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The constant ebb and flow and soothing sound of the waves has a de-stimulating effect and provides a euphoric escape from our busy lives.

Jul 12, 2021 New SuperRare Artists

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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted
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Thomas Dubois is an Award-winning artist, Director and Art director. From a young age, Thomas has developed a passion for creation, art and storytelling. His background is in architecture, but his passion for creation led him to produce a wide variety of visuals, scenarios and award winning projects.

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The Sandman of our dreams

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Characterised by subtle layers of light and colour, the filigree-like paintings and drawings of Hannah Murgatroyd centre on figures journeying through a world ancient, modern and, yet to-exist. Depictions of Aphrodite – and her island Cythera – are key foundation myths for the world she builds. Her characters are wanderers, strong yet ethereal, merging with the landscape and architecture that they quest and rest within.

Solstice Aphrodite
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An Aphrodite holds a warrior soul. She is the embodiment of love and freedom. ‘Solstice Aphrodite’ glows with the light of eros, illuminated by the waters that surround where she stakes her ground, arms raised above her head, bathed in the reflective gaze of her solitude. This piece is presented in the SuperRare exhibition “A lot of what I’m about to tell you is made up”. It is the first in a series of Aphrodites to be released on SuperRare. Dissolving ancient and modern time, the Aphrodites are reflective of my feeling that technology carries its own obsolescence, is perhaps already a ruin. Painted over the Summer Solstice 2021, on Pocket Procreate on iPhone 11 Pro, combined with hand-drawn elements.

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There is magic to be found in the everyday. This work is created from a single fragment of half-decayed cactus found in a field in Malta. That was five years ago, sometimes the process takes that long. You hold onto something seemingly meaningless, hoping it will reveal its secrets. This small remnant of plant-life had its own history. It lived and it died, at some point it was partially burned. Now, translated into the digital sphere it begins its next life. Animal, bird, skull, an uneasy shifting vegetal-digital form.


nancy, we are over here!
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nancy (not to be confused with her 500 year old cousin, mona) often disassociates, or becomes possessed as the family priest says. being the congenial artist i am, i had her sit for me during one of her ‘episodes’. if you are ever lucky enough to witness nancy looking as such, do not fret, just ignore her.

Multi-Disciplinary Artist. Studios in LA & CHI. Founder of OTG.

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Without a name.

Krut’s work remains informed by the years he spent growing up in South Africa, his art retaining what Ed Krcma in a catalogue essay called “an unapologetic will to insubordination” with imagery that has “arisen from a ferment of intermingled sources: from the enchanted collective narratives of folklore, to the differently dark ruins of history”.

Faces On Noses
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This NFT is an animated version of a recent painting. The gradual reveal in the animation echoes the way the painting works in real life, the inching of an absurdity towards claustrophobia. A laugh that gets caught in your throat.

London, UK
British painter Justin Mortimer has exhibited widely and internationally with one-person exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Singapore and Korea. His most recent solo exhibition ‘Tomorrow’ was shown at Space K, Korea in 2020 and ‘BREED New Paintings’ was presented at Parafin Gallery, London in 2019. He is currently working towards exhibitions in Milan and Tokyo.

Kammer 4
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My paintings always begin with a digital collage. I make many during the making of a painting. As the collage develops, so does the painting. This work contains some of the many collages I put together for my current Kammer series and expresses all the fluid permutations and serendipitous innovations inherent in this method.

Giulia Bowinkel (* 1983) and Friedemann Banz (* 1980) live in Berlin and have been working together under the name Banz & Bowinkel since 2009. In 2007 they graduated from the Art Academy with Albert Oehlen and started making art with computers. Their work includes computer-generated imagery, animation, augmented imagery, virtual realities, and installations.

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CG HD Video Loop + .gltf file The NAMESPACES (2021) are word combinations borrowed from programming language and internet culture. Banz & Bowinkel resort to key terms such as “abstract class” and “real time”, alienate them and use them 1: 1 to make it clear that machine logic in the real world has effects on human logic. KÖNIG GALERIE presents the digital solo exhibition LOOPS AND OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES by the German artist collective Banz & Bowinkel in Decentraland, avirtual world based on the blockchain. New digital sculptures and a selection of video loops from the early work of Banz & Bowinkel, which deal with digital image cultures, are shown. Their computer-generated art negotiates the changed conditions for the creation of images and their influence on perception.

Nairobi, Kenya
Mwadzame Omar Kuta is a self-taught graphic designer specialising in digital art and surrealism. His work explores themes such as politics, pop-culture and traditions with a whiff of nostalgia. He believes graphic design should have a basic function and offer a solution to every problem.

