Meet the artists. Exploring the “Dystopian visions”: part 3

Jul 2, 2021 Artist Statements

12 months ago

In the “Dystopian visions” collection the viewer is taken to a future where mankind and the machines have found a way of coexisting, disrupting in some cases the ecosystems as we know them. The artworks transmit a sense of connection that accompanies the viewer within unexpected scenarios, creating a dynamic relationship between those who observe them and try to immerse themselves in these new fantastic worlds. 

This editorial series focuses on the practice of digital creators from the “Dystopian visions”, 6 artists at a time, investigating their creative process, media and softwares they work with, motivations and their sources of inspiration. 

Elia Pellegrini

Elia Pellegrini, also known as timcet, is an Italian artist and musician specialized in visual arts (VFX, Painting, Drawing),  who is officially represented by YHELLOW Productions LA.

How would the future be if seen through the eyes of a child? The work Grains of Time by Pellegrini contains the dreamlike vision of a young boy together with a more mature and realistic one – that of a man. The rhythm of the work is marked by the inexorable passing of time, defined by a clear beam of light that permeates the scene. With a surreal and fantasy-like atmosphere, Pellegrini highlights the small stature of the man in uniform against the uncertainty that dominates him.

Elia Pellegrini – Grains of Time – Dystopian Visions

Nicola Scognamiglio

Nicola Scognamiglio is an award winning CG Artist from Naples currently working in Amsterdam.

An apocalyptic scenario manifests itself in front of the viewer of a slender figure at the center of the scene in the work of Nicola Scognamiglio. A pulsating light connects the man to an uninhabited skyscraper that can be glimpsed at in the distance, as if to recall redundant forms of life that are now extinct. Reality and illusion are confused, as if the difference between our virtual alter ego and the materiality of the surrounding degradation had never existed.

Nicola Scognamiglio – Displaced – Dystopian Visions

Leonardo Dentico

Leonardo begins his artistic career at the age of 17, joining the SlashTHREE artcollective, where he shares ideas with illustrators, photographers and music producers. He works in advertising collaborating with clients such as Engie, Maserati, Mercedes, Discovery and Sky. He occasionally gives lectures about digital art and postproduction in Rome,Milan and Naples.

What kind of existence would we live if we knew that the world was created by an artificial entity? In Dentico’s work one can see tiny well-dressed men plunging into the void. Their wake traces a dull sound in the surrounding environment, making its strings vibrate, as in a childhood dream that the author recreates with profound, at times devastating, serenity.

Leonardo Dentico – God’s Graffiti – Dystopian Visions

Paola Pinna

Paola Pinna is a 3D Artist interested in exploring the meaning of being human today.

In her most recent work, a reflection of a young android in the mirror reveals her secret to the viewer. Which side to take and which of the two identities to adopt, we are not the ones to decide. The artist does not judge her work, but lets it breathe and grow in its own world, observing it as a scientist from the outside, waiting with silent anticipation for the reaction that her creation will trigger over time.

Paola Pinna – Hidden Miki – Dystopian Visions

Teresa Manzo

The work of Teresa Manzo is characterized by the drapery of clothes and the gentle curvature of desert dunes. The posture, not able to contrast with the decisive luminescence of the titanium and the crystal of which the avatar is made, belongs to a personal and intimate vision of the artist. The future manifests itself in unexpected and almost hostile forms, nevertheless the artist intercepts a harmonious and balanced vision between all of the elements.

Teresa Manzo – MODEL_TI22 – Dystopian Visions

Annibale Siconolfi

Annibale Siconolfi, aka Inward, is a 3D artist and architect from Italy. His art is characterized by a complex 3D modelling of dystopian cities and futuristic landscapes. He has worked for architectural firms, musicians, directors, writers.

His work has been featured on ACER, Maxon Cinema 4D, NVIDIA creators, Designboom, XP-PEN, Architecture & Design etc.

The coexistence between man and nature is increasingly problematic. Managing the consequences of this complex relationship could potentially lead to extreme solutions. Hollow gives the viewer a projection into a plausible future in which the problem of overpopulation could make us completely rethink the way of conceiving urban architecture, integrating the surrounding landscape. The upper part of the composition represents nature, the lower – man, while in the central part a meeting between the two worlds takes place, deliberately imagined dark and mysterious by the artist, precisely to underline the uncertainty of the future continuous coexistence, in search for balance between these realities.

Annibale Siconolfi – Hollow – Dystopian Visions

text by: Serena Tabacchi
editor: Maryna Rybakova
video production: Bruno Pitzalis

About the sale: 
The first-ever curated digital NFT art sale in Italy – ‘Dystopian Visions’ – debuts in Milan June 24 – 25, kicking off an online roll out where new NFT works are dropped twice per day June 25 – July 4 on SuperRare. Dystopian Visions is an online exhibition in the Arium Metaverse, one of the most interactive virtual environments designed for the display of digital art. Dystopian Visions, curated by Tabacchi and coordinated by Bruno Pitzalis (Crypto Art Expert at Cambi) will debut a selection of eighteen new works by emerging and established Italian crypto artists. Inspired by the growing “made in Italy” movement and grappling with themes linked to utopian and dystopian futures, the exhibition aims to reveal a cohesive statement on the present times of social distancing and ethereal communications.



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