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8 months ago

Illustrator · Animator · Storyteller Rachel Ryle is a self taught & award winning artist, known for her clever & whimsical animated stories. Her portfolio includes work with Pixar, National Geographic, Universal, Marvel, Disney and many of today’s top brands. Join her in this journey of collecting her creations, and creating joy in your collections!

“Meet NFTrex!”
Edition 1 of 1
Welcome to the world your newest friend, NFTrex!  Born 3/31 @ 3:31pm, weighing 33.1 lbs, this birth marks the beginning
 of a journey into a LAN before time.  This SuperRare Genesis 1:1 is the first charming entry in a weekly  Storybook Series featuring clever scenes from a prehistoric life.  Created by Illustrator & Animator Rachel Ryle,  who puts her heart into all her work (quite literally, look for it), hand-illustrated digital cel animation using stop  motion techniques; 12 second looping film; mp4; 1080px1080px. 

Houdini FX artist exploring the boundaries of 3D. I make digital sculptures using procedural geometry and shapes found in nature.

“Serenade to Spring”
Edition 1 of 1
Serenade to Spring is a liberal 3D adaptation of the most significant pieces from Ernst Haeckel’s flower series. This piece is inspired by his unique vision and strong inimitable style. I have a deep respect and love of his art, which planted the seed of my love for organic abstraction.

Emmanuelle Vonck is a French CG artist working for advertising and design. Cinema studies in University then Photography studies at the ENS Louis Lumière in Paris revealed her passion for colors, lighting, and graphic composition. She creates pictures in which light plays an important part in the creation of atmosphere and feeling.

Edition 1 of 1
I pay great attention to symbolism, it helps me build my ideas. In this artwork, I would like to show the strength we all have inside of us. Like a Genkgo branch, the only vegetal which survived the Hiroshima nuclear attack, we have the abiltty to go on despite the turbulence.


Illustrator and graphic designer. Dude behind #FUTURODARKO comic.

Edition 1 of 1
ION LANDS Cloudpunk inspired piece. One of the most remarkable games I played lately. Created originally in 2020.

Erika Lee Sears is a self taught oil painter. Her work portrays deeply personal moments inspired by everyday objects and the landscapes that surround us everyday. You can find her art on the tv shows Portlandia and Significant Mother. She did the cover art for Lana Del Rey’s spoken word album “Violet Bent Over the Grass.” Erika is currently exhibiting in New York City. Some of her private collectors include: Anne Hathway, Ashley Longshore, Lisa Congdon and three time grammy winner Hillary Hahn.

Edition 1 of 1
Discoed. This 1/1 art is created from a series of oil paintings. The person who collects the piece will have the choice to redeem an original piece of artwork that was used to create the NFT. Once the piece has been redeemed, the original artwork will no longer be available. This piece is inspired by traveling into a parallel universe from physical oil paintings to a digital world of the unknown. 800 hand painted frames 1500 X 1500 Ultra HD 1 of 9 in Discoed Series

Art walks the rope between object and digital media, is inspired by the nature of exquisite patterns that satisfy the whim for detail and harmony of color, remains firm as a tribute to modernity that has left us as a legacy the possibility and expansion, its referents are the term expanded space in the 1960s that opens a new culture, a tool and space without limits, you see a project enraptured by it now, life in surreal spaces and decentralized spaces, the revolution of value and mutual action.

Edition 1 of 1
Vines, is the result of rhythmic movements of the patterns found in nature. It is a collection of details evident in our constantly changing universe: the details of which have been captured as a painting in a surreal digital space in VR.

Born and raised in New York City. Now living in Los Angeles. Well known for breathtaking photography that reflects his keen perspective on everyday life. He captures cinematic timepieces that make you feel like you’re living in a surreal dreamscape. Always down to climb higher and explore the unexpected, his adventurous style often gives him a unique take on the most photographed cities in the world.

