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Jul 27, 2021 New SuperRare Artists

2 years ago

Montreal & Marseille
Sabrina Ratté is a Canadian artist living between Montreal and Marseille. Her practice includes video, animation, installations, sculptures, prints and VR. Mixing analog technologies, photography and 3D animation, she investigates the influence of digital and physical spaces and the interplay between these surroundings and subjectivity. She was shortlisted for the Sobey Art Award (CAN) in 2020 and she is represented by Charlot Gallery in Paris and Ellephant Gallery in Montreal.

Monade IV

Edition 1 of 1

Monade IV is part of a series made with 3D scans of the artist’s body, which became the raw material to be digitally sculpted, deconstructed and re-contextualized. Many inspirations have informed this project, such as the concept of the cyborg by Donna J. Haraway, Hans Bellmer’s drawings, Greek Mythology as well as an underlying reflexion on self portrait and the place of the body in the digital world. Captive within the limitations of their own subjectivities, these cyborg/goddesses embody the concept of monade, where each individual is a fragmented mirror of a larger reality. Artwork information: 1920x1600pixels, 30 fps., 2020 1:08 loop JPG available.

I discovered I was able to draw during the pandemic. Ever since that, I started experimenting and quickly developed my own style that takes inspiration from my dreams, and from everyday life.


Edition 1 of 1

Mark, Simon and Daniel, three young friends who have always been united by the desire to help others and aware of how necessary it is to get vaccinated, bold and brazen launch themselves with their awareness-raising campaign “Choose Life” at the Edinburgh Vaccination Center. Tribute to Trainspotting 25th anniversary (1996-2021)


Edition 1 of 1

Visionary meta-music producer, Anyma, one half of world-famous music production duo, Tale of Us, has collaborated with Berlin-based digital artist Giusy Amoroso aka Marigoldff and IOR50 Studio, to deliver the world’s first full-size full-definition NFT music video. Anyma, a hybrid persona with a multi-disciplinary approach, simultaneously coexists in the digital and physical realms. The amalgamation is a composition of parts; digital artist, electronic music creator, and augmented reality performer. Anyma is the catalyst behind the next evolutionary phase of Afterlife’s progressive sound. Each release will be unveiled as a complete body of work containing music and digital NFTs, transporting melodic techno into diverse and innovative territory. Giusy Amoroso aka Marigoldff is a Berlin-based director, digital artist and the co-founder of IOR50 Studio. Her NFT work is already highly collectible. Originally from Italy, Marigoldff has developed a distinct visual style, frequently embellished with a metallic edge. Sharing narratives of the many possible multiverses existing parallel to our world, she explores the convergence of science, technology and nature. The majority of her creations feature inspirations from our world’s biodiversity. As humanity continues to explore the possibilities surrounding digital creation, the metaverse has expanded beyond existing parameters. A consolidation of organic material and algorithmic data is the basis for a new utopian reality. In this integrated digital space, Anyma & Marigoldff merge their creative talents to build and grow a self-generated consciousness, pushing the boundaries between nature and technology, and projecting their art into unexplored spaces. Innovative and unprecedented, Anyma & Marigoldff, will be the first to utilize Kanon’s KSPEC Protocol to mint and release a full quality music video on blockchain. The first NFT without size limitations from any music artist. KSPEC will soon become the standard for all NFTs, allowing for unlimited file sizes directly on chain. This is a watershed moment as the worlds of digital art, crypto and music intersect. With few exceptions, the NFT format has been limited to a fixed file size ranging from 30MB to a maximum 500MB, confining the length, fidelity and creative scope of the work being sold. Meanwhile, music industry videos have been costly endeavors for artists with sales of their music the only option to recoup expenses. We are witnessing the emergence of a new opportunity for artists to engage with NFTs as a vehicle to deliver art and access directly to collectors. A new renaissance without gatekeepers and industry intermediaries is unfolding. The collector of this NFT will possess the full length original video on SuperRare in perpetuity, and an additional two 15-second animations that extrapolate on characters present in the music video. The collector’s wallet address will be credited each time the video is used for online promotional purposes and/or live events. In addition, the owner’s “will name” will be added on chain through KSPEC.

Radical Dreamer / Illustrator


Edition 1 of 1

“There was a time where life was underwater. I remember houses built and schools running with fishes and rays swirling around. There was no need to go to the surface because you could also see the blue sky and the storms that sometimes screamed for solitude. It was not a split thing where people were on the surface and people under. It was just like that, we were submerged and enchanted. At night you could walk around neon midnite bars and enjoy a city filled with gatcha games and vending machines while Air sounded in the background. I didn’t want to tell you sooner. I think this will destroy you.”

Karisman is a generative artist with a CG background who has been feeding himself with urban culture, glitch art, and futurism. He tries to challenge the mediums to meet analog and cyber, past and future, real and surreal. He believes that every asset around is natural, and already is a muse as well as an instrument to create. In his works, he asks the what-if questions about life and surroundings.


