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Jan 6, 2022 Top 10 Picks

11 months ago

I create and photograph site-responsive sculptures in natural settings. This piece, made from mesh fabric suspended between off-camera support structures, was shot on 4×5 film in October of 2021 on the outer banks of North Carolina. Like all my work, “Tulle 034_v1” is a collaboration with nature. I constructed the installation, but the wind, light and other natural forces determined its shape, movement, and ultimately its personality. The resulting photograph is a visualization of forces we can’t normally see, and an attempt to tap nature’s raw creativity. 3000X2361, by Thomas Jackson

A mix-media piece representing my subconscious representation of our NFT present day. You have the degan, the organised overlord villain and the angels keeping order. It’s a messy landscape but as day shines and the false light upon perception shines we loop in a box, a desert wasteland.

And there I was going through another night when it struck me. I have become buried in broken dreams and let the darkness gradually isolate me from life. Keeping the pain inside for too long felt lonely but also warm, insecure yet safe. But tonight for a few tangent moments it all weirdly made sense. I had to hit rock bottom to finally get the clarity I was seeking.

In a world so numb, art can bring up feelings and emotions like nothing else. I made this piece for the viewer to feel one of many emotions, whether it’s fear, love, sadness, happiness, etc. If this makes you feel something, then it has served its purpose.

Bare, on the precipice, I stand. No past, no future. Just the moment itself, effortlessly unfolding. Vastness filled with energy that animates all. It calls to the wanderer within. So I step forth, into the unknown. Into the source of my essence. I become nothing. I become all.

For my SuperRare genesis, I decided to choose five cities around the world that helped fuel my passion for photography. The first is Dubai, a place I would’ve never dreamed to explore. Upon arrival, I met up with local photographers that I followed on the internet. We instantly bonded over good food, rooftops, and photography. After an endless search for the perfect rooftop, we found this one, a spectacular view I had never seen before. We immediately got kicked out by the building management, but I knew it would be special to witness this location at night. After multiple attempts, we finally made it. Life works in mysterious ways but one thing we cannot deny is the right to choose our own path. It can feel overwhelming at times, but with a little trust, you’ll be exactly where you’re meant to be. One road could lead to infinite opportunities..

It is the battle of two contrasting forces, ice and fire, that has shaped the primordial landscapes of Iceland over millennia. To be able to witness this eternal clash occurring in real-time is a rare privilege, and an outstanding opportunity to capture an incredible moment in the world’s violent yet breathtaking formation. I was blessed with such an opportunity in 2014 when the far-flung Highlands burst into an eruption at the site of Holuhraun. Not having shot a volcano eruption since the last event in 2010, I was thrilled to have another chance to capture the awe-inspiring fires of the earth on camera.



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