Edition 1 of 1
New York City 2020, none of us expected to be where we were at the time.  The world shut down and everything was f ozen in time.  I downloaded Uber eats app registered as a driver and took my camera along for my delivery’s.  At the time it was the only way to be on the streets without getting a ticket.  (police definitely pulled me over a few times to see if I was authorized to be outside)  While delivering food in Chinatown I noticed an older couple sitting on a bench, holding hands just looking into the sky at a beautiful apocalyptic sunset.  No face mask, no emotions.  Just a blank look into the unknown.  I pulled the car over, ran across the street and positioned myself behind them.  I framed my shot held my breath and as my finger pressed down on the shutter, magic happened before my eyes.  With a single shot all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  A flock of birds entered my frame and a mysterious hooded person added that extra feeling of emotion I needed.  At that moment I knew I’ve just captured my favorite photo ever taken.  During these times, people made sacrifices  They made changes and they relied on one another to prevail.  It was as if they were ready for the end. It’s times like these when we need each other the most. 
– Till death “DO US APART” 


The artist takes forms and things that are simple and understandable to everyone, and shows them with the eyes of a naive child,not being afraid of bright colors and miraculous lines.The world through the eyes of a child through rose-colored glasses.Children are surprised at things and events that we pass by without noticing; are fascinated by colors, sounds and words in which we do not find anything special. Clients:Lexus, Inglot, SberPervyj.

“Reincarnation 1”
Edition 1 of 1
The artist takes forms and things that are simple and understandable to everyone,  and shows them with the eyes of a naive child,  not being afraid of bright colors and miraculous lines. According to the artist:  The world through the eyes of a child through rose-colored glasses.  This is a special vision of the world. Children are surprised at things and events that we pass by  without noticing; are fascinated by colors,  sounds and words in which we do not find anything special.  They have different scales, different values, different
 understanding of what is important and unimportant. 

Javier Arrés (1982 -Motril-Spain) is one of the most recognized crypto artists worldwide, pioneer and greatest Spanish exponent, winner of the London Art Biennale 2019 and the Illustrator People Choice Award Creativepool 2017 among other awards. Andalusian based in Fuerteventura is known for his hyper detailed works, his cities and intricate machines and his Visual Toys, surreal, Pop, crazy, full of neon and fantasy animate art / Gif-Art.

“Nintendo Nostalgia”
Edition 1 of 1
Visual Toy™ tribute to the Nintendo console. From Massive Console Nostalgia Collection Consoles are for my magic items that I used to enjoy very little.  My parents were against this type of entertainment, I had a clone of the Nintendo (NASA) very popular in Spain in the 80’s and they left me very little time to play, very very little.  The rest of the video game consoles and video games could only be played at friends’  houses for a while without my parents knowing.  That is why they are an object of desire for me,  something unattainable.  This work is a reconciliation with that desire, a memory and perhaps a  way to finally have those consoles, close that longing. —- In our era, nostalgia walks its own paths, consoles and video
 games being a trip to our childhood or youth.  These consoles and their most popular video games represent
 a magical place that we know well, a safe and warm place in our memory.  The artist also intends to elevate the console to a key artistic and cultural object of the late twentieth century.  This Visual Toy mixes all this with the unique style of the artist 
to create a new and unknown functioning object.  A classic Visual Toy unique to the artist with all his imaginative power.  The original big size file Mp4.  6568px 3696px will be send exclusive to the collector. 


Varkito García is a transdisciplinary artist from Dominican Republic and the web. Their work includes computer drawings, installations and audiovisuals. Founder of the experimental creators community El Cuarto Elástico.

“Back To You ⤽”
Edition 1 of 1
ੱ ੰ ཽ Back To You ⤽ is a color cycle animated GIF from 2022. “El río va al
mar, y el mar no se llena; al lugar de
donde el río vino, allí torna para correr de nuevo.” ੱ ੰ ཽ Artwork information: 1596x13565pixels 7 colors Varkito García 2022



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