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The Guardian spoke no words, but there was an understanding.
2 years ago

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Murat Saygıner is a self-taught digital artist who works as a motion designer, filmmaker, photographer and composer.

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Dallas, TX

“Lily’s Guardian”
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The Guardian spoke no words, but there was an understanding. Lily had wandered far from home…into the hands of a stranger. In addition to the animated token, the owner is eligible to receive a physical gift. Learn more here:

I make iconic imagery of people, places and things. Renowned photographer & artist.

“Point Of No Return”
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6.36mb 4000 x 3000

London, UK
Joe Mortell is a 3D artist based in London, UK. His work is a mix of art direction and animation focusing on set design, fantastical landscapes and surreal scenes. Formerly a designer for The New York Times, he has worked for a mix of top companies. With an interest in the fictional realm of films and books his main theme is creating sets for imaginary locations.

“Peppermint Gardens”
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A place to relax high up in the trees. Peppermint Gardens is part of my work that looks at designing spaces that merge into the nature around them.

Paris, France
Entourage Effect is a French artist collective around Claire du Neuf, founded in 2020. In the midst of the chaos, space and silence emerged, giving birth to the idea for an artists’ collective that aims to bring humanity back into the digital world. In utter contradistinction, their works encourage self-reflection, a return to the self, and a confrontation with one’s own imperfection.

“Your sweetness is my toxin”
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“Your sweetness is my toxin” is a limited series of 3 pieces that describes the process of different forms of violence entering a romantic relationship: sexual abuse (yellow) in this piece .

Isaac “Drift” Wright is a United States Army special operations veteran who learned to cope with PTSD and depression through urban exploring and documenting cities from unseen perspectives through photography. At the end of 2020 he was arrested for his work, being subjected to four months of incarceration without bond as the government used both his race as a black man and his special military background against him. The story arrived on the front page of The New York Times on June 6th, 2021.

“One Last Time”
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It was my time to leave Houston, the city that brought me to both exploring and photography, but there was one last thing to accomplish. We had scouted this location for two years trying to learn the insides and outs of the building. After a seven hour endeavor, we finally reached the roof. After staying overnight, we were greeted with dream conditions in the morning, low fog had settled in over the city. We shot for a few hours and then made our way down forever richer inside. The artwork created from this day speaks to patience and perseverance and what can become when we truly never give up.

Hi This is Raja, im Freelance concept artist and illustrator , working in Gaming and film projects since 2016.
I’ve been involved in pre and post-productions project with a variety of work such as Environment design, illustration and keyframe design.
Some of My client including : ,Wizards of the coast , Netflix , Parallax studios , Netease games , onepixelbrush , The Line Animation Studios, Probably Monsters, Animschool and few more

“Canvas of Life – Yellow”
Edition 1 of 1
This image is part of the series “ Canvas of Life ” A collection filled with 7 pieces that represent 7 colors. Each piece symbolizes a unique color, culture and place explored by the character “Lisa” – A Cyborg with an artistic soul who admires Art, Nature & the Beauty of Life that humans took for granted –This specific image represents the color ” Yellow ” – a spiritual symbol of Energy , Optimism and Wisdom –This image Conveys the Energy of The Sun -The Reason for the existence of Life on Earth . The beauty of Life and Nature that makes even a Cyborg fall in love. This Story takes place in a dystopian world where we see the correlation between Nature and Future, Tradition and Tech, Humans and Machines . — REWARDS The Collector of My Genesis piece on SuperRare will receive “ 5% share ” from the final earnings of my next piece in this series on SuperRare. If he/she collects the consecutive piece from this series as well , that percent will be added to the next sale in this series ,then will receive upto 10% from the final earnings of the 3rd piece from this series on SuperRare. — If collector likes to receive a physical print after the purchase one will receive a single Metal Print and Certificate of authentication.– This is 6035 X 8000 pixels .No 1 of 7 in this series and 1/1Edition.

I like to noodle and I like to paint

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Frown not, play hard.

