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9 months ago

On The Nature Of Light, a 1/1 audio/visual digital triptych, communicates our physiological interpretation of color through visual and auditory arts. The audio & visual art piece conveys our interpretation of color through our perceptions of nature. The piece morphs through three different biomes and In each biome, the surrounding environment demonstrates the fundamental color palette of each geographical location. The focal point of the work, the central sculpture, was designed using AI and other computational art processes to distill down the complex variations of colors into a simplified palette, demonstrating how nature informs our interpretation of color. The piece can be played back forwards and backwards, which blurs the lines between what we consider to be linear in motion and how we perceive physics. Further, by emulating that same process with the music, the work creates a stronger sense of immersion, grounding the viewer by demonstrating their physiology and through a visual & audible emotional state. The central sculpture, built using AI and computational art, designed and trained on a data set created from each specific biome, allows a non-human perspective to dictate how color is understood in nature. By using a physics based computational animation that grounds the work in natural laws, the palette can be dynamically mixed, contrasted, and compared, gaining a sense of simplicity and how these colors are used in relation to each other, applying a digestible artistic lens to the complexity of nature. As the piece transforms through each biome, the music composition acts as a 1/1 mirror of how we interpret color. The music pitches in the custom score and scale are made from converting the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum that result in our definition of color to the audible frequency spectrum using mathematics. While each biome and color palette changes, the music also reflects that change its stacking of pitch layers. As you see the color palette being demonstrated in the central sculpture, I emulate that change with the music too, creating a strong sense of immersion and cohesion between the senses. The audio & visual combination grounds the work in an intentional and conceptual demonstration of how we can understand nature and how it informs us of our perceptions of color through visual and auditory arts.

Self Portrait made in 2016. This fine art portrait is a Genesis (still) piece, 1/1. Comes with a limited edition print 2AP, Certificate included, worth $3000. Exhibited in the US, Paris, China and many more..

As a child i often had dreams about being able to fly, and i really wished i still had those as an adult. But sometimes, every few years or so, i get lucky and catch one of those moments in my dreams, where there’s no weight that pulls you down, where you believe anything is possible. Where you disintegrate entirely into the word around you, where freedom is endless. As always, i composed the music specifically for that piece, the file comes at 4K, 75 hand drawn frames.



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