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This piece is a story moment for the “Romantimech” series I’m developing.
2 years ago

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Ken Kelleher is an American sculptor. He has pieces installed in Buffalo and Alfred NY, Doha, Qatar, China and one in production for Indonesia.

“Forever Young”

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The skull is wrapped in a shawl of flowers, gold beads and abundance. When we’re young it seems like life will last forever. This is an image that honors that feeling, even with the knowledge death will always stand knocking at the door. It’s the pondering of the shadows at times that can create in us the greatest light.

OUTPSYD is a 3d sculpturist and a researcher of ancient civilizations and mythologies. His art is influenced by psychedelic realms and based on his knowledge sourced to his own perceptions of his psychedelic experiences and researches.


Edition 1 of 1
NACHASH : known as the shining one, A hybrid creature in serpent form created out of Brass, Silicone, Gold, Aluminum, and Mercury in the biomechanical OUTPSYD Lab. We have programmed it to deliver knowledge sourced to Akashic records. NACHASH is the inventor of time and technology, the master of the matrix where we keep h manoids in eggs until they learn to hatch out and shift to a higher frequency entity. It is not a multi-dimensional seer however, we designed it as a shapeshifter that can turn to invisible mode and remain if necessary. It is the master manipulator and immortal for eternity.

Aesthetic_Candy is a New York-based artist whose artistic aesthetic can be described as “queer computer dreams.”

“Merrily We Go to Hell”

Edition 1 of 1
Merrily We Go to Hell! is about computers dreaming of flesh. Nothing here is animated “by hand” — instead, the computer attempts to simulate the properties of flesh and how it interacts with what it touches. In the year 3000, after the planet has changed, perhaps this kind of simulation will be how machines remember a time when humans had bodies and enjoyed them on playgrounds. Collector gets original high res file (6840 x 3840) as well as triptych edition, as originally shown in Bright Moments NFT gallery.

Yujin Choo is a concept artist and illustrator based in LA. Originally from Korea, Choo is currently working in the movie industry. Credits: Thor Love and Thunder, Captain Marvel 2, unannounced HBO TV show. Choo also has a series of work called “Romantimech” and is making a game called “I love Magic.”

“The Guardians”

Edition 1 of 1
This piece is a story moment for the “Romantimech” series I’m developing. The siblings are trying to survive and protect their loved ones in this dystopian world. Even though they live in a dire and bleak situation, the kids are making the best of it. Along with their sidekick Robot, the siblings are in search of adventures and creating a better world. Art by Yujin Choo. Animation and music by Wira Winata.

MPKOZ is an artist in pursuit of merged realities.


Edition 1 of 1
Olympics is a true fusion of analog and digital technologies in both its input and its output. The imagery in this piece was sourced from personal photos and video taken while backpacking through Olympic National Park. The media was analyzed and manipulated procedurally with custom software written by the artist. Aside from the high-res digital file, the purchaser of Olympics will also receive a pseudo-holographic display made  by the artist from repurposed electronics and machined aluminum. This display allows the viewer to experience the artwork in full 3D without glasses or other hardware. See the artist’s social media (@mpkoz) for examples. Additionally, any individual bidding over the reserve price will receive a unique, signed giclée print on museum-quality paper free of charge.

Jonathan Plesel (born July 1996) is a french artist and director based in Paris.


Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is the #06 of the Ignition Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. Curated by Motion Plus Design. For more info, click on the link below: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection/0#6 This is a very personal work that illustrates my inner reflections on what I am creating. An inner struggle between the references from childhood facing of something more mature in the execution and the judgment that others could bring to my work. From this thought emerges something new.

Somei Sun is a motion designer and director.


Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is the #05 of the Ignition Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. Curated by Motion Plus Design. For more info, click on the link below: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection/0#5 This NFT is based on my recent short film <never undo>, which is a story about 2020. Since 2020, our lives have undergone tremendous changes. “Isolation” has become a way for us to protect 
ourselves and others. This work is dedicated to those who are in isolation, to tell them that you are not alone



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