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Your weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
8 months ago
Your weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
I am a multimedia artist. My work includes themes of life and death and everything in between.
Who Are You Today?
Edition 1 of 1
Constantly changing based on new
information and experiences, I am not
the same person I was yesterday.
Digital painting I created in 2021

A photographer wandering in cities all over the world.

Hong Kong #4
Edition 1 of 1
I’ve been exploring cities by night for
years. I love shooting late at night.
People are sleeping, making these
hours vanish, I embrace them.


Untitled (Face)
Edition 1 of 1

Laser installation artists / photographer. #NotARender

Cataclysmic Variable
Edition 1 of 1
Laser art created in LaserLewDude’s closet using lasers, glass and mirrors.
Not a render. Setup details: •1W Lasercube x2 coming from above, being reflected off a 1st 
surface mirror behind the centerpiece shining through the centerpiece (gold fans) •1W Lasercube x1 going through bumpy glass (Lumia) 
refocused by a 3″ glass ball for magenta zig-zag 
background Single beam modules used:
•488nm (pretty blue) x2 •495nm (cyan) x2 •638nm (red) x1 •488nm through 
star field diffraction grating for background All mirrors are 1st surface mirrors 
salvaged from rear projections TVs.
Dielectric glass from IG @2waymirrors 3 glass balls in series in between 2 
crystal hexagonal pillars and 2 glass bookends

İlker Karaman is a street photographer, mostly known with his high contrast street photography and self-portrait photography works. He was the winner of Lensculture Street Photography. His works were exhibited in several international photography festivals. He was a jury member of Italian Street Photography Festival and Istanbul Street Photography Festival in 2020.

In Pursuit of Myself – Reflections
Edition 1 of 1
About “In Pursuit of Myself” Examining oneself to find out who 
you are is one of the oldest pursuits for us human beings. 
My character and my knowledge are shaped by the environment 
that I live in, and my photographic practice incorporates 
codes from my understanding of this life. 
I am trying to discover myself in my photos. 
In this series, I tried to make myself visible
 in each frame to emphasize my research into understanding who I am. 
We are not accustomed to seeing a photographer in photographs. 
I realized that if the photographer places himself within the 
photo in a smart way, this creates a visual puzzle, 
inviting viewers to ask, “How?”. 
With this question in mind, each photograph becomes 
more interesting and eye-catching. To be aware of visual beauty 
around us is not so easy for us in the modern world. 
We live in hurry and want to be faster to fulfill 
our responsibilities, and then there is no time 
left to discover our environment. 
All the photographs in this series were 
taken as a single shot, there is not any 
use of manipulation or double exposure techniques. 
About Photograph; This photo was taken in
 Ankara, Turkey in 2018. Size: 3000×4500 pixels


Edition 1 of 1
Vrindavan, India / Holi Festival / 17
March 2022 / 8:20 am As the mass
reached a peak in density, my
attention was suddenly drawn
towards a man wearing a bright yellow
t-shirt. His warm energy appeared to
protect everyone around him. I
realized then that I had found The

Jens has created art for a who’s who of Swedish artists including Swedish House Mafia, Axwell/\Ingrosso, Axwell and his label Axtone alongside Swedish global superbrands including Volvo and a well know furniture outlet. Jens Grönberg, started his digital art journey when his dad bought him a Spectrum ZX in 1985 but flourished with the arrival of the Commodore 64.

Two Faces
Edition 1 of 1
Floating and rotating geometric
shapes appear at a supermarket
parking lot in Ystad, Sweden. Part of
the FACELIFTS collection. Inspired by
childhood memories of an active
imagination running wild whenever
faced with everyday occurrences in
rural Sweden. Facelifts features a trio
of pieces that are as tranquil as they
are surreal.

Hey! I’m Damián, and I’m a Creator for impact. I use art to create positive narratives that lead to healing social and ecological environments through empathic visual storytelling using #photography, installation, #videoart, #artdirection, and education. I’ve exhibited at the Art Museum of the Americas, the Frost Museum, , MMCA Goyang Residency, le Carrousel du Louvre, and New York at Tambaran gallery.

Fire at Heart
Edition 1 of 1
Fire at Heart is a moving reimagination of the balance 
between power and compassion. 
The image was inspired by the strong women who 
have forged how I look at governance. 
Fire at Heart is a symbolic representation 
of the necessary values for creating symbiotic 
structures of power: nourishment, empathy, emotional strength, 
and mutual procurement of wellbeing.
Fire at Heart was created by combining photography, 
makeup and set design. A printed version of 
this image has been exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal

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The Bag
Edition 1 of 1
Not a mirror, but it does reflect.

Digital Artist

The Old Fashioned
Edition 1 of 1
The Old Fashioned 1 sugar cube or 1
spoon of simple syrup 2 dashes
Angostura bitter 2 ounces rye
Garnish with an Orange twist or
maraschino cherry 1. Muddle sugar
cube and bitters with a splash of
water in a rocks glass. 2. Add rye and
stir. 3. Add one large ice cube and stir
until chilled. Garnish with an orange
twist or maraschino cherry.



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