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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

Marco Brambilla is a media artist who explores themes of psychedelia and pop culture. His pioneering use of technology has led to partnerships with innovators across varying industries, notable collaborations include an interstellar installation with NASA and Kanye West’s music video, “Power”. He has exhibited extensively around the world and can be found in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum.

Partial Equilibrium
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‘Partial Equilibrium’ is a digital readymade which appropriates, interrogates and recontextualizes the first American readymade: Jeff Koons’ ‘One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank’. Created in 1985, the work immortalized the Spaulding basketball, floating suspended in an aquarium, as a symbol of opportunity and prosperity. Brambilla’s ‘Partial Equilibrium’ confronts viewers with the dismantling of Koons’ art object and makes way for a new one. Known as a creature in both Norse and Greek mythology as a symbol of destruction, an Octopus appears to overtake the original structure entirely, disrupting the basketball’s delicate state of equilibrium within the aquarium. Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/marco-brambilla-0e9e48d0-d3d8-42aa-bbb3-5e77d931c956

Italy, Naples
She/Her 3D and Digital Artist

Edition 1 of 1

Made of 99% titanium. 3D animation, 1333x1666px, mp4.

Los Angeles, CA
Internationally exhibited landscape artist and envoy of nature. Rachael’s work documents real trees and locations. Her drawings weave reality with strings of fantasy, imagination and past memories.

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This work was inspired by the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest of California’s Eastern Sierra. Some trees here are as old as the pyramids but are left unmarked, so it is left up to the imagination to wonder. This pillar of time clings to the side of a slope, growing slowly, battered and twisted by its extreme conditions. Artwork by Rachael Pease. Music by David Voyzey.

3d doodle maker

Once We Were One
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Behold! Behold! This is the Land of Yore! A place and time for joy and laughter, where no one is nobody’s master. The broken Land of Dreams Aplenty when foes were none and friends were many. Long before the Old War started, magic was by people guarded. Long before the first was bitten, laws of land were still unwritten. Trees and streams were wise and awesome, and giant’s sharts meant life and blossom. But then They came and all was ruined: the selfish ones with their tongues so fluent: “You shall not bite! Only I can chew! My body will never return to you! Now give me, give me, and don’t ask back, you are a beast therefore you lack: you lack my brains and my altura, for your condition there is no cura”. Behold! Behold! The peace we used to live in! Now only pieces do remain, of this land with no domain. Waters red from pain and sorrow: that I’ll tell you all tomorrow.

Fashion and Advertising photographer turn 3D virtual model creator! (: https://twitter.com/shavonnewong_

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The artwork shows women uplifting and empowering each other, acting as pillars of strength for one another. Individually, we are each strong, unique and worthy. And together, women will not only reach the highest peaks of society, but we can also create newer

Computer Mainframe
Award-winning pixel artist, director, animator.ドット絵. Created rad music videos for GUNSHIP and art for The Midnight, Waveshaper etc. Cyberpunk & synthwave vibes in art about human connection.

Edition 1 of 1

An animated pixel piece. Since the end of 2014, Genuine Human Art has been creating a piece to ring in the new year. Each piece marks a moment in time, a feeling as we head into a new beginning. They have become his biggest and most adventurous pieces of each year, growing in scope with each new piece. Work on this 2021 piece began at the start of November 2020 and was completed shortly before new year’s eve having taken more than 100 hours of work. Created during a pandemic year, the approach for 2021 was one of a wish – an expression of hope that 2021 might bring us health, joy, freedom and love. Drenched in colour, it aims to make the viewer smile as they take in the details and pick out the stories contained within. Every pixel has hope at its core.

Artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson (b.1941) is one of the most influential media artists. She is widely recognized for her work investigating key issues including the relationship between humans and technology, identity, surveillance, and the use of media as a tool of empowerment against censorship. Leeson’s works are public collections around the world including the MoMA, LACMA, ZKM, SFMOMA and Tate Modern. Her first solo museum show in NYC opens June 30 at the New Museum.

