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Dec 22, 2021 Top 10 Picks

An Rong
12 months ago

A mix-media piece representing my subconscious representation of our NFT present day. You have the degan, the organised overlord villain and the angels keeping order. It’s a messy landscape but as day shines and the false light upon perception shines we loop in a box, a desert wasteland.

CHOO-CHOO, FUCKER! These are your trains of thought! Jamming the traffic in which you are caught, going in circles over the plot, making a messy knot, por favor. A kid seeks the elders amidst fire and smoke, they thought at first that the sight was a joke: Something happened, tippity toes, your mind turns your friends into your foes. Tip, tap, what’s your reaction? Tip, tip, are you quick on those shoes? Tip, toe, better act on the cues. Sorry, would you please excuse? What would you do if I asked you to choose? Would you refuse? Or would you hit snooze? Or lower you gaze and act all confused, counting the scores that might make you loose? What weighs more: your heart or your head? Your jumpy intuition or your mind made of lead? Armor’s for battle, not made for bed, you might as well try sleeping naked instead. “I’m only a child but I saw this coming, I heard the song that Cassandra was humming, I am to blame for what I’m becoming: a self proclaimed deaf lamb inclined to numbing” Before the law, made only for you, guardian and captive of the glass tomb you blew. Yet you have a choice, will you act on your will? Remember that someone always picks up the bill. A teary eye into river it broke and only then did the elder awoke: “Hush Kiddo, I’ll show you some tricks! Or don’t you wanna belong to those cliques? First rule of all: be quiet as mice! That’s a good thing if you take my advice. Take as much space as a small grain of rice, nobody likes those who take more than their slice. They call them lice! The chasers of price. You wouldn’t want that, you want to be nice! Now go play the part, say thank you and please, you won’t want the visit of the ethics police! What an ordeal when your soul gets revealed, the one thing you cared to mostly conceal. Are you ready to risk losing all your appeal? Nothing takes longer than reputations to heal” Counting the beans and tasting the waters, whistling over the sound of the slaughters, near death automata or sentient machine, do your calculations tell you how to feel? Tell me what’s real, don’t care for ideal best thing to do is breaking the seal. Strategy, fallacy, anxiously, blasphemy, casually, casualty, apathy, canopy. Worried by this and worried by that, you forgot to look at the place where you sat. “Oh shit, oh crap, ran over my cat”. At least now you have a new welcome mat. You trip making damage wherever you go as if all around you was just Dominó. Scrape your tongue but bitter won’t go: nothing’s as sour as words never thrown. In your eyes put shampoo but it will not wash what you once didn’t know: thought was sugar, twas ash. Stuck with glue like weed grew-grew, for one that you cut they sprouted in two, you’ll be eating your brains like a panda bamboo! So nutritious as coal, piss or poo. Choo-Choo, fucker! These are your trains of thought! Jamming the traffic in which you are caught! Going in circles over the plot! Making a messy knot, por favor! Thought you were fucking a big hot-shot, lost your yacht, left to rot, now all of your friends are freaking bots, and everybody else already forgot! So much to process, so much to chew! And this is only from one point of view. Nothing survives your thorough review, dissected memories seldom are true. Ask them askew, those who pursue, all your regrets are there waiting in queue! Weighing you down, careful don’t drown, this is what happens when you are a pawn. Pump-pump Pump-pump Pump-dump Pump-pump The child came to sit among the moon-flowers, distant sounds came of bells in the towers. “Would it have been different if I was to speak? Why is it so hard for me to open my beak? A creak and a sheik, not pretending mystique, truth is I am rather kind of weak. That I have a voice and don’t use it to speak. Oh shit, oh shit; oh shit, oh shit”

Dino’s Magical World is an interactive story that links Collectors to the World discovered by Dino. It merges three concepts: Storytelling – Gaming – Interaction. The Trip is an exclusive 1/1 Gate that Dino created during his journey. It is the fruit of many adventures and friendships made. This Gate enhances the vision of every viewer jumping in Dino’s World. The collector will become the owner of the Gate and will also play a 1/1 Game designed by MigratingLines allowing them to be partly involved in the storytelling. By manipulating the Magical Items, Dino discovered the third Magical Gate: The Trip. The real world is chaotic. Ein, the Master of Clarity, uses the power of vision to enable the visitors to open their eyes and focus on what matters most: happiness.

Nezha (哪吒) is a deity in heaven. But with planets, there are many demons. Heaven sent them to reincarnate in Middle Earth in the age of rainbow light. And this is the new story of the Holy Grail Scramble.

“Cocktail Queen” is the first work in the “Queens” series. Woman – her face, her beauty – is treated superficially throughout the history of humanity, her figure exalted and admired like a porcelain vase, my works show the real woman, with her strengths and weaknesses, who does not need to be rescued or pitied. These series emerges from a hypersensitivity to the beauty of the female figure, as an attempt to preserve its essence. Being a highly aesthetic work, and born viscerally, it responds to a need for calming an obsession – a strategy for operating as a “civilized Jean-Baptiste Grenouille,” and a vehicle through which I communicate. My ability to express emotions and concepts is directly proportional to my ability to translate them into the skin of the women I draw.

66 sequential images. Hand drawn. Digital. November – December 2021. Round Rock, TX and The Parts Unknown. This Masquerade, these depths pulled from somewhere, always in constant motion, even when standing still, the perfect machine I wanted it to be, even with cracks on the surface, strength and speed all the way down. These images all move forward, and represent the workings of a complex system. Live cinema, wherever it finds you, moving at the speed of thought, downstream in a flood of inspiration this burst forth. This is what Love looks like to me right now. I don’t know who will see it, when or where, nor do I care. Because this thing exists now, and so do I, still.

TI lived in NY for 12 years and it’s a place where I have grown myself as an artist. Started with only pencil doodling skills then climbed my way up to find in love with 2D animation. Dropped out of college but was fortunate enough to find my way around. I♡NY

It had been a long time since the woman had lost her heart, her own essence. It had taken the form of a pear, and she had spent years trying to find it. She didn’t know it was possible to live without it, heartless, but it was, however, it was an empty life, always missing something. The woman heard that it’s necessary to find a quiet place within her own being, to find answers. It is said that when the view is clear, it is easier to see what is missing. She tried to find a place in nature that might represent what she felt inside. Her eyes closed. She tried to climb a mountain, where the view was clearer, and her heart may be visible. Instead, what she found was a jungle…// I. The Jungle Within // This artwork is specifically created for the genesis series “In the shadows”, and is based on “Tale of the Blue Pear”, a multi-awarded series about a woman who has lost her heart, and enters a parallel universe, hoping to find it again. There she finds talking animals, strange characters, giant beings, superpowers, as well as her own alter egos. With subtle elements of allegory and irony, this visual story raises questions about our own lives and the never-ending quest for inner peace and happiness.



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