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This is the person I’ve been liking the most, inside there’s more than the political and spiritu l.
An Rong
9 months ago

[Sound on] The pandemic affected everyone but not all people equally. Lockdowns confined those who only used to go home to sleep and those who hardly go out at all. For some, it barely changed their daily lives, but for others it turned theirs upside down. Some people discovered new hobbies that saved their day to day existence, some parents found out they had children, marriages broke up and others got stronger; The casuistry is infinite and the consequences incalculable. What is certain, whether because of the pandemic or for any other reason, is that we are often forced to create new inner landscapes (metaphorical or literal); worlds where we can hide, create, escape or simply rest. Worlds where there is only room for us and not our circumstances. Welcome to “Inside Worlds”, a series in which we visit these inner landscapes. //////////////////////////////////// Seamless Loop (web player makes a cut that doesn’t exist in the file that the buyer receives) – 1/1 edition | 2000x2000px | Joseba Elorza (a.k.a. MiraRuido) | 2021.

Modern Renaissance marks a fervent period of cultural, artistic, and economic “rebirth”, being an incredible time of ART, blossoming with creativity and curiosity.

Bezaliel’s demeanor was calm and simple, but his presence made people uneasy. He had a blank, expressionless face that was always half-hidden by a hood. His shadow hung in the air like a specter, failing to stick to the ground. This twisted impersonator carried a ghastly sense of unlife as it floated nearby. In the right light, it was hard to tell Bezaliel and his shadow apart. If you couldn’t say for certain which you were looking at, it was easier to just avert your eyes.

“Recognize me” This is the person I’ve been liking the most, inside there’s more than the political and spiritu l. There’s also vanity and apathy all covered in pink. “Liquify us” There’s a color for each moment I wanted to frame. There’s a moment for each memory that holds on to a hue and a contrast. I don’t remember when this relationship began, color and me. I’m sure that along the way I hated it, it was not correct to introduce color to all of my friends so I went with gray. And for a while gray was good, and for a while it wasn’t. And there I was… thinking nothing could define me better than all the strokes that I was forgetting on a paper and not bringing to life, color has been my personality and my mistakes and because of that I’ve decided to liquify us. 1/4

“This is a 1/1 that I’m incredibly proud of. Not only does it represent the infinite possibilities of love in our world, it is also representative of a larger project, “Love is Love”.



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