Screenshot from “Manipulation 6” by @baronlanteigne

The Rare: Manipulation 6

Our first "rare" pick for The Good, The Bad, & The Rare, Johann Baron Lanteigne's "Manipulation 6" explores our modern relationship with screens.
12 months ago

For our inaugural The Rare selection, this week we’re drawing your attention to the recently minted, reality-bending “Manipulation 6” by Johann Baron Lanteigne. “Manipulation 6” is part of an animated series, Manipulations, by Lanteigne about gestures, their expressiveness and imperfections.

“I’m interested in the relationship we have with screens,” Lanteigne told SuperRare Magazine, “and how screens are portals to virtual worlds. This process is quite clunky right now, quite underdeveloped, so I like to play with it, to experiment with a possible future.”

A blend of textures – liquid, glass shards, wood and “shitty duct tape in the background” – “Manipulation 6” was presented in episode 41 of Adult Swim’s “Off the Air,” and created to be displayed as a seamless loop on 16×9 4k displays in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

“This piece was inspired by the unexpected, the unwanted surprise (not in a negative way),” Lanteigne said. “I tried to explore the inability to grasp virtual matter that I’m currently exploring within this series.”

Sound design was done by Eduardo Noya Schreus.



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