Enter The Mind of Impact.

3D generalist and art director Impact shares his concept for his 'Enter the Mind' series, which follows themes of traditional and ordinary objects taking flight.

Jun 21, 2021 Artist Statements

1 year ago

Enter the mind of Impact, London based 3D Generalist and Art Director responsible for a host of creative projects found across the internet. Infamously described as an artist first and a designer second, he revels in creating universes capturing surreal 3D imagery, often accompanied by a strong storyline and concepts open to interpretation. Notably focusing on predominantly static imagery for his creative endeavors, he finds something compelling about the challenge of telling a story with just one frame. 

Guiding Light,2021, NFT

Guiding light is classed, in his opinion, as his first official art piece, despite other projects that preceded it. Having been featured in the 3D Artist magazine, multiple times by Adobe and awarded on creative network Behance, Guiding Light is one of the most recognized pieces in Impact’s catalogue. The initial inspiration behind this piece stemmed from the idea of the Tardis (from the popular British TV show Doctor Who) and it’s ability to travel through time. The idea of a seemingly everyday object like a telephone box being able to teleport was applied to the lighthouse in Guiding Light. This ability was adapted to the lighthouse in a more visually dramatic way, resulting in the disintegration effect seen in the final image.

Without any context, Guiding Light as a whole is shrouded in a cloud of mystery, the overcast sky makes it impossible to determine where the lighthouse is. How does the lighthouse have the ability to teleport? Why is it summoned to various locations? And who is manning it are all questions left unanswered. 

Semi-Detatched, 2020, NFT

Semi-Detached is widely regarded as Impact’s magnum opus from 2020 and with how widely it was shared it’s deserving of that title. This is a piece semi-detached from reality and one that depicts a desire to rise up and break free, a common theme in a lot of the ‘Enter the Mind’ pieces around this time frame. Despite still having his signature ‘floating object’ characteristic, the house in the image is still somewhat bound to the ground and the slight artistic style change with the pop of extra colour and stylistic clouds give this piece a unique and interesting look when placed next to the other pieces in this collection. 

Neverland, 2021, NFT

Another piece from the ‘Enter the Mind’ series following a similar theme of traditionally grounded objects taking flight is Neverland. Its name is a play on words with the Netherlands (inspired by a trip there) and the phrase to ‘never land’ which encourages the viewer to embrace a blissful euphoric state above ground and never let go of that feeling.

The foreground depicts a bleak scene with a broken barbed-wire fence, the cause of which is left up to the imagination of the viewer. One compelling interpretation is that from beloved collector and owner of Neverland, Bharat Krymo, in which he believes that ‘’the future is based increasingly on alternative energy so the windmill generated power and broke away from the fence with the grounding.’’

Krymo describes it as a: ‘’piece about independence, freedom and self sufficiency.’’



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