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Dec 10, 2021 Top 10 Picks

7 months ago

This is a continuation of my ongoing series of paintings where my brother and I travel the world and I make paintings out of our travels. My brother Andre was born in Seattle and I lived there from 4-18yrs old. We did most of our growing and figuring out life here. The Space Needle was a centerpiece location where lots of festivals and positive vibes were centered around its location. We returned to its location to capture this moment in time and share it with you.

As a scuba diver and general lover of the ocean, I am completely fascinated by the uninterrupted world underwater. I love how fish swim in schools and hide from predators; how coral attracts algae to eat and how sea creatures build homes on the undersides of rocks. I love going diving at night and watching fish rest while other fish hunt. I love establishing perfect buoyancy and just watching it all happen. I created this piece as a recollection of those experiences, combined with representation of our own world to demonstrate how similar they are, yet how vastly different they seem. The title ‘Parallel Ecosystems’ reifies how we’re all quite similar.

Valkyria is the first chapter of ‘Tales of Mythius’ the collection of tales written and illustrated by @tormius in which he will make us travel to a fantastic world full of creatures and stories. Welcome to Mythius. _ Valkyria ruled the skies of Mythius since the beginning of the ancient era. Her shuddering scream chilled the blood of those who dared to listen it. The Mythians told many stories about her history, but none knew the truth. She was called the wandering goddess, wandering aimlessly and without any goal for those who watched her, but in reality, she has never ceased in the search for her only daughter, who one day decided to live among mortals. In her sad and tireless search, the flame of the goddess of fire was extinguished, and since then, the volcanoes of Mythius have never again expelled lava. But the fury remained latent in her gaze. She knows there is someone behind her daughter’s decision, and she will not rest until finding that person. _ The original collector of the piece will be able to claim physical perks that will be sent free of charge to their home address.

RIFT is a digital animation created in 2021 using a moiré patterning technique, consisting in the overlap of two images to generate the illusion of a third image. In my practice, this imaging technique is employed to create abstract textural works inspired by atmospheric, geological and natural forces. In RIFT, images of landslides, tectonic plate movements and 3D normal maps were used as visual references for the final work. The resulting animation appears on screen as an endless hypnotic surface with strong kinetic and optical properties – similar to an all-over painting – generating tensions and oscillations in the perception of depth and flatness within the screen. At large, RIFT relates to many histories of abstraction in painting, optical art, moving image and computer graphics. Geological forces become mediated through a language of digital abstraction, creating an experience reminiscent of both the natural and the digital. Artwork information: Digital animation (mp4, GIF), 3840×2160 pixels (4K – variable dimensions), 64 frames, 8 colors, 25 frames per second

“Rhyolite” is the second piece of Johan Lolos’ genesis NFT series “Hálendið”. Hálendið, which means “Highlands” in Icelandic, is a photography series of 5 pieces that are a tribute to the painting-like landscapes of the Icelandic Highlands. Ever since Johan first visited this part of the world he has been amazed by the huge diversity of colors that can be found in the Highlands. The unparalleled contrasts and shapes of the Hálendið make this region of Iceland so unique in the whole world, to the point it becomes almost surreal to any visitor. This particular piece is an aerial image of Landmannalaugar, shot from a Cessna aircraft. While the dominant color of this photo clearly is brown/orange, one can observe the patches of light green spread across the image. This is due to the high amount of rhyolite, which the mountains of this area are made of. Rhyolite is an extrusive igneous rock, formed from magma rich in silica that is extruded from a volcanic vent to cool quickly on the surface rather than slowly in the subsurface. Most rhyolites are uniform in texture, and their color ranges from gray to light-pink, depending on the striations made by the lava flow. Natural rhyolite displays green, cream and occasional brown tones with patterns and inclusions. The very first time Johan went to Landmannalaugar, he just couldn’t believe his eyes. Was it real? Was it a dream? Why did those mountains look like paintings? His obsession with the Icelandic Highlands never stopped, to the point that they became his favorite landscapes to photograph. ** The collector will receive a gallery quality, signed and framed physical print of the image alongside the NFT. The print will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity. 5568x3712px

This is a collaborative work with Amir Zhussupov (@truncationxero), created exclusively for Vellum’s Color :: Field exhibition. Amir used seven years of my pixel sorting work to train a GAN model. The resulting output is a machine’s interpretation of endlessly looping decay and growth through animated pixels. 1728×2160 .mp4

The living inspiration and activities of the body and mind. The breach of the stars into human cultural manifestation. To touch and in­spire fathomless creative centers — as the flavor of the ocean is contained in a droplet — the whole mystery of life within the egg. Pro­ductions of the psyche, the germ power of its source. We have begun.

I didn’t allow you here, pure O. I shouldn’t be about to pass out right now in this college class, but I am sinking in my chair like it was 10 feet deep. You already came around this morning, pure O. Sometimes I wonder how boring it must be for you without me. Maybe this is why you’ve been showing more and more daily. I won’t be able to continue like this much longer. What can I do to make you go away, pure O? C17H18F3NO
Artwork made with digital medium format photographs of mine. Experimenting with capture time and movement, paper layering and engraving. Oilstick and spray paint implementation on many canvases made for this piece. All physically worked and scanned into the metaverse. This NFT unlocks a thirty minutes video call to discuss my process and inspirations. The collector will also get a physical canvas print of the NFT.
Disclaimer: I am a tax payor in Canada, if you are a Canadian resident there will be GST/HST included. If not this doesn’t apply.

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