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6 months ago

Visual Artist | Photographer based in Morocco.

“HOPE أمل”

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This photograph had a huge impact on me during the difficult time in lockdown of the pandemic. Photography 
and family helped me save my mental health. It was at the height of the crisis that photography became 
the new manifestation of family love for me, and it is for this reason that I chose to call this piece “HOPE”.
This photograph presents my sister as the model, and my mother’s contribution as the stylist; it is a 
true artwork created out of family love. “HOPE”, the internationally recognized photograph in my body of work. This piece made various 
appearances in magazines including Vogue and The Guardian, as well as being showcased in the 
Photo Vogue Festival of 2021 in Milano.

American fine art photographer that enjoys Sci-fi like settings. Briscoe Park lives and travels in his van shooting strange concepts.

“all my friends grew up and moved on”

Edition 1 of 1

The thought that everyone you once spent hours talking to and growing up with just slowly drifting into 
their new life. Molding into the people they always wanted to be. I wanted this for them because I 
always wanted that for myself, but with this understanding comes with a lump in the back of my throat. 
We would become strangers and the thought of them forgetting about me hurt me. It made me question 
my life choices and the path that I am on. I was getting in touch with reality and realizing we are just 
experiencing one another for a limited amount of time. Good things don’t last forever but the memory 
does. Driving past this location on the way to a family diner grabbed my eye because it embodies all 
of those things. A place thats still intact, forgotten, and hanging on while being reclaimed by nature. 
I set up my shot and noticed that the light was too bright taking away the attention from everything important. 
I blocked the light out with a birdhouse and was taken back by the tree overlooking the whole scene. 
Everyone grew up and moved on from this place .

“Working with a variety of mediated photographic sources, ranging from television, the internet, and film stills, Rook artificially constructs his disquieting imagery. His filmic assemblages could remain in the photographic domain as an artistic statement and carry relevance, however, his further activity of painting form the manipulated imagery, forces us to position the work within the lineage of historic figurative painting, and thus we have a very different viewing engagement, and duration.”

After the Revenant

Edition 1 of 1

A naive and grandiose paean to cinema and boyhood dreams of exploring the wilderness. And an exploration of the seductive surfaces of cartooning and renders. From Asterix to The Road.

BREAKFAST is a digital kinetic art studio known for creating some of the most technologically-complex artworks in the world, grounded in themes around climate change, nature, and human existence, BREAKFAST was established in 2009 by Andrew Zolty and Mattias Gunneras.

Don’t Go Quiet – Unrest in 2020

Edition 1 of 1

This is not a digital rendering, but rather a video of a kinetic artwork made of Flip-Discs—physical 
discs that mechanically flip between two sides via electromagnets. The physical artwork was created 
during the surge in nationwide protests against racial injustice in 2020. An upside-down flag 
represents a country in distress. The sweep of a stripe occurs each time an individual uses the hashtag 
#blacklivesmatter. The title, “Don’t Go Quiet,” is a reminder that we cannot let this become a passing moment—
we must keep the conversation going and keep this flag moving. The particular video used to create this 
NFT was captured on June 10, 2020—a day when thousands of schools and universities, businesses, and institutions 
around the world shut down to give people time to reflect and act upon racism and injustice.

Johan Lolos (b. 1987) is a Belgian-Greek travel photographer also known as lebackpacker on social media. He originally got famous for his landscape photography, featuring some of the wildest and most remote places on Earth. While he still loves photographing the outdoors, he now also focuses on wildlife and travel documentary photography. His debut book ‘Peaks of Europe’ was published in 2018. 10,000+ copies have been sold worldwide.