The Redeeming Gift of Humanity
Edition 1 of 1

The full title of the work is ‘The Redeeming Gift of Humanity is that Each Generation Recreates Itself’. Tilda Swinton, playing Ada Lovelace in Lynn Hershman Leeson’s film Conceiving Ada, 1995, predicts on her deathbed that humans would recreate themselves in the future. Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who wrote the very first computer program in the nineteenth century. Although the film was made nearly 30 years ago, what she says is crucial to the idea of NFTs. Each generation does recreate itself, one way or another. This one has seen AI and NFTs (and DNA) become a new language for storage and communication. Artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson is recognized for her work investigating key issues including the relationship between humans and technology, identity, surveillance, and the use of media as a tool of empowerment against censorship. Leeson’s works are in public collections around the world including the MoMA, ZKM, SFMOMA, LACMA and Tate Modern. Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/6a6f3aea-3d12-45f8-af58-adf245aa410e

Leo Isikdogan is a researcher, engineer, and artist based in California. He has a master’s degree focused on computer vision for art analysis, and a PhD from the Laboratory for Image and Video Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Currently, he works as a Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer at Apple. His practice spans a broad range of disciplines, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, computational photography, image processing, augmented reality, and digital art.

Heartbeats of a Flower
Edition 1 of 1

If machines could think, what would they think of plants? Would they see them as inanimate objects or as living beings? ‘Heartbeats of a Flower’ is imagined as the perception of plants through the eyes of a machine. It was created using a neural network that was encouraged to generate vibrant images of plants. The images were brought to life by the artist’s creative use of algorithms. Leo Isikdogan is a researcher, engineer, and artist based in California. He has a master’s degree focused on computer vision for art analysis, and a PhD from the Laboratory for Image and Video Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Currently, he works as a Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer at Apple. Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/leo-isikdogan-f0bd4fd5-17b2-42bc-bbb4-e2f590da315d

Hollywood, California

Courtney: 1/1 PUNKS Comic Concept Art
Edition 1 of 1

First reveal of PUNKS Comic character, Courtney. SuperRare Contract (SUPR) ERC-721 NFT, 1988 x 3056 pixels. Initial sale includes a 1/1 signed physical print, measuring 12″ x 12″ and shipped free worldwide. Minted on 11 June 2021. This work is unique. 100% of profits from this sale are for the benefit of PUNKS token holders. Learn more about this character and the PUNKS token at PunksComic.com.

Cagliari, Italy
Paola Pinna is a 3D Artist interested in exploring the meaning of being human today.

Hidden Miki
Edition 1 of 1

”The reflection of a young android in the mirror reveals her secret to the viewer. Which side to take and which of the two identities to adopt, we are not the ones to decide. The artist does not judge her work, but lets it breathe and grow in its own world, observing it as a scientist from the outside, waiting with silent anticipation for the reaction that her creation will trigger over time.” Dystopian Visions Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SuperRare

Vittorio Bonapace is an award-winning Digital Artist, Musician and Art Director based in London. He combines 3D and Digital Painting and he loves to tell stories through Art.

2080: The Astro Show
Edition 1 of 1

The everyday life of a consumerist landscape typical of the last twenty years lands inspace and ironically influences the habits of an astronaut. Vittorio Bonapace treats the theme of the dystopian future in a sarcastic key, highlighting the = inconsistency between
plausibility and surreality of a meaningless life, while wanting to impact the consciences of those who observe the work in a cathartic way. || Dystopian Visions. || Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SUPERRARE. Pixels on Screen | 2500x1406px – Video Loop – Audio. || The collector will receive the original size: 5000x2813px Video loop – Audio

Award winning CG Artist from Naples currently working in Amsterdam

Edition 1 of 1

An apocalyptic scenario manifests itself in front of the viewer of a slender figure at the center of the scene in the work of Nicola Scognamiglio. A pulsating light connects the man to an uninhabited skyscraper that can be glimpsed at in the distance, as if to recall redundant forms of life that are now extinct. Reality and illusion are confused, as if the difference between our virtual alter ego and the materiality of the surrounding degradation had never existed. ///Dystopian Visions Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SuperRare

Luca Viola, is an Italian 3D Artist and Designer working in the Advertising industry. Currently based in Spain, his career started in the uk where he lived for 15 years. With over 8 years of experience he has worked with big brands and studios around the world. His work is best described as colorful and fun, mixing playful animations with realistic simulations and renders.