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PESA means money in Swahili. PESA depicts the future of the (Kenyan) currency and the interactive experience it will create with the user. The motion of the characters signifies the constant exchange of money.

lagos, nigeria
A visual artist currently exploring scribble art and lens based medium

Annecy, France
I’m a french artist who worked for 15 + years on cover arts ( Dune, Game of thrones, Discworld, Lovecraft, etc…) , and on video games ( ubisoft, EA, Sony, etc), card games ( Magic the gathering), and movies ( Valerian with Luc Besson, Maleficient 2 , alladdin, etc…). Mostly known for the Iron Throne that I made for GRR Martin on Game of Thrones. I won 4 stabby awards on Reddit, one Chesley award.

Tower of Babel
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A united human race in the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating eastward, comes to the land of Shinar . There they agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world. This biblical story can also be found in Sumerian culture and resonates with the whole human history. This myth questions so many topics, from the relationships between humans, the social role of language and the power of a community. It also brings up the vanity of humans and the beauty of a unique voice. In many ways, that unique language could be assimilated to art, a form of communication that knows no boundaries. This piece was sculpted in VR, rendered in octane and then painted over in photoshop and procreate. This artwork has been especially created and won’t be used anywhere else. 1/1 png 4000×6000 pixels Every Collector that will bid on this artwork will receive an exclusive fine art print on a museum quality paper 16.5 x 23.4 inch printed with a giclee printer. The fine art prints will be limited to the bidders. First Bidder will receive number 0, and the winning collector will have the number 1.

Barry Reigate works & lives in London. He has shown work in numerous places around the world, inc. Tate Britain, The Hermitage, St Petersburg & Gallery of South Australia. Barry works with a variety of media & styles that incorporate elements from childhood scribbles, graffiti, collage & drawing. From making large complex paintings with cartoon characters, to big air-brushed canvases taken from tiny thumbnail doodles in his sketchbook.

Portrait of Artist as an Old Dog
Edition 1 of 1
A small, animated loop made on top of a unique drawing, that was specifically made for this piece of work. A drawing taken from a group of works made last year, during the first lockdown & only shown digitally over the internet from a gallery space. A body of work made while in isolation & through a kind of self-reflective despair. This piece of, “portrait of artist, as old dog” can be seen as an extension of those drawings, through an animated loop, where the only action taken place on the canvas, is a spider crawling across the surface & then falling from its silk thread. The first collector of this NFT will also receive the original physical drawing as well.

Bedford UK
Andy Holden, born and living in Bedford, UK, is an artist whose work spans sculpture, large installations, painting, pop music, performance, and multi-screen videos. Often starting with an examination of an anecdote or a personal encounter, these moments are then unpacked and expanded in an attempt to make sense of a larger philosophical idea. Exhibitions include Art Now: Andy Holden (Tate Britain), Natural Selection (Bristol Museum) and the Future Generation Art Prize at Venice Biennale 2017.

Death Loop 1: Eternal Andy
Edition 1 of 1
Death Loop 1: Eternal Andy The Structure of Feeling Original sound design composed by Mira Calix This series of NFT’s consists of loops of the artist rendered as a cartoon version of himself based on his character that narrates the film Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape and the sequel Structure of Feeling. In this work the cartoon artist is subjected to a cartoon death – based on moments of animation from classic Wile E. Coyote and Tom and Jerry Cartoons. The death is rendered as a perfect loop, never dying but caught in a perpetual cycle, as if in a digital purgatory. In Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape the artist declared that the world had become a cartoon, and to understand the world we must examine how physics and logics works in cartoons and that the artist must too become a cartoon character. In the sequel, Structure of Feeling the artist explores the outer edges of the cartoon world to see what might be coming next – a total split away from the body into a digital space, whilst simultaneous returning to an isolated, bodily existence. This series of NFT’s explores the idea of the cartoon death as metaphor: the cartoon landscape as a space where you don’t die but get temporarily bent into the form you come into contact with (a wheel, a large rock etc.) only to later bend back into shape. The sale of proceeds from this work will go directly to support the renovation and re-opening of Ex-Baldessarre, a not-for-profit project space run by the artist that has been staging exhibitions in Bedford since 2018. The carbon footprint of the minting of the NFT will be offset to the best of the artist’s ability, calculated using Arial.

Damien Meade is an Irish artist who lives and works in London. He has exhibited internationally, most recently at Plus One Gallery in Antwerp (2021), GAM Museum in Turin (2020), and MONA Museum, Tasmania, Australia (2019).

Untitled (DM-NFT1-2021)
Edition 1 of 1
Animated digital form

Freelance Illustrator. Comics, Music, Guitar FX.

The Ambush
Edition 1 of 1
Cyberpunk Ligne-Claire style illustration. Created as an artistic study and exploration of three artists: Geof Darrow, Moebius, and Josan Gonzalez.



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