Edition 1 of 1


I am Bozo Balov, part of an award winning collective Prime Render Studios (over 70 international short film awards) , with over 30 years of art creation between us. Check out our NFTs!

Umbro Guy

Edition 1 of 1

A part of a series of works exploring everyday people. Portrait of a man wearing an Umbro jacket. Once favored by Gopnik Techno subculture of Slavic countries, also adopted by the working class everyday people.

Characterised by subtle layers of light and colour, the filigree-like paintings and drawings of Hannah Murgatroyd centre on figures journeying through a world ancient, modern and, yet to-exist. NFTs offer her an experimental platform by which to explore the world she builds, a broadening of the boundaries of her fine art practice. Her wanderer characters are beginning their quest within the landscape and architectures of this expansive digital realm.

Solstice Aphrodite

Edition 1 of 1

An Aphrodite holds a warrior soul. She is the embodiment of love and freedom. ‘Solstice Aphrodite’ glows with the light of eros, illuminated by the waters that surround where she stakes her ground, arms raised above her head, bathed in the reflective gaze of her solitude. This piece is presented in the SuperRare exhibition “A lot of what I’m about to tell you is made up”. It is the first in a series of Aphrodites to be released on SuperRare. Dissolving ancient and modern time, the Aphrodites are reflective of my feeling that technology carries its own obsolescence, is perhaps already a ruin. Painted over the Summer Solstice 2021, on Pocket Procreate on iPhone 11 Pro, combined with hand-drawn elements.

Syd is always creating. At 15 she was recording and producing music; her studio becoming Odd Future’s hub. At 17 she learned to DJ and toured with OF. She formed The Internet with Matt Martians, releasing 5 albums and receiving a Grammy nomination. Syd is a singer, songwriter, musical director, videographer, and entrepreneur. From creating music with Beyoncé or fashion with Valentino to shooting for iD, GQ and doing charity work, Syd redefines the meaning of “multi-hyphenate” creator.


Edition 1 of 1

A two-part exploration of the duality of identity through the dreamscapes built around the digital self. // Artwork by Syd with SUPERSHOP // Syd and her team approached SUPERSHOP around building the infrastructure for her to holistically exist in the digital space. Her art, creativity, and expression have always taken many forms, and 3D scanning and building her avatar would be the first step in giving her the tools to create without boundaries in digital spaces, the metaverse, and beyond. Hers and SUPERSHOP’s belief in the promise of blockchain technology and the expression of digital identity align completely. Releasing their first collaborative executions and explorations of this newly built creative infrastructure as an NFT, is the first of many steps at deepening their connection with the emerging culture and technology that will power creative and industry shifts for years to come. The team is excited to continue to explore the untethered potential of creative production in these new spaces. Verisart Certified:

Mustafa Hulusi (b.1971, London) got his BA in Fine Art and Critical Studies from Goldsmiths College and his MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art. He holds an MA in Critical Theory from Central St. Martin’s School of Art. Hulusi represented Cyprus at the Venice Biennale in 2007 and has exhibited widely in Europe and most recently in Asia. Hulusi’s work is in the collections of the Tate Modern, Fundación La Caixa, Pinault Collection, Olbricht Collection, Saatchi Collection among others.

Ethnic Minority

Edition 1 of 1

“Taken from my Nature Mysticism series of paintings, the two poles of visual representation – both figuration and abstraction are on display here on a single-channel, split-screen video diptych. On one side is the out-of-body psychedelic colored, trippy geometric abstractions. And on the opposite side are color-saturated Edenic, joyous shining Oleander flowers. Through a subtle yet trancey animation, they overcome their binary opposition to meld into a mesmerizing whole.” Mustafa Hulusi’s practice orbits around mining his hybrid identity – he was born in London to Turkish-Cypriot parents – to create evocative paintings, installations, films, and photographs. The artist represented Cyprus at the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 and has exhibited widely across Europe as well as in Asia. His work is in the collections of the Tate Modern, Pinault Collection, Olbricht Collection, and Saatchi Collection, among many others. Verisart Certified:

Digital Sculpture
Auriea Harvey is an artist living and working in Rome, creating characters, objects and simulations bridging physical and digital space. She uses AR and 3D printing to exhibit her sculptures around the globe and on the internet. History of videogame/metaverse art, worldbuilding and net art. Metamorphoses. Represented by bitforms gallery NYC.

