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Music guy.

Happy Seeker

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Ouchhh is a global creative new media studio with a cutting-edge innovator in the creative field who has been showing outstanding results in the art science technology scene for more than 10 years. The Studio is a pioneer of data paintings&sculptures, AI, machine learning, a mind-driven approach, discovering new technological models to reflect the variety of contexts and experiences that “the roots of art, science, and technology are mysterious”, that shape their futuristic perspective.


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World’s First AR AI Datasculpture as an NFT What would happen if the consciousness of the world’s oldest ancient origins data and AI come together for 
hybrid architectural public art? AI DATAMONOLITH_AR DATASCULPTURE using the world’s oldest data! By using the 
Generative adversarial network (GAN) and Ai algorithms, we created a new Data Monolith which meant learning 
from Gobeklitepe data (dating from Pre-Pottery Neolithic B, PPN; 9600–7000 calBC). Göbeklitepe 
is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of recent times. approximately 7,000 years older than 
the UK’s Stonehenge. Data Journey of Artwork:

Afrofuturist. I hold that provocation is sometimes an unavoidable part of negotiating language and meaning.

“Deer Stalker #76”

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Number 76 in a list of a possible 139 collectable cards, Deer Stalker is part of the NFT collection, SIGINT// Tools. Each collectable card represents a tool as it appears in the formally top secret Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) wiki – a catalogue of tools and techniques developed by The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), a secret unit of GCHQ. Collect the uniquely illustrated tools and explore the secretive world of British surveillance.

Hi I’m Tina, …digital artist/ analog painter/ photographer/creator & lover of the obscure, close up, creepy. I also like gin and cats but we save that for now… Join me on my journey of self-expression & dive into my analog- digitial- crazy world. My signature style (using lips as the canvas to my work) was born during the pandemic and has stuck with me since. After entering the NFT scene in Feb 2021 the lips quickly became a collector favourite on other platforms.

Ayuthia Spectabile, the White Ghost Cicada. When I first held this beautiful creature in my hand I gasped. Not from fear or disgust but in sheer awe at the patterns of the fragile wings, with their gold like veins, the touch of turq oise each side of its chunky body and the soft fuzz covering their shell. I felt the urge to show this off to the world, to let people discover the beauty I was experiencing, to look past their phobia and see this unique beauty. I want to challenge what comes to mind when you think of the word “beauty”. It’s more than comfortable ideals and shiny products, designed to make us look and feel desirable. Beauty can be found in places you never dared to look, in colours, 
shapes and details you haven’t noticed before. Beauty no longer has a definition. Let me show you.

Pure 64 Bit Visuals™ 🌴🍄☁️☀️


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Infinity rests unto itself; all are the
kingdom within.

Labet is a self-taught Nigerian-British painter based in East London. Labet’s work serves as a figurative and abstract diary which explores themes of identity and representation. Drawing influence from her rich Nigerian heritage, her work is constantly evolving to inspire conversations and narrate stories about nostalgia, relationships, and the interactions within our daily endeavours.

“Kobo For Your Thoughts. 2021”

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‘Kobo for your thoughts’ is a cultural play on the phrase ‘Penny for your thoughts’ and questions the concept 
of the mind overthinking. This painting is part of an ongoing series that explores self-care and the ways 
we overcome feelings of uncertainty or doubt. It looks into the sensitivities of displacement and the struggles of 
adapting to change. It’s about entering new spaces, delving into new worlds, opening up to new ventures, with 
new perspectives by leaving your comfort zone. Each object in the painting represents an aspect of cultural 
belonging but ties in with the notion of coming out of your shell. The head-wrap for example, is not only used 
to adorn and protect a black woman’s crown but in this piece, it is unraveling the jewels of an explored mind. 
Elsewhere the wooden hair pick is painted gold symbolising it as a precious tool used to start the process of change 
and depicts both the excitement and therapy black women experience when doing their hair. The floating 
orange also represents the first fruits coming through after a new beginning. View the AR version of this
 piece here: Show less

Sekai Machache is a Zimbabwean-Scottish visual artist and curator based in Glasgow. Her work is a deep interrogation of the notion of self. She is interested in the relationship between spirituality, and the role of the artist in disseminating symbolic imagery to provide a space for healing. Sekai’s photographic practice is formulated through digital studio-based compositions utilising body paint and muted lighting to create images that appear to emerge from darkness.

