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2 years ago

Tattoo artist by day and printmaker by night. I’m living in Latvia. Passionate about vintage art and its aesthetics. I’m using a lot of different art media types starting from hand-carved linocut prints, ink drawings, digital art, filmmaking, and editing. You can check my YouTube channel for live-action. I’m highly influenced by Japanese Ukiyo-e art and vintage folk art.

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Robotics – Desires, This is a series of traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e imaginary mixed with vintage-futuristic sci-fi lasers and robotics. This is the first one of six.

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OriginⅠ 3000x3387px, Digital, 2022

Arnaud Montagard (b 1991) is a French photographer, he currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. His work focuses on American culture and his evolution, highlighting small America’s rural communities experiencing demographic changes. His work has been published in numerous magazines (The Guardian, Le Monde, Financial Times) and exhibited in different galleries & museums worldwide (International Center of Photography, FMoPA, Saatchi gallery, Photo LA).

“La Traversée”
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In 2017, I decided to leave France to start over in the US. As a kid,  I was fascinated by American artists. I really wanted to write my own story there. One of my first assignments was to capture the cityscapes of Seattle, WA.  To spice things up, I decided to board a ferry to capture views from the water.  The light was very special that day. Walking through the cabin, I noticed a man reading a newspaper. I sat behind him. The scene made me think I was in a Hopper painting. The photo was exhibited at the Saatchi gallery and published in famous newspapers.


The artist who Paint the light. Self-taught artist, I try to color my life. 2Millions followers on Facebook 600k on instagram.

“Contaminated Happiness”
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Hard times ahead of us. Between the covid and the recent international conflicts our happiness is contaminated by inhuman interference! What remains for us is to survive sunset after sunset with the hope of a better world! Like all my NFTs, the first buyer will be able to receive a real work of the same token signed by hand!

Brazilian artist and musician. At the moment, my work is an amalgamation between, 30’s cartoons, Ukyo-e prints and scifi comics.

“Usagi Udon”
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Enchanted by naruto’s spiral form, little did he know that he was close to crossing. PNG • 3508×3508 pixels


Artist, Sci-fi & the Metaverse

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Laketown – A 3D artwork, one of the first from my cityscapes series of bridges connecting between the old and the new

Living and working in New York City, Reka Nyari’s practice spans from fine art photography and videography, to elaborate installation and performance pieces. Oscillating between mischievous eroticism and wistful splendor, her work employs and explores traditional ideals of beauty and gender to portray sexuality from a predominantly female perspective. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and Museums in the United States and Europe.

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“EDEN” Edition 1 of 1 This artwork is my genesis piece on SuperRare and my first animated portrait in color.  This high-resolution video piece comes with a physical token: a 1/1 video portrait by Infinite Objects.  “Eden” is a part of my ongoing portrait series INK STORIES which explores women’s life stories and sexuality through their tattoos.  The high-resolution, slow-motion portrait of fully tattooed Charlotte plays in an infinite loop through time.  Through her tattoos, she bloomed into the person she was always meant to be.

An artist.

“De Anima”
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According to Aristotle’s treatise “De anima (on the soul)”, plants have vegetative souls; animals have sensitive souls while humans have rational souls.  Through the structured world depicted around the theory, we sought to rethink our nature and the relationship between humans and other living things. 

Crazy Creative Cartoon Character Creator

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Beauty and art has so much powers that can be tools for fighting in any issues! Special hand made artwork created for strong guardian Amazonia project for Monograma! When you have no much tools for show – you can use only imagination for bringing to life your ideas! This work include pain and hope and fightiness! I escape from Ukraine when I almost done this work on digital, but I left my computer, and start old-school way to create this really #Guardian project ? proud and Excited! Full of Energy and Hope for this Superworld! 

Madrid-based architect and 3D artist visualizes the essence of space through sensory design, gently touching the poetic depth of architectural environments through textures, materials and lights. Looking for the appropriate concept in each project, I’m interested in the way of transmitting and the way of understanding it. Shapes and materiality are especially important in my projects, the balance between materials, textures and shapes allow the maximum expression of light.

“Temple Narratives”
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Narratives project speaks of a list of ideas and practices of an evolutionary nature, whose many still free values can be the object of reinterpretation. Concepts and theories from previous contexts are recovered, to deconstruct the selected archetypes, transform them into a narrative and then reconstruct the narrative in architecture.


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