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Apr 29, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

7 months ago

I am a Japanese Exquisite workers artist who loves pen drawing.

“#495 Journey of Automatism, SUPER REAL EDITION #493-504 2D”
Edition 1 of 1
We are excited to have on board Hirofumi Ito fom Japan, whose work for the Super Real Edition on SuperRare  is inspired by JOAN MIRÓ: “We are driven by automatism to an unknown universe.  We do not care what happens to our bodies and minds,  because the path we are taking is constructed by automatism.  In some distant place, we will finally be connected  with the creatures and inanimate objects created by the great Surrealists. At that very moment, we ourselves will become part of the “exquisite corpse.”


Multidisciplinary artist, 1988.

Edition 1 of 1
D Series – crypto evolution. #1 – The D  series is the result of a deep research of  the artist conducted on techniques and colour.  The main topic of the research is that of a universal applicability of colour on any support, from canvas and cardboard to the plain street. The success of the D series is also  confirmed by the bright success of works that, we can define properly urban, independent,
unconventional and absolutely unique, mirror of the polyhedral poetic painting of Difilippo.  In the last pieces of the D series, currently in processing and continuous development, the studied chromatic stratification is combined with an improvised composition, as in jazz. Inspired by lichens. 

Alberto Oliveira is multiciplinary artist from Brazil who develops works from approximations between painting and photography field.

Edition 1 of 1
The artwork Ether has been relevant to me along these decades of production because it is the genesis of my digital creation process. It was conceived in 2004 in a hybrid process between analog photography and digital painting elements. My fascination with transcendental ideas are some recurring signs in the repertoire that drive my production, so this art brings the idea of the search for the sublime, a reconnection with the divine represented here as a boy in an etheric environment, in an act of pranic breathing.

Artist, technologist, activist Founder, Drue Kataoka Art Studios

“Vitruvian Woman”
Edition 1 of 1
Water is Silence in Gold Octaves, pressed in waves, Waves reforge a breath — The circle The square The storm Wait on Time bending a A flutter-tongued flat surface that would be too easy as reversal is memory unwound Behold A Vitruvian Woman in gold, She leaves a multiverse of mirrors and Manifold moons in her wake Her shadow in the sky, she writes her path in sun script Long live The Vitruvian Women of this #GoldenAge 

Award-winning New Media Artist / Designer / Researcher. Los Angeles Based / Born and raised in Suzhou 苏州, China

Edition 1 of 1
Astro::CityJungle07 (2022) is part of Astro immersive audiovisual series that unfolds the earth through the lens of an intelligent being in outer space to raise the question of ‘why explore space’. As the alien rotates the lens to zoom in and out, the journey of observation brings the multi-scale
discoveries of the city jungle on earth with artistic imagination. This work is created using an algorithmic approach combining data visualization of cityscape and machine learning generative visuals. This artwork is part of SuperRare’s #TheGoldStandard exhibition featuring artists of Asian American Pacific Islander heritage in celebration of AAPI month.

Visual Artist

Edition 1 of 1
Beyond what we can see.

Internationally exhibiting research-based artist working at the intersection of art, science & technology. Always wondering, thinking through making.

“Shapes and Ladders: Battles of Bias & Bureaucracy (server room)”
Edition 1 of 1
This is an original artwork depicting the entirety of a level from “Shapes and Ladders: Battles of Bias & Bureaucracy,” a new media work first premiered and shown
at the 2021 Venice Biennale. It is the first time any part of this game has been released as a NFT. The image is 5883 × 930 full color illustration of the server room in the game. Shapes and Ladders is a video game that shows how systemic racism and sexism can exist in the workplace. Set in the metaphor of a career ladder, players attempt to navigate through
an office building rife with challenges. This work was designed to allow players to cultivate empathy through a first person
simulation of structural inequality, with the hope that these insights can inspire players to spark change in real life. You can play
the full game on  This artwork is part of SuperRare’s #TheGoldStandard exhibition featuring artists of Asian American Pacific Islander heritage in celebration of AAPI month.

Polish ex-biathlonist turned into a sports photographer. A Women’s rights activist. A creator of three editions of the charity project called sports calendar focused on the athlete’s silhouettes depending on the sports types. A WWF volunteer and charity events creator. She has been featured in Vogue, New York Post, Women’s Health, Playboy, Ask Man, Men’s Health, Glamour and other prestigious media worldwide.

Edition 1 of 1
HÏBERNATÏON Her power in hibernation, wakens to an icy blue. Viper moves in shivers, when melting icy dew. The Hïbernatïon piece was inspired
by the mythological Minoan Snake Goddess, who was one of the Minoan divinities associated
closely with the snake cult. She is called also Household Goddess due to her attribute of the snake, which is connected with the welfare of the Minoan household and symbolises the aspect of reign. It is also believed that the priestesses entered a trance after being bitten by snakes. The symbol and spirit of
the Minoan Snake Goddess taken from Greek mythology have many different aspects. The snake had a protective and beneficial role on the shield of Athena; it represented the chthonic power connected with the  Goddess of Earth; it was the attribute of Asclepius, probably due to its knowledge of the herb of rebirth, resurrection and eternal youth, and generally, it was
the symbol of superhuman power of the god. 

Graffiti master Malakkai creates expressive characters with a touch of melancholy and dumb humour. Leading artist at Exquisite Workers.

“#502 El Muso Inquietante, SUPER REAL EDITION #493-504 2D”
Edition 1 of 1
We are excited to have on board Isaac Malakkai from Spain, whose work for the Super Real Edition is inspired by GIORGIO DE CHIRICO: “The disturbing, passive, and still mushroom, yet changing and challenging, on its old pedestal, looking at the cloudy horizon, makes you reflect, makes you nervous, never answers you, look at it there, always pretending to leave, the disturbing mushroom.”


Visual stories, elaborate and vibrant. Dreams and nightmares being fed into a caleidoscope vision, creating worlds of frightful wonder.

“Wild Ride”
Edition 1 of 1
The surface seems calm, composed. Reassuring even. But underneath there’s a fire, an essence, a knowledge of something more sinister. Technological advancement sometimes comes with a price, a trade-off. Vague promises, shady dealings. Betterment and downfall all rolled into one. Who are they?Where are they going?Perhaps, as the miles roll off in the distance, some clarity will emerge.  


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