Weekly top 10 picks by an

Weekly top 10 picks by an

11 months ago

“DREAM WORLD IX” is the 9th piece in Jacob’s 10 piece genesis collection. It’s the second of three video pieces, each designed to seamlessly loop and all accompanied by custom scored tracks which also loop. The “DREAM WORLD” collection looks at connecting Jacob’s love to travel and his unique experiences, with the surrealism of the real world. These three videos look at specific moments in Jacob’s professional and personal life. Dedication — noun – the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.“It was 1:30am when I left the hotel and drove myself 3 hours into the desert. From there I packed my camera bag, left the car at the side of the road and begin clambering over sand dunes. I’d spent the past few weeks scouring maps of the UAE for abandoned roads, ones that I’d heard stories about from locals. I started to believe they weren’t real but after several hours I found one; a road that was perfectly straight, covered with sand dunes and left to fade away. A mile of solo dune-hiking later I hit tarmac, it was a rewarding feeling. I’d planned to shoot on this particular day as the sun was supposed to rise dead-centre at the end of the road. I put the drone in the sky and sure enough, as I held the controller in my hand and filmed myself walking, the sun slowly began to appear at the end illuminating the landscape. Dedication can lead to the finest of rewards.” – Jacob Riglin. Captured in Abu Dhabi, UAE First collector will receive a digital frame displaying the video alongside a download link to the full resolution video. Visuals by Jacob Riglin // Loop created by Totale Media // Music by Josh Mayer

Seek and you shall find: As the setting sun casts the last pinnacles of light, I lay along the curves of ancient rocks, the tone of my skin blending into the cool textures. Exhale and remember we are all part of nature. A portion of all profits will be donated to the Oceanic Society. Please follow this link to learn more about the collection.

This is a static visual story depicting a childhood dream as a traveler of discovery, I believe we are all travelers on this journey that is called life, I wanted to create a simple but impactful composition using light to shine and illuminate this little dreamer at the center, I invite you to gaze the details and engage with this story.

Self-portrait as a faceless figurine trapped in an eternal dance. ♦ Inspired by the sheer talent of the NFT community and my filmmaking background, I am expanding my artistic practice. I have been learning 3D software, as well as experimenting with various methods of incorporating my own body into the moving image. In this painstaking piece of work, I combine photography, 3D animation and sound design to convey a story of destructive lust. 2000 x 3000.

This is the first work of mine that truly connects the digital and physical mediums I use as an artist. Catalyst started as a digital sketch and was then transferred onto canvas where it was painted. Afterwards I photographed the painting, animated it, and added ambience to complete the work in its digital form, going full circle. The physical painting is 20 x 24 inches (acrylic on canvas) and comes with the purchase. With the physical painting, you can view the digital version in AR on Artvive. The physical painting is also linked to the NFT through an NFC tag.

‘En plein air’ is a digital painting and render at the same time, what does it mean to paint in the 21st century? Using different kind of painting and 3D techniques I try to achieve a feel and look that does not scream 3D.

Arrival /3. “Eden. Supposed to be the city of ‘salvation’. Maybe it really was, at least before the industrialization. It was beautiful in Eden before the lost age, there was life in the city. It was crowded indeed but people were feeling alive. I was only a little girl back then, but I remember vividly how lively I was. Then the famine began. Didn’t believe it at first when I heard they were consuming humans and use them as resources in the nearby territories. Still petrifying. Within time, more and more people came here, hoping to find themselves a place to live, just like you. I met this girl named Arya, she was the only child of a refugee family who escaped here, lost her father during the First Invasion. She was like a sister to me, we used to spent all day together getting lost in the city. As we ran out of space and resources here, the ones who are in charge built these… holes. So deep, you can’t even see what’s beneath. They placed the refugees there, it is forbidden for us to visit. I’ve never seen Arya ever since…”



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