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7 months ago

James Alfie is a British artist who works and resides in Los Angeles California. Focusing on digital art and graffiti, James is inspired by psychedelic and surreal imagery. Bold shapes and colors are his main focus when creating. Over the last decade James has worked in advertising art directing for brands such as : Apple, Disney, Google, Nike, Lexus, Dell, and CocaCola.


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ORB_002 is the first in the series of paintings exploring organized chaos composed of colors and shapes exploding from inside and on top of the surface of a sphere.

Andy Khun is a part-time artist and illustrator based in Seoul, Korea.

“Huge Red B On The Street”

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<How to buy cheap Bitcoin with Ethereum> The origins of illustrator and artist Andy Kuhn’s “How to buy cheap Bitcoin with Ethereum” series can be 
traced to a 2018 solo exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. After witnessing the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Kuhn asked 
himself if the masses would be interested in an artistic take on cryptocurrency. Feeding off his own curiosity, 
Kuhn decided to do some Bitcoin drawings and exhibit them. Kuhn displayed his drawings in cheap Ikea 
frames and sold them on a daily basis, the price depending on the fluctuating supply.
Upon discovering NFTs, Kuhn joked to himself that NFTs provided the perfect format for his Bitcoin drawings. 
But the joke became more serious. He started asking himself more questions… Could his little Bitcoin scribbles 
become as valuable as Bitcoin itself? What if one of my drawings becomes more valuable than 1 BTC? 
Would that be a confirmation of the worth of collectibles, or would the whole thing be written off as yet 
another bubble or scam? Kuhn invites both collectors and art enthusiasts to have a look at his project. His 
work always starts with questions. It’s the collectors and viewers who provide the answers. 2022 will 
be a year of continuous questions and answers….

Canadian transfem artist and blender nerd.

“I Can Still Feel Your Touch”

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Healing through connection.

I create and photograph site-responsive sculptures in natural settings.

“Tulle 034_v1 🔥”

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 This piece, made from mesh fabric suspended between off-camera support structures, was shot on 4×5 film in October of 2021 on the outer banks of North Carolina. Like all my work, “Tulle 034_v1” is a collaboration with nature. I constructed 
the installation, but the wind, light and other natural forces determined its shape, movement, and 
ultimately its personality. The resulting photograph is a visualization of forces we can’t normally 
see, and an attempt to tap nature’s raw creativity. 3000X2361, by Thomas Jackson

Hi my name is Joanne Hollings I am a passionate photographer and digital Artist from New Zealand. I love to get outdoors and inspire people to appreciate the little things in life. Through my work I capture the beautiful moments in everyday life and show people theres beauty all around us if you look around.


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Part 1 of 3 in my “Self Discovery” series that revolves around how I’ve grown to be the photographer that 
I am today. “It is possible to experience an awakening in this life through realising 
just how precious each moment in time truly is.” In the last year after returning home to New Zealand from the United States, I realised that nothing 
brings me more joy than being out in nature and capturing the kind of beauty that words can’t adequately 
describe. My most recent road trip around the South Island was a defining moment in my photography 
career as I pushed my creative boundaries further. This image was taken from a magical sunrise moment 
in New Zealand, in an area of the country that often sees a lot of rain and clouds. 

Aerial Drone King from Los Angeles, California. Always seeking unique perspectives.

“City of Angels”

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Have you ever wondered what Downtown Los Angeles looks like from above? DTLA has some of recognizable 
skyscrapers and architecture. I wanted to show it in a very unique perspective. I took this photo one morning 
when I was on the way to LA when I noticed that the clouds were low enough you can see the tall buildings 
over them. I had to pull over and flew the drone up. Creating this image wasn’t easy, I had 25 minutes to take 
20+ photos covering most of DTLA and manually stitched them all together in post. I’m very happy with 
the result and I must say that morning was pretty epic.
The collector will also get a signed print.

Misshattan is a photographer based in NYC.


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For my SuperRare genesis, I decided to choose five cities around the world that helped fuel my passion for 
photography. The first is Dubai, a place I would’ve never dreamed to explore. Upon arrival, I met up with 
local photographers that I followed on the internet. We instantly bonded over good food, rooftops, and 
photography. After an endless search for the perfect rooftop, we found this one, a spectacular view I had 
never seen before. We immediately got kicked out by the building management, but I knew it would 
be special to witness this location at night. 

Fabian is a multidisciplinary artist and creative enthusiast, passionate about 3d cinematography and visual storytelling. He loves exploring the far reaches of his imagination and creating surreal worlds.


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PARADIGM is a series based on 12 unique imaginary worlds. Both strange and mysterious, and far from any civilization, these worlds are regulated by physical and natural laws which are beyond all understanding. Sometimes hostile, sometimes soothing, these worlds surprise us with their wild nature, their abstract and organic essence and take us on a journey to the other side of the mirror.

Kristen Roos is Canadian artist whose practice includes a wide range of mediums including – animation, sound, printmaking, and textiles. All of Kristen’s work on blockchain has been created with vintage software from the 1980’s & 90’s, using techniques found in this early software such as color cycling. His work is a living document of historic software, speaking to the legacy of paint and animation software for early personal computers.

Ultra Deluxe Ville

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This work takes its name from the vintage paint software that it was created with – Ultrapaint & Deluxe Paint 
(Macintosh & Amiga 1990-91). The architectural structures were inspired by Vancouver’s cityscape, where Kristen currently resides. 
The patterns found in the buildings and screens in Ultra Deluxe Ville reference historic paint patterns found 
in paint and draw software with similar user interfaces from the 1980’s and 1990’s. These patterns also inform 
Kristen’s textile work, and speak of the connection between weaving patterns, looms and the history of paint 
software for early personal computers. GIF, RGBIV+greyscale, 132 frames, 25 fps

uncanny eye candy

“Ten Stages of Grief”

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Grief is softer the second time
around. 2021


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