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May 18, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

1 year ago

Phil is street photographer based in Chicago. His work focuses on low-light and cinematic moments, often highlighting isolated figures.  


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A celestial body falls endlessly through a wormhole, suspended in space and time. ‘Spectra’ is part of an ongoing exploration of shape and color. 
It draws from the mysteries of space which is a huge inspiration. When I think of the universe, it carries me to the wondrous places I wish I could visit. 


“About Zero”

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I’m thinking about 0, about the middle and the whole. I’m thinking about the beginning and the end, about the tip and the bottom. Actually I’m not thinking, I’m a being who imagines thinking. Being? I don’t imagine. I imagine that I imagine. I’m nothing and everything. We are nothing and everything. Probably (probably not), we are nothing which can shelter everything.

Erica Reiling is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City who lives by the credo that Art’s purpose is to bring enlightenment and healing to the world. She is the artist and founder of CryptoVenus, a 10,000-piece NFT project that explores the beauty found in self-love and following the divine pull of one’s intuition.


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The goddess observes the world around her, full of love and unafraid. Hand-painted collage of oil on paper and acrylic on canvas. Completed February 2022.

I like to paint monsters.

“Ego Death”

Edition 1 of 1

“Ego Death” represents the mystical experience of transcending the human ego.
In this animation, the Grim Reaper has gained enlightenment while well known creatures from my past paintings watch in astonishment from behind.
The raw materials of this animation were created from my 2013 painting of the same name.
It was also the centerpiece and title of an epic solo show I had at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica,
CA where I turned the whole gallery into a funeral parlor for a “funeral for the ego”.
Complete with funeral goers, a funeral procession,
a weeping widow and an undertaker who read a eulogy while my character “Black Magick”
(who represented the ego) was lying in a nearby coffin, the whole affair (as well as one of the biggest synchronicities of my life involving the painting)
was captured in Mike Correll’s 2016 documentary about me entitled “Chet Zar: I Like To Paint Monsters”. Original “Ego Death” painting specs: 36×48″,
oil on canvas with custom bronze frame corners. Animation (1400x2000px) and audio created by me in Adobe After Effects and Logic Pro X. 


Welcome to Pop Wonder World.

“You Will Be Great”

Edition 1 of 1

The view may be obscured from your
current position. Seek out proper
guidance and it will become clear.
That part is up to you. Pop Wonder –
SuperRare 2022 4080 x 4080 pixels
// 300 DPI // PNG

Post internet pink magic realism like Gabriel Garcia Marquez if he was an e girl 🦄

“The Inmaterial: The only way is through”

Edition 1 of 1

The Inmaterial part 2: One day I asked myself. If I were to draw the internet, how would it look like? 
The idea of the metaverse has two faces, on one side it’s a big business with lots of bidders interested in owning a premonitory virtual space, where we all spend most of our time. 
And on the other side it’s fantasy, an unbearable poetry about our virtual experience. 
Many of us find refuge and understand more of who we are, 
thanks to our virtual friends. 
We see hope in a new Web, where decentralization brings us closer to each other and big companies go to sleep. 
This way, the metaverse presents itself as a place I’ve never been to, but remember vividly. In this series of drawings, I present you those memories. And you. Do you ever have memories of laces you never visited?

2D & 3D landscape artist. Creator of Stellar Views. Always learning..trying i at least. Gradient obsessed.

“Relaxing View”

Edition 1 of 1

There is a time when you need to lay
down and relax… 4000x3255px
Stellar Views Series by Sergeposters |

Photographer that lances freely


Edition 1 of 1

May 2020: The warm air held the promise of a lively summer, yet New Yorkers were feeling worn down from a springtime of separation and loss. Enter isolation cycles – symmetrical shapes chalked onto the grass of Domino Park. 
These circles allowed park goers to soak up the sunshine while also staying distanced. 
Though the concept of these circles felt like a simple solution to enjoy summer safely, they were juxtaposed against the background of a reeling city. 
8 feet in diameter and 6 feet apart, social distance circles became the center of a citywide debate – effective and innovative, or unnecessary and pointless?

Artist and director creating visionary worlds around contemporary cultural themes.

“528 Hz”

Edition 1 of 1

Tune into the frequency.

Based in Tokyo. From a primitive perspective, explores perceptual experiences of essential nature through attempts to concisely capture the data and facts behind phenomena and shapes, emphasize them, and complicate them.

“intangible body #1”

Edition 1 of 1

TITLE: intangible body #1 CREATED BY: Shohei Fujimoto YEAR: 2022 DIMENSIONS: 1000×1000 px SIZE: 37,334,286 bytes TYPE: GIF image Shohei Fujimoto’s first NFT. Visual using MRI sequence data(430 images) 
of my own brain got by myself at a medical facility(Date: 20 Jan 2021, Location: 35.672232571280645, 139.73366743753462). I think that this NFT emphasizes the presence, 
existence and embodiment of human beings that cannot be duplicated and creates the concept of material intangibility and the situation that embodiment is not removed.


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