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May 4, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

7 months ago

ūüÖĽūüÖĺūüÜāūüÜÉ ūüÖłūüÖĹ ūüÖį ūüÖ≥ūüÖįūüÜąūüÖ≥ūüÜĀūüÖīūüÖįūüÖľ Ann is a traditional & digital artist based in Mexico City. Her work is characterized by surreal, colorful compositions that explore themes of identity, womanhood and human nature. After studying Visual Arts in Berlin and Melbourne, she moved to Mexico, where she completed her training as a tattooist and found her second home. Ann has been working as a Freelance Artist ever since, developing creative projects in Berlin, Melbourne, Bali, Oaxaca and Mexico City.

‚ÄúThe Nightsong‚ÄĚ

Edition 1 of 1

I used to have night terrors in my 20s, startled from sleep by the idea of death. 
When we are awake, our brain shields us from our mortal truth by refusing to link our self with it. 
Death is something that happens to others, not to us. 
Waking up too quickly for this primal mechanism to kick in left me to staring right at my own mortality. Things have gotten easier since then. The night terrors eventually wore off, but death keeps teasing me. 
It’s the bad joke at a party you’re trying to laugh off, but it follows you home and pesters you. The bittersweet ending to that long awaited holiday, the bad cherry on top of your cake. 
I keep asking myself. What to do when there’s no stopping a train you’re already on? And I keep telling myself. 
Hold on tightly, let go lightly. Hold on tightly, let go lightly. Hold on tightly, let go lightly.

Min Shi is a Los Angeles based artist with professional experience in films, tv, music videos, game industry. Her clients include Marvel Studios, HBO, Netflix, Disney, Riot…Min lives for creativity, she enjoys an intimate connection with the world around her, drawing inspiration from unexpected places, her work reflecting this in its diversity and attention to detail. The projects Min worked on: Mulan, Captain Marvel, Mindhunter, The Politician, His Dark Materials, The Swamp…


Edition 1 of 1

This artwork is the #04 of the Women In Motion Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. 
Curated by Motion Plus Design. For more info, click on the link below: | ARTWORK DESCRIPTION > 
When Coda implants this time machine into her body, she realizes she’s able to split her identities, find her lost time. 
Addicted to this new found power, Coda rebuilds her image, finds new aspirations and escapes from reality. 
If given the choice would you do the same thing? 
| WOMEN IN MOTION COLLECTION > 20 female artists, 20 unique artworks, each paired with 1 unique Motion Plus Design display case. | 
THE PHYSICAL TOKEN > The first buyer will receive the Motion Plus Design display case (24x32x7,5 cm / 9,4×12,5×3 inches), 
entirely handmade in Paris (France) by local printers and craftsmen which makes it a unique piece. Inside, there is a unique vertical screen 
(13,5×21,5 cm / 5,3×8,4 inches) displaying the NFT in loop (no sound) that can be detached,
 hung on a wall or exposed thanks to an easel, a booklet presenting the artist and her artwork, a metallic laser engraved certificate of authenticity and a special surprise for the collector. 
The¬†first¬†buyer¬†should¬†contact¬†Motion¬†Plus¬†Design¬†(within¬†the¬†6¬†months¬†after¬†the¬†sale)¬†at¬†[email protected]¬†so¬†they¬†can¬†launch¬†the¬†process¬†to¬†identify¬†him/her¬†as¬†the¬†real¬†buyer.¬†
In the event that the first collector does not claim the physical token within 6 months after the sale, the physical token will revert to Motion Plus Design. 
The delivery time of the case is usually 2/3 weeks from the moment Motion Plus Design got the buyer’s postal address or P.O Box (if the buyer wishes to remain anonymous). 
The case will be sent with a tracking number and shipment against signature. Packaging and worldwide delivery costs will be covered by Motion Plus Design. 
WARRANTY > The guarantee of the screen is one year from reception by the collector. | NOTES > Even after its purchase, this NFT can be exhibited at any event Motion Plus Design will be involved in. | 
Please discover the Min Shi’s unique case (Serial number 2022WIM00976576701674) here:

Artist + Resident Degen

‚Äú21st Century Rage‚ÄĚ

Edition 1 of 1

broke my brain doing mental

Mike Szpot aka illkoncept is a New York City based artist who specializes in documentary, street, and urban photography. Mike is a storyteller whose work evocatively sheds light on beauty in the mundane and fleeting moments often overlooked by others. Routinely walking miles on end combing the streets, ill captures scenes resembling a surrealistic movie. A sense of nostalgia also emanates from his art influenced by an older, grittier New York. View his links here ‚Äď>


Edition 1 of 1

This image was shot in Chicago, IL entirely in-camera by using the reflective glass bottom of a skybridge. 
Illusions is a series that provokes viewers to slow down, think outside the box, and question the way they look at things. 
All of us ultimately live in an illusion where our perspective determines our reality, and no two realities are the same. 
Using reflections of glass and puddles, this series creates candid optical illusions around urban settings that leave viewers questioning which direction is even right-side up.

Lorenzo Quinn is a leading figurative sculptor whose work is inspired by masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin. Exhibited internationally, his monumental public art and smaller, more intimate pieces transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions. He is best known for expressive recreations of human hands. ‚ÄėThe hand has been the basis for humanity‚Äôs evolution and holds the power to communicate, to give, to receive, to love, to hate, to create and to destroy‚Äô.

‚ÄúSupport Ukraine¬†ūüáļūüᶬ†Particle #1‚ÄĚ

Edition 1 of 1

Lorenzo Quinn who has always felt the need to promote universal peace and dialogue.
In an effort to demonstrate that actions are louder than words, the Artist will donated the totality of the profits of this NFT sale to three charities all of whom are doing instrumental work to support civilians and medics;
The Ukrainian Red Cross Society, Nova Ukraine and Sunflower for Peace.
Each NFT represents the value of the individual contributions made to fight for peace via unique dust particles, adding to the collections rarity.

Non-award winning visual artist.


Edition 1 of 1

In the nature of things, I must soon
lose sight of this sense of constant
metamorphosis whose limits bound
our human life. -Resolution: 11730 √ó
9300 px

as a fine artist, I visualize and cultivate stories of wonder and chaos through layered color, breathy line-work and distinctive illustrations. inspired by all the words I couldn’t say, anything that made me feel less that what I thought I was worth. a black man looking for his moment to cry, cracking the generational wall of trauma. the key I wanted to make me whole. I use my abstracts to dramatize everyday feelings as the stories dance over the line of reality. the fine freedom of emotion.

‚Äúlost at sea‚ÄĚ

Edition 1 of 1

simple animation of a 36 x 48 in traditional abstract acrylic painting. made to help cope with the feeling of rowing endlessly.

‚ô• 3rd world artist ‚ô• Subtle psychedelia and abundance rituals I have nothing but questions


Edition 1 of 1

‚úŅ the way out is through ‚úŅ

Diela Maharanie, is an illustrator and visual artist, based in Indonesia. Whose works mostly bright and colorful filled with vibrant patterns of super saturated hues but also hint a mystery for the character. Diela Maharanie’s colors and patterns comes across in dreamy illustrations and ethereal imagery.

‚ÄúThe Founding Mothers‚ÄĚ

Edition 1 of 1

‚ú¶ The Founding Mothers ‚ú¶ Women
is the foundation of a family, a society,
and even a nation, for that reasons we
need to invest on women’s better
education and health and give equal
opportunities as men do. happy
international women’s day © diela
maharanie 2022


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