show that all these figures create one person, reiterating that all these different aspects and emotions make us who we are.

NO TEXT is an art group, based in Milan, Italy. Its work examines image production and consumption, with a focus on No Text behaves like a corporation but without a business plan. No Text follows no maps like a stray dog.

Edition 1 of 1


Tel Aviv
I’m 3D artist Dexamol. I explore a future of synthetic insects and cyborgs. My work celebrates high detail and finds big beauty in small things, while blurring the line between the synthetic and the natural. Pieces last shown at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

Edition 1 of 1

He upgraded to the DX V Symbiont III // //////////////////////////////////////////// *First collector of this work will receive an mp4 file of this piece with their handle/name appearing on the screen within the arm in the video as bonus.
Skye Nicolas blends abstract expressionist aesthetics with vivid pop culture references to facilitate the distillation of intimate conversation and hidden dialogue, defining a recognizable visual language and signature style. Exhibitions have been supported by Philly Adams of the Saatchi Gallery of London, art mogul Jay Jopling, and legendary British curator Sir Norman Rosenthal. His word-phrase digital triptychs have been exhibited at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum.

Edition 1 of 1

“Artists are doing themselves a disservice listing on Foundation. The prices are lagging big time and you will dilute your brand value. SuperRare has a distinct price premium because it is professionally curated, OG, and has an active secondary marketplace. FDN is mostly memes.” —@beaniemaxi (Twitter, 2021) Beanie is a prominent NFT collector, investor, and analyst. The minting of ‘THIS ARTWORK IS WORTH LESS ON FOUNDATION’ on SuperRare, marks the completion of a bold conceptual statement diptych—effectively etching an indelible cultural moment within the NFT art movement, and is regarded by academic philosopher, art critic and curator, Klaus Speidel, as a seminal artwork that connects to some of the most important art movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Deeply rooted in conceptual art, the artwork and its preceding opening statement piece, ‘THIS ARTWORK IS WORTH MORE ON SUPERRARE’, actively engages the viewer by offering statements which invite critical debate and discourse on topics relevant to the burgeoning culture of NFT art. Its visual elements typify the artist’s stylistic penchant for blending typography with free flow gestural painting, characteristic of abstract expressionism. As the lexicon of NFT art continues to be defined by art critics, academics, and historians, the use of blockchain technology as a layer component of the artist’s creation in exploring NFTs as a medium of expression, historically marks both artworks’ significance in form and style.

Internationally exhibiting painter & DeFi enthusiast. On Twitter @AverySinger14 — My work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, the Guggenheim, the Tate Modern, Fondazione Sandretto re Rebaudengo, Hirshhorn Museum, Yuz Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sifang Museum, LACMA, the Hammer Museum, and the Museum Ludwig, among other international institutions.

White Claw 18th C. Variety Pack
Edition 1 of 1

A unique release of several 18th century White Claw flavors, on the backdrop of wine-stained bar napkin illustrations depicting Wojak. Created in DAZ3D.

3d artist

Edition 1 of 1

2000 x 2000

Club Oasis
Edition 1 of 1

‘Club Oasis’ is part of a Villiers’ ongoing comic book narrative that dissects Queer Black life in Miami. It envisions what nightlife will look like in the future when the disadvantaged parts of the city are underwater once sea levels rise. It also illustrates the Black Queer community’s capacity for resilience in the face of any natural harm, danger, and discrimination. Villiers calls this work a visual manifesto for freedom of self-expression.

Swimmer (in the abyss)
Edition 1 of 1

Allen’s early work with computers often centered on explorations of human motion, with an interest in bringing humanity into the computer through a feminine perspective and female form. In this historical work, Rebecca worked with the first-ever 3D computer model of a female body and set about bringing it to life. Working with the inventors of today’s computer graphics and animation software, Allen took on the difficult task of
getting the frozen human form to come alive; gradually, slowly, developing methods to allow a virtual body to move. As an avid swimmer, Allen identified with the elegant, fluid motions of underwater swimming and understood that, like the ocean, the vast virtual world doesn’t follow the rules of gravity that bind us humans. The virtual world was empty then. Swimmer was one of the earliest examples of computer animation of a human form. We watch as the figure immerses herself in the vast abyss of virtual reality that is pulling us all in now.



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