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Apr 22, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

1 year ago

Harry Jow is an Animation Artist based in Indonesia. He has his own unique style and has a thing for thriller, mystery, sci-fi, and horror theme.

Teenagers from Mars
Edition 1 of 1
In the year of 2666, humans have found a way to survive on the red planet. 
There, they are still doing terraform process by blowing up nuclear bombs as many as possible. 
Unexpectedly, they find a treasure in the underground of the red planet. 
And to be able to take it, they need a lot of human resources. 
So, they have a plan to take the teenagers on Earth to help them find the treasure. 
Earth is already too messed up! 
For that reason they offer a bright future on the red planet. 
But the future isn’t always bright. 
After arriving there, Mars is still like hell and 
the teenagers will only be enslaved. Some teenagers are forced to follow all their orders. 
And some teenagers escape to a town called 
Solis Planum, a dead city with giant skull monuments and blood-red rivers. 
That’s where the teenagers hide, commit suicide, 
have fun and plan for their revenge.

Aerial Photographer and Fire-fighter based in Australia. I have a strong passion for combing the unique composition of drone photography with textures of the ocean.

Majestic Voyage
Edition 1 of 1
In life, we are not often granted moments that stop you in your place, 
to admire the beauty of what you’re seeing. 
It’s been said that humans and whales have strong 
similarities which is why we develop lasting 
connections viewing these pinnacles of the ocean. 
Humpbacks make one of the longest animal 
migrations known to man, and they do so without 
fail every single year. In the summertime, the
 humpbacks gather down south in the chilly Arctic
 waters, where they feed plentifully on krill.
 This is their feeding season and readies
 them for the journey ahead to give birth.
Each year, I travel 2 hours to the ocean in the
 hope of witnessing them travel up the Pacific 
during their northern migration along the coastline. 
On this occasion, I spotted what appeared to be
 a small pod of humpbacks, several kilometres 
out to sea. I hastily launched my drone out
 towards the sprays and was left completely 
speechless by what I was witnessing. 
A pod of 5 whales gracefully travelling as one,
 in the clearest waters of the deep that I had
 ever filmed. All the years of patiently waiting 
had culminated into this one moment, as the
 leader of the pod came up for a single breath
 of fresh air, before diving into the depths below. 
When I flew the drone back, I was numb with
 satisfaction from the footage I had captured.
 A truly surreal moment to be fully immersed i
n the beauty of nature. Due to the 50 mb upload
 limit of SR, the full 4K 124 mb file will
 be delivered to the collector on 
a separate file sharing service

Born in NYC in the 1940’s, Lawrence has lived through & documented the evolution of life(styles) in the city. Wanting to build upon his psychedelic experiences in the East Village in ’67, he bought a camera in ’73 & began using infrared film & crystalline filters to create new perspectives on the American landscape. After completing the iconic project in ’86, he stored the work for nearly four decades. By releasing them now, he hopes to inspire new analog awareness within digital culture.

Heavenly Chords
Edition 1 of 1
The speed of light slows to the speed of sound. 
As the energy expands over time, the blue aura
 thickens, becoming the site for the celestial 
archetypes of Heaven. In this psychedelic 
tableau of Heavenly Harmony, a female 
angel and her twin generate mesmerizing 
prismatic sound waves. The black triangular 
center echoes the black void of the Cosmic Golden 
Egg as a complete example of energy regeneration.
This visionary experimental series — fusing 
analog and digital mediums — focuses on singular 
images which cross multiple structural, 
chromatic, and psychic planes of attunement. 
By digitally folding and unfolding the image, 
the process allows viewers the opportunity to 
have deeper and more refined optical experiences 
of Nature and urban architecture as sacred 
realities. The auratic colors, emergence of 
meditative geometry, and crystalized primal 
vibrations may help open the viewer’s “third eye” 
by uncovering a living connection between 
consciousness and waves of complex solar energies. This digital fold was chosen to explore and expand
 Lawrence Horn’s analog archive, referenced 
on the blockchain as The Digital Archive,
 accessible via

My name is Artur Falcao. I’m a visual artist based in Florianópolis, an island full of tales and stories in which I mix aspects of my day and Graffiti to generate my artistic style. My references applied to my art come from my experience, sensitivity and analysis of emotional, musical and analytical aspects. I like to bring the observer of my work on a unique journey full of references and insights.

Lucid dreams
Edition 1 of 1
A restless mind that at times tries to
disconnect from the world, Fruit of
peace and chaos linked to a unique
state of consciousness, where
everything is alive and fully energized.
Possibilities open up a unique
universe, captured entirely by our
feelings and experiences.

I’m a Miami-born, animator, illustrator, and director. My work is typically character-driven with a touch of whimsey.

Edition 1 of 1
Finally seen but she was always there.

Pieter Schoolwerth explores and experiments with the effects of generalized abstraction on representations of the human form.

Swetaverse (Model for Rigged #9)
Edition 1 of 1
Pieter Schoolwerth employed CGI for
the imagery of his new paintings from
the series ‘Rigged’, shown at
Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin and
Petzel Gallery, New York, 2022.

Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based 3d artist with a surreal futurist aesthetic. Her work fuses vibrant palettes with ethereal undertones, creating dreamlike experiences across various forms of media. She has collaborated with Adidas, Complex, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Lil Nas X & more.

Edition 1 of 1
An eternal bloom, a flourish
throughout time. An abstract
interpretation of my holistic
relationship with managing panic
disorder, finding peace throughout the
moments of hazy chaos.

Edition 1 of 1
This short film with free interpretation
celebrates all the feelings we had in
the past of our lives and we still
haven’t found the right words to
describe them.

Jacqueline ‘Jisu’ Choe is a young Korean-American artist who draws upon her past as a highschool dropout and young internet star. Her independent work combines dark pop culture themes with sophisticated digital painting technique and has won her awards within the contemporary art space (Beautiful Bizarre Magazine – Digital Category 2021) and has exhibited in physical and digital galleries (Haven Gallery, MoCDA)

Edition 1 of 1
A celebration of the beautiful herb
that is known as weed. I wanted to
portray Marijuana in a beautiful light,
unlike how society sees it. I took
inspiration from fine artists like Klimt
and Van Gogh and combined it with
contemporary taste to create a fine
“weed art”. Art is my therapy– just like
weed– and I hope to have captured
the tranquil solace I myself and many
others find in celebrating its beautiful

The Original Diet Soda ™

Hazy Afternoon
Edition 1 of 1
Round and round the pot goes. Don’t
blink long, this bong grows.



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