Edition 1 of 1

A golden frame captures the evolution of artistic expression according to the vision of the artist Luca Viola. The work expands, moving towards the viewer. The textures of the canvas come alive, revealing a network of invisible connections between the dynamic and static realms, like an ancient artifact that is tinged with new life. Una cornice dorata racchiude l’evoluzione dell’espressione artistica secondo la visione dell’artista Luca Viola. L’opera si espande, andando verso chi la osserva. Le trame della tela si animano, rivelando una rete di connessioni invisibili tra dinamismo e staticità, come un artefatto antico che si tinge di nuova vita. Dystopian Visions Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SuperRare

Computational Designer and Artist. Looking for beauty in the machine.

Data Collector V1.0
Edition 1 of 1

The memory of a classical civilization that passes through the colored and microscopic codes of pixels, tracing the shapes and nurturing the memory of a distant and ritualisticsculptural classicism with the ultimate precision of a craftsman. Dystopian Visions Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SuperRare

Leonardo begins his artistic career at the age of 17, joining the SlashTHREE art collective, where he shares ideas with illustrators, photographers and music producers. He works in the Advertising industry collaborating with clients such as Engie, Maserati, Mercedes, Discovery and Sky. He occasionally gives lectures about digital art and postproduction in Rome,Milan and Naples.

God’s graffiti
Edition 1 of 1

What kind of existence would we live if we knew that the world was created by an artificial entity? In Dentico’s work one can see tiny well-dressed men plunging into the void. Their wake traces a dull sound in the surrounding environment, making its strings vibrate, as in a childhood dream that the author recreates with profound, at times devastating, serenity. Dystopian Visions Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SuperRare

Dutch conceptual photographer / visual artist, based in Rotterdam, known as @claireonline on Instagram. My work has a focus on serenity, simplicity, and silence. I am drawn to desolate spaces and landscapes and with a minimalistic feel, my aim is to capture the essence of the natural elements in a unique way. My work has been exhibited in New York, Paris, Brussels, and Rotterdam. My work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Booooom, This is Colossal, Wired, and ABC News.

Our Peaceful Blue Orientalis
Edition 1 of 1

‘Our Peaceful Blue Orientalis’ (Onze Vredige Blauwe Orientalis) is one of three pieces from Claire Droppert and CP Collectives’ genesis NFT collection, ‘GRAVITY FLOWER POWER’. This exciting release marks the third and final original artwork that compels the viewer to reflect on the power and beauty of nature while celebrating Dutch national heritage. The third and final artwork in this series is again a composition of images that were captured in the west region of the Netherlands, an incredible location for discovering bold and beautiful flowers. For Dutch people, Blue, the colour of Dutch Orientalis Hyacinths, has a strong symbolic association to physical beauty like the sky and the sea to emotions like trust and freedom. This flower completes the trilogy of works by representing the final colour on the Dutch national flag. Blue Orientalis Hyacinths are symbolic of sorrow, forgiveness, and spirituality. Therefore, this final work encourages viewers to reflect on the beauty of life around them and to have gratitude for everything that friends, family, and their ancestors have done for them. This animated piece was created in collaboration with CP Collectives, a pioneering community-driven project focused on finding new and innovative ways to transcend the current limitations of digital art and photography. CP Collectives is partnering with some of the world’s leading digital artists and photographers to release an exclusive series of NFTs that celebrate the true ingenuity and imagination of both communities across a wide range of different releases.

Los Angeles, CA
Head of Content Production @ SuperRare FIlm Photographer since 2002

Flower Girl
Edition 1 of 1

As I look upon the rose, I see you. As I look upon you, I see a flower in full bloom. One and the same. Life, as it were. Love, as it should be ????

Occultism at its finest !

The Last Guardian
Edition 1 of 1

A Primordial lord of the Nyx , standing solitary at the end of the line , guarding the realm of night from the bright lord and the army of the Jotunheim.

(b.1990, Italy, lives and works in Brescia) is an artist working with visuals and sculptures, playing with neural networks, time and the perception of the subject. He employs assets of 3D animations, archives and physical sculptures. Feel free to check my documentation and exhibitions via website & Instagram.

Videotapestry (Nerybe)
Edition 1 of 1

The surface of the digital landscape establishes its own rules in relation to the observer: it hides the equilibrium between the artificial intelligence and
those who try to immerse themselves in it. This is the case of Videotapestry, a virtuous tapestry woven into the ether that invites the viewers to reconcile with the vastness that dominates it, inviting them to meditate and connect with the unknown. Dystopian Visions Curated NFT collection by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA) Auctioned by CAMBI + SuperRare



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