Kerala, India
A self-taught 3D stylized environment artist. With a love for experimenting and creating cool things. I hope to make peoples heart’s smile with what I love.

“Quilla – Serenity”
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The water keeps flowing as her body is embraced. Floating carelessly as all noises fade to silence. Her heavy heart relieved by the weightlessness. The faint splashes on her skin. Close your eyes and look up to the havens. All worries forgotten as she’s suspended in a peaceful moment. Everything becomes serene. This work was inspired by how we feel crowded, exhausted, and overwhelmed at times. As if all we need is a moment of peace and tranquillity. We forget to take breaks and make time for ourself.

Denver, Colorado
I have always found comfort in creating. I believe there is a significant importance in self expression through means we cannot express verbally. I am so thankful to have found my outlet through visual art.
Pen on paper doodles have evolved to canvas paintings, custom clothing, hand crafted hats, screen printing, enamel pins, event posters and now digital animations.
“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

“Kaleyedoscope Daydream”
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An original illustration brought to life through animation. You can choose to view the world through your own Kaleyedoscope, just remember to open your eye.

Adelaide, Australia
Pat Fox is an Adelaide, AU based creative best known for lending his unique eye to some of Australian music’s biggest artists (Tash Sultana, Vance Joy, The Amity Affliction, Hellions), music festivals and more. His multi-disciplinary, genre-bending artwork invites the viewer to take a closer look and become lost in the immersive detail found in each of the worlds he creates. Pat loves films and a bev or two and feels weird talking in the third person…But here we are…

“The Emissary”
Edition 1 of 1
• Dyl? – Dylan?? – Come in love your tea’s getting cold – Dyl? – Ahh there you are, c’mon love dinner’s rea…WHAT TH!? • 3000x4000px – 57sec Loop – Art by Pat Fox – Animation by Javed Lendl Sterritt – Music by Gemma Stack & Ben Doyle

Visual artist.
Colorful surrealistic large scale murals across the ???? Since 1999

“Transcendental Dance”
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This is sort of indefinable creative force based on knowledge, transformed into visual delight dancing to unknown melody.

architect, cgi artist, environment concept freak

“Memoirs of the Past: Eden, Before the Lost Age”
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Arrival /3. “Eden. Supposed to be the city of ‘salvation’. Maybe it really was, at least before the industrialization. It was beautiful in Eden before the lost age, there was life in the city. It was crowded indeed but people were feeling alive. I was only a little girl back then, but I remember vividly how lively I was. Then the famine began. Didn’t believe it at first when I heard they were consuming humans and use them as resources in the nearby territories. Still petrifying. Within time, more and more people came here, hoping to find themselves a place to live, just like you. I met this girl named Arya, she was the only child of a refugee family who escaped here, lost her father during the First Invasion. She was like a sister to me, we used to spent all day together getting lost in the city. As we ran out of space and resources here, the ones who are in charge built these… holes. So deep, you can’t even see what’s beneath. They placed the refugees there, it is forbidden for us to visit. I’ve never seen Arya ever since…”

✷ Visual artist designed to create geometric art. I express myself through fantasy art with an emphasis on composition, searching forms and characters that live in the depths of my imagination.
Inspired by many avant-gardes such as neoplasticism, cubism or surrealism.
I look for a nexus between vectorial forms trying to give them a distinctive touch through patterns, textures and other elements plus a future with new ways to explore.

“Into a Dream”
Edition 1 of 1
Into a Dream is the result of a dreamlike exploration that has made me go further in my work. It is a personal work in which I discover new paths in my art, leaving symmetry aside and betting on composition as the main point. It is an illustration in which I have let myself go, allowing me to do what I really wanted and discovering that I can illustrate what I think and dream about. I have brought out my inner world and tried to capture it on canvas. Since I was accepted in SuperRare I knew that my genesis had to be special, because it is a special platform where I can start the real starting point of my career as a digital artist on a platform where I can grow exponentially. This work has been developed with a lot of dedication and planning, with great emphasis on color and composition to make it perfect. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.



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