Dream Machine 1 (Coke) by Jojo Anavim on SuperRare

Rare Art: “Dream Machine 1 (Coke)” by Jojo Anavim

May 5, 2022 Artist Conversations

2 years ago

Capitalism has all but banished us to a hellscape that only billionaires can escape via personal space rocket, which is why Jojo Anavim’s “Dream Machine 1 (Coke)” couldn’t have come at a better time. The Coke dispenser floating through earth’s orbit is playful, comical, and just the right amount of serious. The earth, as seen through space, exhibits constellation-like structures illuminated with a warm, orange glow. Lights of civilization or raging forest fires? Could be both. “I wanted to create an NFT that was an organic evolution of my paintings,” Jojo told SuperRare. “I’m classically trained as a video FX / graphic artist and it’s exciting to come back to my roots. Between my fascination with outer space, which is also a recurring theme in my artwork, and the first work of art I ever saw–Warhol’s Coke Bottle paintings–the resulting work is not only nostalgic but also deeply personal.” 

Staring at the revolving soda machine, one can’t help but feel a sense of calm and whimsy that reminds them how yummy that caramel-colored, fizzy drink is, especially over ice. “I love the brand identity (and the taste),” Jojo said. “Hate the calories,” he added.

Dream Machine 1 (Coke) by Jojo Anavim on SuperRare

The artwork is both silly and surreal, ready for enjoyment. “My dream has always been to create sculptures that are larger than life,” Jojo said. “The context of a comically massive vending machine orbiting the earth allowed me to realize a visual which would otherwise be impossible to create in the physical world.”  The machine spins, the lights go out, and the dark side of the machine shows its woeful belly to the observer before the animation snaps back to the beginning. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy Anavim’s never-ending cycle of that crisp, cold flavor of escapism that is just a few bucks away.

About the Artist

NYC artist Jojo Anavim’s works are part of permanent collections in museums and hotels around the globe, including Coca-Cola Archives Museum, Atlanta, GA; New York Yankees Collection, and Dream Hotels, NY. In 2020 he was selected by Christie’s Auction House to create a unique artwork for the 2020 US Presidential election. Anavim is recognized for his notable collectors including Seth McFarlane and Selena Gomez, and has been covered by global press including The New York Times, and Forbes.



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