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Oct 28, 2021 Top 10 Picks

8 months ago

Dracon Driene | Sacred Animals | Rituals Series. The Blue Desert or The Desert of the Blue Men is the place where the Iberians will live, an ancient sea where priests perform rituals and sacrifices, and where the three-eyed skull and black felines are worshipped. The land of Esperpentos is where elms used to grow and where some olive trees, acacias, almond trees and thyme now survive. Luis Toledo a.k.a. Laprisamata is an artist based in Madrid (Spain).Thanks to his particular graphic style he has developed projects for companies such as Warner Music, Atlantic Records, EA Games or Y&R. Internationally recognised with the Wacom Awards, Awards Pantone or Behance National Design Awards, his work has also been published in prestigious magazines like Juxtapoz , Hi-Fructose, Computer Arts, Digital Arts, DPI, El País or Kult Magazine. Toledo’s artwork has been exhibited in Denver, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Madrid, Singapore, Portugal and Chicago. His works have also illustrated the music of bands like Weezer, Gary Clark Jr., Antemasque (The Mars Volta), Big Wild, Residente and Caravan Palace and the first novel of Pete Townshend (The Who)

falling of the sea. The constant flow of the ocean often mirrors the movements of our own lives. The ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the light and the dark. Like the ocean, our lives are constantly moving, constantly evolving and shifting in a new direction with often unexpected and unpredictable waves hitting us along the way. This shot was conceptually formed to resemble those moments in time in, showing that every moment of darkness is followed by a wave of light. The harsh contrast between the light and the dark, split with a perfectly formed wave bridging the gap between the two. This piece was captured in Australia, on the coast of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. After chasing the surf and the sunrise for close to 2 years this idea finally started to take shape. The ocean is a melody that never stays in one place, so why should we?

You put in the time, you dedicate yourself to your craft, you learn to market yourself; you sit, roll over, wag and jump all for someone to genuinely SEE you. All you’re looking for are eyes, minds and hearts that connect with what you’ve made… to feel every moment, every brushstroke, every thought, every FEELING you spent all of your time trying to convey… and for what? Nobody actually cares about art anyway. Especially not good art. Nobody really looks closely, do they? No. They want intrigue, they want popular culture, they want FOMO, they want a story… just not the one you made up, unfortunately. They DO want your story though, but fuck you if it’s not salacious. How many times have you been told from behind comments with fire emojis that your work only actually matters if YOU matter? More than you’ve probably noticed, and more than we ever really admit. People should care a lot more about art.

“Rapture”, a portrait of the absurd man, living bright and authentic in a world of disarray. A man that chooses the struggle, in the face of meaningless existence, and lives through it with the deepest expression of genuine freedom.

The unique version of my artwork “Aeolian4”. Princess Aeolian from the Ghostblade series. Created by wlop May 25, 2019 The collector will get the original PNG file in 6119×10666 pixels.

wave, noun /wāv/ a sudden occurrence of or increase in a specified phenomenon, feeling, or
emotion As one of the original Instagram artists, Elise Swopes learned to connect with a worldwide audience of millions by melding art with a message. Since then, the Brooklyn-based photographer has worked on countless designs showcasing her surreal cityscapes.



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