The High Priestess

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The High Priestess is part of an ongoing tarot card series by visual artist and curator Sekai Machache. This series focuses 
on the Major Arcana. The 2nd Major Arcana card in the Tarot Deck, representing mystery, stillness and reflection, The High Priestess 
symbolizes the time for withdrawal and instinctive self-guidance. In the image, a figure 
stands illuminated in the dark yawning of a cave, shrouded and still, wearing Blue of the Horizon, a period style 
dress designed in collaboration with artist and seamstress Fiona Catherine Powell. The figure holds a stance in place 
that signifies ritualistic movements similar to the gestures in the film Profound Divine Sky. The dress and veil are signifiers 
of divine knowledge and The High Priestesses’ leadership, usually represented by a blue robe and a horned diadem. In her re-working a dark veil obscures the face, the hands are cradling and bare. Guardian of the 
subconscious mind she flits between these mind realms without hindrance and provides an ethereal knowledge of the 
Cosmos, a profound enlightenment on that which is hidden. This image was shot in caves at Auchmithie on the East 
coast of Scotland during a month long residency period at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath where the artist created 
her first tarot card in the series, The Hierophant. The High Priestess was captured by Antanas Budvytis with 
artistic direction, styling, and performance by Sekai Machache.

Cofounder of NFT Affirmations and visual artist.


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Illuminated as the fulcrum of balance, she stands wielding beauty and beast.

Born in London, UK, Sharon Adebisi is a contemporary artist who uses paintings to capture her thoughts and experiences as she attempts to navigate adulthood. Her most recent works explore the identity issues she faces as a British-African hybrid, and the conflict between embracing her African roots yet assimilating to her British culture. Sharon’s work has been exhibited/auctioned with various organisations across the world, including Zari Gallery, Woolwich Works, Sky Arts and Sotheby’s.

“The Brixton Bustle”

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Upon exploring Brixton for the first time a few years ago, the one thing that stood out to me was the presence of culture. 
Whilst in some parts of Brixton the culture of the community had been noticeably whitewashed due to gentrification, 
in other parts such as the Brixton Market, the culture remained strong. Visiting Brixton Market a few months ago, 
compelled me to create a painting celebrating its authenticity and richness in spirit. Gentrification tries to replicate 
culture whilst excluding the people that create it, but through this painting I wanted to emphasise the fact that the 
true spirit of a community can only exist where its original inhabitants and their descendants reside.

Elicia is an expressionist artist, who mainly specialises in water-mixable oils & charcoal to create either a representational or abstract art piece. Elicia’s recent ‘Movement’ & ‘Black Icons’ series represents her fascination with role models, cars & human connections. Even though very different, they are interlinked by the subjects’ kinetic & potential energy. Elicia has just started a new journey, to blend impressionism with her intimate emotions and powerful ideas.

“Show me the challenge and I will show you my power”

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This art piece merges the sensual power of my sister Shelana, an Icon who was loved by many, with the beast 
of a Ford Mustang, which was one of her favourite cars. The thick layers of paint interlock and overlap with 
each other to represent the movement and connection of both the person and the car. The heavy use of red, black 
and white paint is significant as the art piece presents both their energy, elegance and power. The title of this piece 
‘Show me the challenge and I will show you my power’; was born from the strength and pain Shelana juggled during 
her fight against cancer. By merging these two loves, a new abstract piece is born and the memory of a loved one 
will continue for eternity in the digital space. In loving memory of Shelana, my sister, Queen, Icon. 2021 Original artwork Acyclic paint, 80 x 30 cm As a gift to the buyer, I will share a 3D version of this art piece 
which will be sent after purchase as a QR code for the buyer to view in AR.

*Visual Artist working on immersive audiovisual experiences for hybrid future spaces *Master’s Degree (MFA) in Art & Technology, San Francisco Art Institute / Fulbright Scholar / Background in Design (BA) and Physics *Autodesk Pier 9 & Adobe AR Resident Artist *Collabs w/ TOOL, Apple, BMW, Dolby, Hennessy, UNESCO IOC *His work exploring emergent forms, utilizing domes, VR headsets and architecture have toured museums, galleries and media art festivals around the world; Full bio on website ↑

Metafold 05

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Can Buyukberber’s genesis pieces on SuperRare “Metafold Collection” consists of a selection from his digital 
sculpture and animated artwork studies, inspired by higher dimensional spaces, organic structures, physics and 
futurism. It is informed by the artist’s interdisciplinary experiments, which connect design, art and science.
The changing forms draw attention to the process of evolution by visualising a string of recursive 
transformations without a beginning or end, forming personal associations in viewers mind with its intersecting nets of 
complex geometries.


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