Meet the artists. Exploring the “Dystopian visions”: part 2

Jul 1, 2021 Artist Statements

12 months ago

In the “Dystopian visions” collection the viewer is taken to a future where mankind and the machines have found a way of coexisting, disrupting in some cases the ecosystems as we know them. The artworks transmit a sense of connection that accompanies the viewer within unexpected scenarios, creating a dynamic relationship between those who observe them and try to immerse themselves in these new fantastic worlds. 

This editorial series focuses on the practice of digital creators from the “Dystopian visions”, six artists at a time, investigating their creative process, media and softwares they work with, motivations and sources of inspiration. 

Giovanni Motta

“Jonny Boy is the protagonist of my adventures. My nature is classic because I am a painter and I paint with great ease and with any technique. My artistic research focuses on the analysis of the inner child and on the dynamics of memory. I am interested in exploring the soul of the adult man who forgets to stay in touch with his inner child. I use meditation to go back in time and retrieve information which I then insert into my works of art ”

Giovanni Motta – Afternoon Garage – Dystopian Visions

Vittorio Bonapace

The everyday life of a consumerist landscape typical of the last twenty years lands in space and ironically influences the habits of an astronaut. Vittorio Bonapace treats the theme of the dystopian future in a sarcastic key, highlighting the inconsistency between plausibility and surreality of a meaningless life, while wanting to impact the consciences of those who observe the work in a cathartic way.

Vittorio Bonapace – 2080: The Astro Show – Dystopian Visions

Giusy Amoroso

Berlin based director, digital artist and co-founder of IOR50 studio. Giusy is working at the intersection between science, technology and nature to tell narratives of the many possible multiverses which exist in parallel to our world and most of her creations feature inspirations of our world’s biodiversity. Previous clients include: Lol Esports, Riot Games, Nike, BBC, Harper’s Bazaar, Boiler room TV, Cartoon Network IT, Reebok, Nike SB x Travis Scott and more.

Giusy Amoroso – Exoskeleton – The origin – Dystopian Visions

Domenico D’Alis

After a graduation in Character Creation at Italian Comix school in 2016 Domenico started working as freelance modeler and optimizer for different archviz studios. In the later years he specialized in rendering and modeling for video games and Real-time applications such as VR and AR. He is currently working as a character creator for a video game studio.

In Apnea, D’Alisa faces the difficult dilemma between the irreversible fate that awaits us and the desirable possibility of change. D’Alisa pictures a future in which humans will be consumed by the weight of their own actions. We may still have a chance. Will we take it? 

Domenico D’Alisa – Apnea – Dystopian Visions


Catelloo is a 3D and Digital Artist based in Naples, Italy. 

In Restore Asimov, Catelloo traces the history of humanity in a single frame, tracing the perverse and incomprehensible dynamics that characterize it. What remains are the relics of a distant memory, a habit. An android that waters flowers planted in old bombs. By removing the faces of future machine-men, the artist allows us to confront ourselves with our most intimate part, our essence, what truly remains as a witness of the past – technology.

Catelloo – restore.asimov – Dystopian Visions

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo is an award-winning visual artist based between London and Milan. His research is aiming to create a bridge between art and science. In 2021 Lo Schiavo was the winner of the European project BioArt Challenge organised by the Museum of Science MUSE. 

In his creative research Giuseppe is fascinated by some of the greatest masters of contemporary theater and dance of the late twentieth century as well as by Bill Viola’s video art and Crypto Punks. 

In his latest work, Robotica, the artist creates a strong link between the stage and the viewer, maintaining a ritualistic effect so typical of the theater, but at times altering its patterns, proposing an unexpected and spectacular finale.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo – Robotica – Dystopian Visions

text by: Serena Tabacchi
editor: Maryna Rybakova
video production: Bruno Pitzalis

About the sale: 
The first-ever curated digital NFT art sale in Italy – ‘Dystopian Visions’ – debuts in Milan June 24 – 25, kicking off an online roll out where new NFT works are dropped twice per day June 25 – July 4 on SuperRare. Dystopian Visions is an online exhibition in the Arium Metaverse, one of the most interactive virtual environments designed for the display of digital art. Dystopian Visions, curated by Tabacchi and coordinated by Bruno Pitzalis (Crypto Art Expert at Cambi) will debut a selection of eighteen new works by emerging and established Italian crypto artists. Inspired by the growing “made in Italy” movement and grappling with themes linked to utopian and dystopian futures, the exhibition aims to reveal a cohesive statement on the present times of social distancing and ethereal communications.



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