“Explosion of Colors”

Edition 1 of 1

“Explosion of Colors” is Johan Lolos’ genesis piece and is part of his genesis NFT series “Hálendið” which 
means “Highlands” in Icelandic. “Hálendið” is a photography series of 5 pieces that are a tribute to the painting-like landscapes of the Icelandic Highlands.
Ever since Johan first visited this part of the world he has been amazed by the huge diversity of colors that 
can be found in the Highlands. The unparalleled contrasts and shapes of the Hálendið make this region of Iceland 
so unique in the whole world, to the point it becomes almost surreal to any visitor.
This particular piece is an aerial image of Landmannalaugar, shot from a Cessna aircraft. The unique colors 
found in that place are completely natural, a result of local geothermal activity. The very first time Johan went 
to Landmannalaugar, he just couldn’t believe his eyes. Was it real? Was it a dream? Why did those mountains 
look like paintings? His obsession with the Icelandic Highlands never stopped, to the point that they became his 
favorite landscapes to photograph. “Explosion of Colors” is Johan Lolos’ second most popular image of all time. 
It was first featured in his debut book Peaks of Europe (2018), and has been sold to multiple clients and magazines 
ever since. ** The collector will receive a gallery quality, signed and framed physical print of the image alongside 
the NFT. The print will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity. 5000x3712px

Anders Hjemdahl creates his art by exploring parallel universes of mystical algorithms, creating infinite worlds of strange geometry. An award-winning creative technologist/developer, his multi-dimensional art (print, AR, VR) has been exhibited in Europe and the US, and has been published in international press, e.g. the Encyclopedia of Swedish Design. Passionate about the intersection of art and technology, Anders is a frequent speaker e.g. at Stanford, USC, VRLA, Mindshare, and Mind&Machine.

Probability Current (Outer Oceans III)

Edition 1 of 1

The NFT includes a 28,5” x 28,5” ultra high resolution metal art print signed by the artist. Part 3 of 
the OUTER OCEANS collection, PROBABILITY CURRENT is an AI-animated classical 
Mandelbrot Set fractal, animated in collaboration with NeuralSeed and featuring music by Dark Ambient legend Apocryphos.
The OUTER OCEANS collection reflects the serene, healing state induced by the eternal sea. It is inspired by 
the exotic physical properties of water, the mechanisms enabling Quantum computing, and the mysterious ocean worlds of the outer Solar system.
The NFT comes with a Certificate of Ownership encased in a transparent acrylic block, featuring a 
QR code to the digital artwork file.
Music: Simulacrum of Stone by Apocryphos. Album: Stone Speak (Cryo Chamber).

Mieke Marple is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles. She has been written about by The New York Times, W Magazine, The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, Autre, among other publications. She has had recent solo exhibitions at Ever Gold [Projects] (SF) and 1301PE (LA). Through charity art auctions, she has helped raise over a million dollars for Planned Parenthood LA and a quarter million for prison abolitionist organization Critical Resistance. She is a creator of the Medusa Collection.

“Page of Cups (A New Beginning)”

Edition 1 of 1

Digital Twin of a 70×54 in. acrylic on canvas painting from 2018 that was part of Marple’s original Tarot series. There are four Minor Arcana suites: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each is associated with a different element: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, respectively. Cups—the suite of Water—is associated with intuition, creativity, emotion, and feminine energy. The Page of Cups is specifically about creative opportunities, curiosity, and possibility.

As usual, too late to the party.


Edition 1 of 1

We treat the Ocean like a big garbage heap. Out of sight out of mind. But as the old proverb goes: You are what you eat. My piece for the Ocean Drop collection by @open__earth

Supporting Humans since 1999  


Edition 1 of 1

We come from water, we are made of water, we behave like water. Be like water. This work was created in collaboration with Dalbin Table. It’s formatted to work on any 9:16 display but was made especially with their unique table in mind. The Table is sold separately at The file resolution is 3840 x 2160 px (4K UHD) the final lenght of the file is 1 minute. More info: / sound-design @bisdvrk  

am an artist with dream of creating animations. Thanks to this space that helps make dreams come true.  

Pepe Fam (With Love From My Heart)

Edition 1 of 1

animation of minutes and 10 seconds. It took months to create. 


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