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May 6, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

2 months ago

Capturing fragments of time, visualising emotions and trying to make the world stop for a minute.

“The carefree days of summer”
Edition 1 of 1
wanted to recreate one of my child memories and invite you to relive it with me. Visuals and music by me 2022, 3D animation  

I’m a surrealistic photographer who builds worlds & characters by hand and sometimes partakes in a little trespassing to create fantastical images.

“The Old Man And The Sea”
Edition 1 of 1
took this image during the last stage of sunrise at Hampton Beach, NH (USA) in May 2022. The sun was rising to the left and created this perfect half/half gradient. The water was so cold. had driven an hour with my car stuffed with tons of random props to affix to the chair. My boyfriend was kind enough to, for the millionth time, be my model.  

Visual storyteller Black aesthetic , speaking a universal language whilst communicating my message. Immersive/Interactive exhibition @artechouse

“Titanium Shanti”
Edition 1 of 1
Afro Goddess with powerful force that helps rebuild consciousness within the Metaverse. Winning bidder will receive download link to 4k version* (3072px 3072px)  

An artist using self-portrature, visual effects, machine learning and humor to bring attention to (and laught at) the human condition.

“Cutting Observations”
Edition 1 of 1
The best ego defense, is good witty offense. 1000×1000 108 frames  

Designer / Animator My work is mainly focused on the research of bridges between digital and analog through animation.

Edition 1 of 1
This piece was inspired by the tubular steel objects from modernist furniture design. It was made to express the way an object takes place in space, and the feeling that it gives to the one who sees it, beyond the visible.

Cyber_YuYu 劉·昱良 is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary visual artist. Originally from Taiwan, Yu only started discovering his own ways of expression after his relocation to the German capital in 2015.

The Swing ?
Edition 1 of 1
Discovering one’s self is journey through heaven and hell – A turbulent storm of memories and emotions. Fear holds me bound to others’ expectations. But if all that guides my life is doubt… Do ever get to truly exist? Fuck it. seize my moment. did what I’ve been told, yet never felt more alive than feel now. Fuck it. seize my moment – to seize my life. To be the best of whatever be. 

lphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer. Sought to challenge the norms of our society, Diallo immerses herself in the realm of anthropology, mythology, religion, science and martial arts to release her mind. Her work takes her to far remote areas, as she insists on spending intimate time with her subjects to better able represent their most innate energy “I treat my process as if it were an adventure liberating a new protagonist”

“The power of the soul”
Edition 1 of 1
Photography is tool to express my understanding of perception. So started to ask myself, what is wrong with our visions? What is makes us so disconnected from nature and from our humanity? Why our visions is so limited to one culture perspective? Why black women stories are not been told or bury? What is the definition of male gaze and female gaze? How can we open new conversation within the art world and photography world? We are experiencing huge shift in consciousness when we start to look inside of us and recognize that we have been limited to see different point of views, stories, believes and realities. Through my collages, explored different cultures, rituals and blend them with my own work of photography to find our universal connection .

YIN is a chinese visual artist who has been creating 3d artwork since 2020.

“Young Love”
Edition 1 of 1
Young Love you are hill, I want the roses. I wrapped myself into present so could fall onto your body.  

Cameroonian native with roots in NYC & London with an artistic focus on finding beauty in the mundane.

“Floating Castle”
Edition 1 of 1
Floating Castle was captured in Bled, Slovenia. remember driving from Hallstatt, Austria to Bled and staying total of 18 hours in the city of Bled. We started taking photos as soon as we arrived as we had exactly hours from the time of arrival until we lost day light. Within that hour period, captured of my favorite photographs ever. Floating Castle is one of those photographs, and it is the last image took that day. lot of artists prefer Golden Hour whilst creating images like these, but not me. From purely aesthetic standpoint, like the subtleness of lights you get from buildings during Blue Hour, not just because they symbolize the end of long day for lot of people, but also the natural blue tint that arises from long exposure images during Blue Hour is not reproducible in post processing. From technical standpoint, the pressure reaches crescendo during Blue Hour that tests preparedness and intent in way that requires complete redo with the slightest mistake. The ability to reproduce exactly what you see and how you see it, is how “Floating Castle” was created.

13 years working as a digital artist. Clients inc. Lucasfilm, Marvel, Amazon Prime Video, Middle-earth Enterprises.

“The Futurist”
Edition 1 of 1
The Futurist draws from literature around the turn of the 20th century, the dawn of invention; centering on an eccentric inventor who has dedicated his entire existence to finding the keys to unlock the secrets of our universe. 


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