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A fantasy Zen garden, or as I would like to call it a ‘Happy Place’. One of the many happy places I travel to spiritually while meditating. A combination of my passions: Peace, Nature and Architecture. -Voxel Art – (made of 3D pixels/little cubes called “voxels”)

-Illuminate- Part 2 of 3 of my “Self Discovery” series that revolves around how I’ve grown to be the photographer that I am today. “You have to find what sparks the light in you, so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world” I first visited this beautiful hidden chasm back in 2020, in a time where I was in a battle with my own mind and letting the darkness control my thoughts. I spent the year of 2020 and 2021 seeking whats brings out the light in me, the spark that will bring me true happiness. I found that spark ignites brightest when I’m out in nature documenting beautiful moments in time. When I discovered that light within me, my mind started to clear and my dreams became a reality. Everything around me began to illuminate and that self belief kicked in. It was clear that if I truly believed in the beauty of my dreams, anything is possible. The chasm represents the contrast between the light and the dark and how they can coexist. The darkness helps bring further attention to the light catching the waterfall above me. We need to know the darkness before we can appreciate the light. I revisited this beautiful chasm with a new mindset at the beginning of 2022, proving that when passion meets determination everything starts to align.

Timing is everything – This photograph by Till Janz explores the moment of simultaneity and what this implies which is contingency in a fast changing universe. However Germans, like the artist himself, are more practically orientated and call it simply “Arschbombe”.
Various aspects of beauty expressed as individual brushstrokes – the elusive moments of beauty, suspended in time and space. The series consists of Renaissance-inspired brushstroke artworks from 2018-2019, when I photographed clouds in New York and Italy, and painted in those places. ~ RMOB examines the value and meaning of beauty today, as the standards of beauty change, but the classical understanding of beauty remains universal and timeless. ~ Acrylic painting / digital.⠀
Standing at the foot of a canyon I am transformed into my final form. I am a celestial, divine being commanding the attention of the universe. As a makeup artist I aspire to not compliment but to completely transform. Over the course of eight hours I altered my hair, face and skin by hand to become one with the ephemeral beauty of a desert sunset. The colors of my makeup were individually created to complement this fleeting moment and were applied by hand. Even though the makeup eventually washed off my body and the sun swiftly tucked away, this moment is now immortalized. In this work I am glorious, I am divine. Captured by Nathan Sweet on a Canon SureShot 35mm


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