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Oct 7, 2021 Top 10 Picks

9 months ago

Laisse-moi me manger comme un gâteau – Let me eat myself as a cake! Signature VideoPainting by Sarah Zucker / @thesarahshow. Created in Studio in 2021 with vintage Sony VideoPainter, digital animation and analog processing on VHS. Digitally Transferred in 1080p. Single Edition.

GM pepes, for all of y’all out there in the meatspace, IYKYK, but my frens call me the Brand Noobian, but a pleb, Ser, I am not. I’ll have you know that I am the ultimate NFT OG. I was the first one that aped into LL and all of the derivatives that followed. Living in the basement of my parents house at age 38 (its fine) I am a member of The Royal Mod Society and hail from Nagana, IRL (nagana dox myself, kek jk lol). Although my wife and kids left me, it’s only because, well…few. I guess they just weren’t on my roadmap anyways, so I delisted them. My wife would always say things like, “it’s money laundering”, or “wen family time”, or “wen will you clean the floor, or why don’t you just right click those jpegs.” Tis the szn of 1:1s, PFPs, and ed’s, but IRL, its all simply probably nothing. My wife just couldn’t cope with the fomo of living a life that truly looks rare, but now I owe her 50% of my liquidity. Bottom line, this is NFA, but I figured I’d suggest that you DYOR so that you can get the alpha on the drip from drops that obvii’s will go up only. This is the way, don’t get Rugged, and I’ll see you wen I’m ded. I’ve reached my Schelling point and I can’t figure out wen moon. I’ll see you in Valhalla after my shift at McDonald’s. GN

We go through so many obstacles in life and somehow still end up together at the same place at the same time.

玄 means ‘Mysterious’ in Japanese. A chilly September evening, aglow, as the moon reaches its zenith from behind azure tinted clouds. The perfect night for exploration. Canvas size: 4000×4000

Dimension #1 World #4 —Sky Dojo is a secret area where adventures go to train their fighting skills. Every month fighters go toe-to-toe to determine who is the most elite. Adventurers must first prove their strength before being accepted into a dojo. Once accepted into a Dojo you receive special training or a rare item. The Dragons are the guardians to secure against any threat to Sky Dojo. Adventures can only travel to Sky Dojo through flight.—music by

Spiritual support is a vital necessity for all of us, which gives us strength to rise high as we live through this temporary path. Showing someone spiritual support is the greatest gift from up above that offers the opportunity to make our life Brighter. Canvas size 120×149 cm / 47×58 inch



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