The Mystery v5-dv2 (chroma)

Edition 1 of 1

Auriea Harvey’s The Mystery v5-dv2 (chroma) is a digital sculpture that serves as a talisman and a memento mori, a reminder of both beauty and death. Discrete images within the work invite symbolic interpretation, for example, a skull (bone) or a rose (beauty). The sculpture rotates across an intense chromatic landscape in a timeless manner, as if it is waiting to be activated. Harvey’s practice involves elements of self-portraiture, inserting the face of an African-American woman into art historical narratives. This process creates new allegories of figuration, addressing sculpture in both a digital and social connotation. Collector receives the interactive artwork on IPFS with 3D model, HD video, high-resolution stills and AR. To view the full interactive work, scan the QRcode in the minted video or IPFS CID: QmT89cFLQRyyYRW6GoPGCRMY8UeSN3DLpYr87wBGGL5B6J

Artist, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Inspired by nature, future technology, and cultural evolution, Soto plays in the traditional and digital realms.

The Butterfly

Edition 1 of 1

The butterfly escapes the cage, damaged yet free. It is ready to live in peace and positivity.


RGNRTN- Regeneration.

Edition 1 of 1

As the title connotes, I captured the image within the concept of ‘regrowth’ and ‘repair’ which is the basis for Regeneration. I’m reimagining the African story from the perspective of taking a cell, which makes up several units and as a whole are restored to establish normal function. The type used are “AFROFUTURE” and “AFTR”; an ode to Afrofuture, starting from the basic symbols and fully coming to being. I incorporated the very common colours on African flags Green, Red and Yellow as well. We are riding on the hope and foundation of the past to pave way to a better future.

London, UK
In his latest digital series Von Wolfe attempts to retrodict art historical narratives, in particular iconic works from the world’s most famous museums. European classical perspectives are presented as operands
subject to change.

Marie Antoinette

Edition 1 of 1

An exclusive limited edition by the contemporary artist, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz. Edition 1/10 of the Marie Antoinette series. A reinterpretation of Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun’s portrait using c4d, Arnold and ZBrush. In his latest digital series Von Wolfe attempts to retrodict art = historical narratives, in particular iconic works from the world’s most famous museums. European classical perspectives are presented as operands subject to change.


T&S Naoshima Art Museum

Edition 1 of 1

T&S Naoshima Art Museum

An artist from Taiwan.
He used to collaborated with
Nike, Adidas, Apple,G-shock etc.
Now he is creating his own world through artworks.
⚠New series (2/2)
Week 1➟July 23
Week 2➟July 30


Edition 1 of 1

No. 7 “hopeful” symbolizes hope She lives for this city. Provides the energy needed. She is the final hope of this city. But no one knew she was in extreme pain yet had no right to choose.

Finland, OuluJiiPee is a Finnish artist and celebrity astrophotographer, author of a 12-year project to capture the deepest ever panoramic view of the Milky Way recently featured by CNN, Forbes, NASA, National Geographic, Discovery, WIRED, PetaPixel, etc. JiiPee also co-authored the book ‘Cosmic Clouds in 3D’ with Brian May of Queen. “Revealing the hidden beauty of our Universe is my passion. I stand in rapt adoration before all that I see. When art meets science, the results can be something mind-blowing”

Voices of Apollo 11

Edition 1 of 1

This is the first NFT minted by Milky Way mosaic creator, astrophotographer, and artist JiiPee Metsävainio. It is a tribute to the recently departed astronaut Michael Collins and the Apollo 11 crew. The Moon’s image is made entirely from the transcript of the communications between the Apollo 11 flight crew and Mission Control. Upon purchase, the full resolution 33Kx33K pixels file will be sent to the new owner. The auction winner will also receive a special one-of signed and numbered 3×3 ft. museum quality print of this artwork with the winner’s name written in JiiPee’s own hand. The print is directly and permanently bonded to a sheet of acrylic. It is mounted to high exhibition standards and without borders to remove the need for a traditional picture frame. The aluminum subframe on the back enables hanging. Acrylic prints will not bend or warp. Colors will not fade over time. A few days before his passing Michael posted the following praising words with a link to JiiPee’s masterpiece of the Milky Way mosaic on Twitter: “One of J-P’s most prolific pieces, Voices of Apollo 11, is a tribute to Michael Collins and the Apollo 11 crew who completed the first Moon landing in 1969. ‘Voices of Apollo 11’ will be auctioned on the SuperRare NFT marketplace to celebrate the 52-year anniversary of the historic landing on the Moon.” — Forbes, Jul 7, 2021. Because Michael Collins was the director of educational STEM projects for the Air & Space Museum a large part of the funds from the sale of this NFT will be donated to help fund the Virtual Moon ( project creating spaceflight-focused multi-user virtual reality experiences for STEM-enthused kids. This will provide educational institutions worldwide multi-user access to —among other Moon-related VR experiences— the virtual ‘Tranquility Base’ Apollo 11 landing site. The new owner of ‘Voices of Apollo 11’ will be invited to virtually inaugurate, together with JiiPee, the multi-user version of the Apollo 11 landing site VR experience of the Virtual Moon project. For more information and the story of the creation of this NFT, please visit


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