“The Eternal Life”

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7 months ago
Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

Yongohkim’s reinterpretation of the work by people and stories that exist in reality through a variety of colors and lines creates a fantasy. Collected on travel by personal experience, the results are recorded Culture that form the basis of the place and are about to fence the features of lifestyle Strange landscape characteristics of the subject or viewed them as a base for space travel encountered splits his time between city and nature and situation changes according to the emotions.

01. Moscow

Edition 1 of 1
3500x4000px, 19sec, Animation. D+1) My world tour started in Russia one day in October. The days were getting 
shorter, and after crossing Siberia by train, I arrived in Moscow. The traveler was alone, and an unpredictable 
fog covered the night. The beginning of a trip is always accompanied by fear and excitement. When the fog of 
fear disappears, the traveler’s mind becomes more relaxed, and the fireworks display to mark the beginning of 
the journey begins. Where will I experience in the future? What kind of trip will I take in the future?

Animator/Visual Artist

Lil Ghost

Edition 1 of 1
A lil ghost livin in a lil house.
1200×1500 / 35 seconds

Charles Aweida is an artist + roboticist exploring the intersection of science, engineering, the visual arts and film. His work focused in manipulating the physical through robotics and custom actuated machines is driven by data and digital representations of the natural world. His work has shown in international art museums and galleries. Charles experiments and researches new ways of leveraging robotics as a creative medium.


Edition 1 of 1
My genesis NFT Magnetism is the first stop motion animation generated entirely by robots ???? ???? ???? https://youtu.be/RQ5lwMIYask The ultra rare 4 part series titled Machineimation employs a novel process that took over a year to produce and involves over 100,000+ robotic movements, thousands of photographs and various 
technologies working together in real time. The NFTs were created with stop-motion animation techniques driven entirely by robots without the use of CGI or 3D rendering. Each animation was captured in-camera with still photographs of physical objects manipulated by thousands of robotic movements. Each piece tells a story not only driven by robots and captured by robots but also including robots as performance artists. The series explores a novel relationship where digital and physical worlds collide to produce animated works of digital art from physical objects facilitated by machines. Each NFT in the series is paired with a signed laser etched transparent acrylic box containing the physical dominos used in the animations with a scannable marker linked to the crypto art.

Illustrator, Grateful Dead Artist in Residence for 2021, poster artist for some of your favorite bands, and an expert popcorn seasoner. Zazzcorp embodies the strange and far out. Can you dig it ?

“Sugar Magnolia”

Edition 1 of 1
We can discover the wonders of

I hail from a magical patch of land called Puerto Rico. Not only did I get my taste for coffee there, but also a life-changing education in the arts. For me, one thing fills the void above all else: The freedom to express my fears, regrets & hopes without responding to a corporate entity. My work is fueled by experiences that haunt me whether beautiful or dark. I like for the work to tell a story through symbolism – visual essays for those who are willing to read through the layers of paint.

The Unravelling

Edition 1 of 1
For my genesis piece, I felt I needed to
get something created that’s been
stuck in my mind since the day it
happened. This piece takes us to the
scene of one of the saddest and most
moving things I’ve ever seen. A child
traveled to a distant city in hopes of
taking the same Hippocratic Oath his
mother, father and sister took.
Instead, he tragically reached the end
of his short journey alone, within the
cold embrace of a bathtub. The week
leading up to the funeral was full of

Barcelona based and Colombian bred sculptor, painter and architect Mareo Rodriguez’s work is filled with the grittiness of natural territory: mountains, rocks, waveforms and lava. Nature, the ever-changing topography of the mountains and the condensation of light and its process of transformation and expansion of energy over time are his biggest inspiration. Mareo has previously exhibited internationally in USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Mexico, Emirates, England, among others.


Edition 1 of 1
Unique NFT piece. The crack opens a
portal that creates a tension between
two sides that seem to approach and
move away at the same time, as a
constant force of repulsion and
attraction, an endless space, so
natural in the battle of opposites that
it can be defined by the denial of its
existence, a reflection of the void, the
nothingness. Faced with a sense of
eternal emptiness and uncertainty, a
space to understand the possibilities
of the new world. It is a way of
standing in front of the abyss; before
infinite possibilities.

Film Director & Artist. Clients: Thom Yorke, Mac Miller, Run The Jewels, Danny Brown, Nas, Dilla, Madlib, Earl Sweatshirt, Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, A$AP Ferg, Pimp C, Juicy J, Wiz Kahlifa, Ghetts, DJ Shadow, Disclosure, Knxwledge, The Chemical Brothers, Rolling Stones, Nike, Adidas, Beats, Levis, Apple…


Edition 1 of 1
Music Inspires me the most to create.
MF DOOM is one artist I unfortunately
never got to work with before his
passing. What I love most about his
music is his loose, raw & abstract
style. These directly inspired the
creation of this piece. I worked with
the upcoming producer ‘MO’ who
supplied his interpretation of an MF
DOOM instrumental. The title ‘MF
MOOD’ is not only a spin on his name
but also a nod to his gritty timeless
energy that lives on through all his
fans. RIP DOOM

Nick Thomm is an Australian Artist living and working in Los Angeles. Best known for his large scale, hyper-color spectral paintings and immersive digital installations. Thomm has exhibited in major international Museums and Galleries, including the ‘New Museum’ in New York, ‘Moco Museum’ in Barcelona, and ‘The National Gallery of Victoria.’


Edition 1 of 1
‘PRISM’ (2021) is a digital extension of
my spectral painting series that
explores the intersection of traditional
art and technology. The work is
finished in and an infinite playback
loop for maximum aura. ‘PRISM’ is
exhibited on a 24 foot (7.5m) tall
Monolith at Art Basel Miami 2021.
Further Details:

Powering NFT’s and the Metaverse to create a transformational platform for good. Upcoming drops include our collection with Emilia Clarke and SameYou, produced by the creative team at Pholio Studios

A Story of Resilience

Edition 1 of 1
An immersive and cinematic journey through the stages of healing, repair, and rediscovering your same you. Emilia Clarke and SameYou’s inspirational offering, Resilience, is a one of a kind NFT sold in concert with Emilia’s bespoke chainmail dress, along with digital and physical collectibles from renowned artist Steven Sebring and the creatives at Pholio Studios. Proceeds from the sale of this NFT will directly benefit the SameYou non-profit. 

Guillermo Lorca García Huidobro is a well-renowned painter of classical oil. Early paintings have been successfully exposed and sold through important art exhibitions, including The Asprey Exhibition in London and the exhibition “The eternal life” in the most important museum in Chile. On these days, he’s on collaborations with the famous actioner Simon de Pury, art galleries, and museums, most of which are concentrated in Europe. Currently exposing in the MOCO Museum in Barcelona, Spain.

“The Eternal Life”

Edition 1 of 1
This NFT brings a reproduction based on the oil painting on canvas painted in 2013 (260cm x 290cm), belonging to 
the collection of the National Museum of Fine Art in Chile. “It was a cloudy summer day. 
I spent much of the day in a park in front of a tree. I did not realize its majesty, until the clouds literally parted 
and a ray of sunlight illuminated it. At that moment it appeared the image that I had been looking for months. 
While I was observing the tree many images and childhood memories came to my head. I saw abundance, 
diversity and movement in its branches and from them I saw a girl hanging, perhaps symbolizing the archetype of the 
“hanging,” maybe just having fun or maybe playing the game of death.” Guillermo Lorca.



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