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High hopes “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu In a near future the myth of Babel will rise again, universality brought by IA and social media, everyone connected will probably share the same common langage as they’ll interact on the same network. Will the world be then separated in two ? Those with access to this utopia and those without ? Will that be a race between the destruction of our planet and our scientific evolution ? This is a picture about our dreams, and the beauty of them, about the evolution of human kind and its current state. It’s about the way civilisations coexist and interact. This piece was sculpted in VR, rendered in octane and then painted over in photoshop and procreate. This artwork has been especially created and won’t be used anywhere else. 1/1 png 4000×6000 pixels Every Collector that will bid on this artwork will receive an exclusive fine art print on a museum quality paper 16.5 x 23.4 inch printed with a giclee printer. The fine art prints will be limited to the bidders. First Bidder will receive number 0, and the winning collector will have the number 1.

Year 2492: Mike, a 39 years old man, is a worker at the Future Foundry, the biggest foundry in the industrial area of Night Valley. He makes sure no toxic waste is generated through the material quality control. He lives in a small apartment nearby, paid by the corporation, with his wife, his daughter and their cat, Lilo. Every day, except on Sunday, the alarm rings at 6 AM; Mike wakes up, he has breakfast and drives the company flying-car all the way to the foundry, where he earns a monthly wage of 1 ETH. At 7 AM he swipes his badge, and he works till 2 PM, which is lunch time. The lunch break consists of two hours off, two sandwiches and a bottle of still water, kindly offered by the corporation. At 4 PM Mike will go back to work, till 9 PM; the foundry will then close and he will drive his way home. Mike is happy about being able to grant his family a decent living. Mike is happy about working for such a great company. Mike is happy about his life.

Marco Brambilla’s “Winklevii: Bigger Than Both of Us”, 2021 samples soundbites from interviews with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss as they try to decode the future of cryptocurrency. The early Bitcoin adopters are invested in the currency’s success and adamantly lecture about its inevitability, supremacy and innovation. As the dialogue builds with optimism and fervor, their computer generated avatars spin and contort into a version of themselves more reminiscent of mythological creature Cerberus; the multi-headed guard dog of Hades. Much like the value of Bitcoin and other circulating cryptocurrencies, the artwork reaches its manic climax of revolving figures and mantras before crashing back down to the start of its original aspirational anthem, only to build up again in a never ending cycle of rise and fall. “Winklevii: Bigger Than Both of Us”, 2021 was released to coincide with the twins’ 40th Birthday on August 21, 2021.

Climbing 1400 Feet feet above New York City I looked down as fog covered the greatest city in the world. Here in this realm there were no voices of busy streets or millions of people passing into the night, rather it was the one time in NYC that I found myself surrounded in silence. The colors of the city shone vibrant under the clouds creating my own personal fireworks show and leaving a memory I will never forget.

The wall glowed brilliantly as the colourful mass began to form into faces, each new one pushing aside the others in a bid for dominance. The winged creature resting on the surface seemed oblivious to the jaws forming around it. Only when the rows of jagged teeth began to brush against it did the creature attempt to flee, but by then it was too late. One dominant face had pushed past the other gnashing jaws, with glowing bright eyes and rows and rows of teeth closing around the creature. The winged thing became nothing more than another thrashing face among many others, to be devoured or absorbed into the mass.



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