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2 years ago

machine artworks – many different things built in many different ways. habitual kit misuser. shadow polymath experimentalist. his instinctive, essential, prototypical artworks have travelled the underground ether since 2001. A multi-dimensional playground for the young and old alike. Life is far too important to be taken seriously. Isn’t it wonderful ! #futureprototypelondonmodmeetspunkDIYanagentofchaosandharmonyartwildstylesgreatideasandbeautystillexistsjoininandletsseewhatswhatcheers2050fwd

“Red Automatic III”

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ABOUT – sheet glass, red oil paint, cheap gaffer tape, printed paper, petals, pollen,  the artists fingerprints. 18295  ×  26986 pixels –  151 x 213 cm – 59 x 84 inches @ 350dpi. 1/1 NFT +  fine-art giclee print on Hahnemühle cotton rag –  signed and titled by the artist. ABOUT ‘THE PORTRAIT  AUTOMATIC’ SERIES – A collection of deconstructed, gravity defying portrait sculptures – built from traditional fine-art materials and found objects collected from the streets of London, UK. Each artwork is composed and assembled directly onto my A3 scanner and captured in a single exposure in other-worldly macroscopic detail and incredible resolution. Once captured, the composition is broken down – and so exists only momentarily IRL before traversing eternally into the machine ether…

Photographer and digital artist, based in Iceland. In love with Northern landscapes, shibari and macabre.


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Anhedonia is my personal reflection on the psychological state of numbness and inability to feel pleasure, a symptom commonly known to accompany depression. Inspired by my own experience and the eponymous song by Chelsea
 Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle, it depicts a complete lockdown of one’s body and mind, the powerlessness and yet a certain calm acceptance: floating in the air, unable to move, waiting for deliverance. The image was taken on Hellisheidi mountain ridge (Iceland), in February 2021. Ropework is done by me. Model : Svala Johannsdottir

Inna Modja is a Malian-French Visual Artist & Musician. Her Photography is inspired by the work of her mentor Malick Sidibé, and West African Photographers of the 60s, like Seydou Keita and Sory Sanlé. Growing up in Bamako, she was fascinated by the natural elegance of the people in the streets, which she loves to capture in sophiscated compositions. Through her Music, a powerful Desert Blues she empowers Women. She’s a UN Ambassador & a strong figure for Social & Climate Justice.

“The Wrestler”

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“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.” – Rumi. Capturing the natural grace & strenght of The Wrestling Champion, was a joyful moment. With kids playing around in the water, the decor that i set up came to life.

Samantha Cavet is a 24 year old photographer, born in Venezuela, and currently based in Madrid, Spain. Her photography focuses on portraying the human abyss, solitude and melancholic feelings, as well as dreamy pictorial landscapes. What inspires her most to create photographs are paintings, films, and music.

“The void of reality”

Edition 1 of 1

What is reality? If something is real anyway, do we really see what we think we see?

Visual artist from Eastern Europe

“After The World, The Pale”

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The area of transition between the world and the Pale is called “porch collapse”. The “Porch Collapse” series is heavily inspired by the concept of the Pale in the world of Disco Elysium. The Pale is achromatic, odourless, and featureless, the “enemy of matter and life”. Therefore, it can only be measured through the matter that surrounds it. It is not *like* any other or *any* thing in the world. It is the transition state of being into nothingness. It is a “location without a defined location, into which one’s memories scramble with others’ and no one’s.” By the time I became familiar with the Pale I had already started working on the series, so my plan wasn’t to make a direct translation of it in photographic form. Finding out about the Pale only further solidified my idea. In a way, both the concept of the Pale and my work are ways to illustrate something that is mostly in the realm of intuition and outside of language and description.  

Street and travel photographer from London. I run a YouTube channel focusing on the enjoyment of photography as well as sharing my journey.

