DS021” by @jsf

SuperRare Staff Picks, Vol. 1

Get ready for a brand new feature with some brand new people.

Feb 1, 2022 Staff Picks

Nathan Beer
2 years ago

This week marks the start of a new initiative at SuperRare Labs. Twice a month, members of our team will share some their favorite artworks on the platform. Think of this like the staff picks from your favorite, now shuttered, video rental store. Your glimpse aboard the SuperRare Labs pirate ship.

RareKoko – Director of Product

This piece has amazing visual / symbolic density. An exploration that combines elements of Monet’s Water Lilies with the political narrative of Banksy & a contemporary twist on Covid. This piece has everything.

— RareKoko

Incredible historical artifact by a new photographer on SuperRare whose catalogue is bound to be legendary. Leading with a Genesis piece of Curt Cobain should say everything you need to know about what to expect from this collection.

— RareKoko

This collaboration from Adidas x Prada is just the beginning of what will become a seminal year in Cryptoart as cultural trendsetters + major fashion houses begin adopting the medium and exploring its true potential.

— RareKoko

Keegan Ead – Data Analyst

DS021” by @jsf

058” by @ericlefaure

Tom Wu – Director of Finance

Where do I start? Methodically drawn with a single consecutive line per frame, the iconic sports moment was captured perfectly and recognizable even without colors. Show this to anyone and they’ll know who it is.

— Tom Wu


Nathan Beer and SuperRare



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