“30metah for my baby”

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8 months ago

Multidisciplinary Designer and Artist based in Austria. Exploring the impossible and connecting it to our present reality.

“Hot Art Exhibition Piece No. 1”

Edition 1 of 1

HOT ART EXHIBITION — is a series of artworks following the question What would happen if there were no air conditioner during a sweltering summer? These artworks might be the result. — To create and publish this piece, the artist purchased carbon removal at an institution supporting carbon removal projects with a positive environmental effect. After selling “Hot Art Exhibition Piece 1″, the artist will place a second carbon removal purchase for even a healthier future. With sustainability in mind. 3500x3500px — 2017

“A Sense of Wonder”

Edition 1 of 1

H̴̨̨̨̧̰̙͚͑̿̇͘͝è̴̜̈́̏̎a̷͙͉̘̪̒̾̓̕d̸̩͋͊̇͗̈́ ̶͚̠̮͇̯̗̠̣̰̋̈̾͋̈́͠Ṕ̵̢̟̠͇̅́̔͊̀̀̚ḭ̵̡̡̛͖͚̓e̴͔̭̰͙͔̫͓͍̳͋̑͋̏̾̈́̑͝ć̴̛̺͖̲̜̲̺̱͎͇̺͝ę̴̱͓̼̮͑̉̓̃̓̈́̈́͝͝͠ = Data General One (Pharaoh ™) P̵̨͍̙̤̙̱̋̂̋̃̓̈́̆ͅu̷̻̠͛̈r̷̡̭̆́̅̚͠ͅp̴̞̮̲̙̻̯͍̩͉̎ȍ̸͕̟̗̘͈̣̖̆̇̏s̴̨̳̮͍̱̖̜̫͂͌̕ẹ̸̛̤̥̺͉͚͎̖͌̏̒̒͗̒̒ = evaluates our past and future to create better conditions for the present and future generation through the use of technology! Created on 14. 10 .2021

🌍 Senegalese artist based in Dakar
🤖 chasing pluriverses
👾 wondering about modernity
🕹 tinkering with analog tech

My Body Remembers

Edition 1 of 1

When I was a child, my grandfather would take me to the local pool every Sunday. I had faith in my body’s ability 
to keep me afloat in the water, to learn new strokes, to flip, and twist, and play. I felt at home in my body then. Time 
has a grip on women, or rather on our bodies. With its passage, we learn to grow aware of it, to fear the violence it 
attracts. It is hard to feel at home when your home is constantly invaded, appropriated, robbed. My story is no 
different. Over the years, I have learned to live with a body I don’t feel safe in. My relationship with it isn’t built 
on safety, confidence, playfulness; but rather fear. It is hard to experience freedom when you are constantly in 
a battle with yourself, under the scrutiny of others, seeking to be praised rather than to feel. Once I became aware 
of the toxicity of my relationship with my body, I realized I had to set off on a journey to heal it. After all, I could 
always remember how I felt in it when I was a child and remembering my childhood always filled with a melancholy, 
a longing for a time when I wasn’t at war with myself. The first and most important lesson I had to learn was that my 
body didn’t attract violence but was rather designated to receive it. As Julieta Parades bluntly puts it, it was on 
the bodies of women that humanity learned how to dominate. Despite the barrage of reminders of this truth, 
especially on social media, I have to choose every day to refuse to be the ground on which society enacts its principles 
and charts its progress. Most days I fail to. But some days, I know what’s it feels like to be at home in my body. 
On those days, I am free. I am in water, I remember how to play, I am the child. There is melancholy in this piece, 
but there is also peace. Using a process in part procedural, and in part expressive, I attempted to capture a piece of 
my freedom. The result is a loop of animated pixels simulating my physical embodiment, its capacity 
for remembrance, and the complexity of unlearning violence.

Visual Artist based in Lagos, Nigeria, creating multi-dimensional art with vibrant contrasting colours that express self-awareness & create a safe space for growth.


Edition 1 of 1

There is a lotta road rage on the roads of Lagos but on this faithful day I had an interesting encounter while I 
boarded one of the many motorcycle taxis, once I hopped on the bike the driver asked me to sit tight, during a 
road rage there was a sudden brake and acceleration & reckless driving that could make a passenger fall off if 
you are unlucky after we left the scene of the rage the bike man told me with all seriousness in Yoruba “thank 
God you sat tight if you had fallen off I’d have sped off and left you to die and I wouldn’t be judged by God 
because I already told you to sit tight as soon as you hopped on and no one would be able to get me because 
I’d have sped off really fast and if you are lucky you might survive the fall but you most likely might die and if 
you did that would have been your fault because I already told you to sit firm, you are lucky & wise to have sat 
firm” I never could forget that encounter because I thought to myself the road of Lagos is a battlefield Napoleon sef no do pass this one.

Hideki Inaba is an animator and video director. Worked in a CG company for 9 years, then became a member of the video company P.I.C.S. since 2017. And also, founded mimoid in 2020. Specializes in a delicate style of animation using original techniques, and has worked on a wide range of projects including commercials, music videos, and OOH.


Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is the #18 of the Ignition Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. 
Curated by Motion Plus Design. For more info, click on the link below: 

Zimbabwean artist based in British Columbia – My work revolves around human emotion and our mind states as human beings, attempting to illustrate this through form, colour, texture, and mark making ☽

“Standard Blues,”

Edition 1 of 1
Genesis ☽☽☽

Youssef El Idrissi alias glitcharmony/glitchy_rhizome is an artist, researcher and cultural worker from Casablanca, Morocco. His artistic practice is a combination of softwares, poetry, field recording, filming, analog machines and other materials used for video art installations.


Edition 1 of 1
OVERWHELMING_NOISE is an audiovisual piece that shows a faceless face with changing glitchy tides. It intends to overwhelm by its sound yet to comfort by its colorful elements. The faceless is the blurry that stresses us, but also that ineffable that amazes us. It constantly mutates from multiplicity to unity, going back and forth portraying the ever-changing nature of life.

PR$DNT HONEY is a multifaceted artist who infuses her illustration and graphic design skills to create vivid and bold artworks. She has recently started working in textile with the intention of interrogating the relationship between Blackness and art as a more functional medium. Nemakhavhani is inspired and influenced by Black people, African aesthetics, and cultures. Nemakhavhani’s work also interrogates the positive narratives that exist within Blackness.

“30metah for my baby”

Edition 1 of 1
As in any country, we have colloquial terms that we use to refer to money. A meter is equivalent million in South 
Africa. This artwork is a newly imagined bank note that is worth 30 million rands. “30methah for my baby” speaks 
to the financial power dynamics between men and women. It is expected of men to be the providers and women 
to be receivers. The intention of this work is to reverse these dynamics and also change the lens on who we see 
on bank notes. I’ve intentionally used faces of women who are not recognisable to create a neutral story. Representation 
is important. Women should be able to see themselves on the same places men constantly see themselves represented 
on. I also wanted to make a bank note that breaks a bit of traditional ways of presenting how money looks.

Illustrator and art director based in Warsaw, Poland. Inspired by the classic sci-fi stories and the love of French comics while at the same time seeking new narratives and fresh ways of seeing. Loves Vonnegut, megaliths and the sea.


Edition 1 of 1
“The fungi became, or is for some mysterious reason still to be discovered, a pipeline into a mind, an entelechy, which we can only image as feminine and can only associate somehow to the environment, to the ecosystem. This is the Gaian mind. This is what the goddess really is. The goddess is a network of connective intelligence that is operating on this planet.” – Terence McKenna



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