“Commuting In Style”

Edition 1 of 1

This photo was taken in London in January 2022. This passage is usually really busy but on one quiet mid week day, only a handful of people were there. Myself and a good friend were waiting for the right moment when I caught the lady in the red coat. I scrambled to get my camera ready and honestly thought I blew it. I didn’t check the image after I took it and what a surprise did I get when I offloaded the memory card later that day. One of my favourite moments and also having a friend with me to see it is a plus.

DaDa is a multi-disciplinary media artist that works at the intersection of interactive technology, architecture, and performing arts. By creating artworks in various forms, she explores the frameworks that shape our cognition and the experiences that manipulate our perception. Experiential by nature, her works focus on transforming the audience from passive viewers to active participants.

Becoming Space #1

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Though we are all small-scale energies that emit and receive through our sensory organs, the afferent and efferent nerve pathways, and the brain, we are not an array of algorithmic functions and logical gateways that passively process events. If we project our existence to a virtual space, it will always be in a state of forming and reforming as the space is becoming rather than being. Algorithmically driven, Becoming Space consists of three digital dynamic architecture that continuously divide and reconfigure the virtual space. At first glance, the viewer experiences a ghost-like presence inhabiting the space as the cube appears to grow, as if it is empowered by a mythical force. On closer inspection, the tangible forms reveal themselves, but not wholly identifiable as it is constantly shifting. As the first of this series of works, Becoming Space #1 attempts to depict my own existence with a spatial form reflecting the states that fluctuates between ordered and chaotic. It encourages the viewers to explore their ever-evolving energy that drives to form their space.

Stacey Ransom and Jason Mitchell create highly-detailed and visually-lush photographic and digital art scenarios and portraits.

“It Will Be Ours”

Edition 1 of 1

This was inspired by Jonas Salk’s quote. “If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” Created on a two-part set with a living dress and intricately crafted props and prosthetics. The insects were captured separately and composited into the final scene.

karan4d is a metarealist that focuses on interpreting the noosphere through digital ersatz and artificial intelligence. He has shown work at BTC Miami 2021, Art Basel 2021, Frieze London Art Fair 2021, DCentral Miami 2021, and the Shoyu Metaverse. karan4d’s work deconstructs human generated semiotics, such as text and visual art, and resynthesizes them in the form of audiovisual experiences via his set of neural networks known as FELIX.

“natural synthetics -“

Edition 1 of 1

Plotinus refused to have his portrait painted. He viewed the body as a sardonic, flawed vessel for ψυχή, a poor container for soul. He had no interest in capturing a reflection of a reflection; an image of an image.

Hello, I’m Mich, a street photographer from Cape Town. My body of work attempts to capture the honesty, vulnerability, and beauty of moments that emerge when individuals enter a state of otherness.

“A State of Otherness: Breathe”

Edition 1 of 1

Breathe – Untethered from the present his mind could finally be set free to drift off into the fog with the going of the tide. Captured in NYC. _ Through this body of work, I explore and capture the moments that emerge when individuals enter a state of otherness, where and when they find themselves in a state of being ‘in between’ within their daily lives. It is within these moments that I find pockets of honesty, vulnerability, and raw beauty which we often overlook. Moments that encourage connection and spark memories, which in turn invite the viewer to step into a shared state of otherness as well.

diewiththemostlike is a fuckable energy drink floating in a retention pond outside of a strip mall in your hometown. Create nothing. Consume everything.

“we still felt”

Edition 1 of 1

we couldn’t see most things anymore but it didn’t matter too much our purpose was obligation our eyes, dimming lanterns broadcasting morse code to hibernating insects that would never wake and illuminating flattened dune grass on a worn path to the bust of an indifferent sea drowning was preferred to our listless wading but we refused to sink
into the rot below containing things consumed from shore and the bones of our failed marriage and in that refusal,  existed in a state of perpetual loss smoothed by the teeth of restless water we suffered then like we suffered now though the dullness of its delivery often slid into our stomachs unencumbered without resistance or consideration buoyancy for our flesh that only sought sand exploding shapes were better than sunsets anyhow.


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