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Sep 30, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

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Gretta at Simmons Hardware store Jeonpo-dong, Busan. I approached the wool-hat girl and asked her for a photo so I could paint her. – Hi, excuse me, could I take a picture of you? – Hahahaha She laughed at me. I thought it was because of my thick spanish accent, but later, she told me it was because she always laugh when she´s nervous. I showed her my Instagram so she could see that I´m an artist and not someone who´s trying to flirt clumsily. She pointed a work that I painted with a very strong light. Her mother, whom is from Korea, wanted to name her -Myeong-suk- that means pure light, but her dad, a Danish man living in London, didn´t like the idea. Finally she was named Grette. I wanted to joke about it and I asked her if she was living in a chocolate house with Hansel, but she didn´t find it funny. LOL. We had some rice liquor shots and started talking. The story about her mum´s family was tough, she didn´t want to go into detail but recommended me a book, “Grass”. I felt my lips dry because of the mask, so I took my lip balm. In Spain they sell them with some Agatha Ruíz de la Prada illustrations. Her eyes lighted up. She approached me, dumbfounded. I thought she was going to kiss me! OMG! But she wanted the lip balm because she collects lip balms, and that Spanish thing shoud be hers. She offered me a deal. She would pose for the picture in exchange for the lip balm. I considered it a good deal.  

Anything you can think of is real or why would you be able to think of it?

“Gemstone Canyon” (PRIME)

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Commissioned painting for Infinite Worlds Magazine issue #7 created using only cans of spray paint and no brushes. One of the very few paintings I have made that have some form of animate life in the landscape. Digitally enhanced from the original in coloring and with motion. PLEASE READ PRIME Artwork Holder Benefits, 1. The original painting, framed and shipped to you free of charge. Only the first purchaser has claim to the original painting (Does not transfer with secondary sale) 2. After PRIME artwork is sold I will release a collection of 200 still images of the corresponding painting. The holder of the PRIME Artwork will receive 20% of the primary sales of that edition collection and 2% of Secondary sales for 1 year (Does transfer with secondary sale and will restart the 1 year from date of purchase) 3. Each first time buyer/holder of a PRIME artwork will be airdropped a custom Spatial environment designed by Must hold PRIME Artwork at release of environment. If PRIME artwork sold BEFORE release of environment the new owner will receive the airdrop. (Does not transfer with secondary sale) 4. A one year subscription to Infinite Worlds Magazine (Does not transfer with secondary sale) 5. 1 Year of Spatial+ free of charge (Does not transfer with secondary sale) 6. Prime Holder Role within Discord server with early access to future drops and Alpha about other projects. (Does transfer with secondary sale) 7. Receive the back issue edition of the magazine the PRIME artwork is in and it will be signed by me and sent to you with the Original Painting (Does not transfer with secondary sale) 🖊️ 8. Official Infinite Worlds Trading Cards sent to you with the Original Painting (Does not transfer with secondary sale) 9. Reserve list for qualifying, future art drops, collection releases and collaboration drops. (Does transfer with secondary sale) Join FineSprayPaintArt Discord for more details ->

Random Access to my Memories

Come and Light My Fire

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The pain comes and goes The waves of it overwhelm me as I clutch my stomach As long as I can, I hold on To the point where I burn out 20′ x 16′ Acrylic and Vitrail on wood w/ an alcohol wash

Uncomfortable arts


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In the beginning  


Brushwork Boulevard

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Brushwork Boulevard is a combination of analogue freehand painting and digital editing and compositing. The analogue painting is created with watercolour and is time lapsed something seen often before though the difference is that there is no brush. It is easy to achieve this when painting and recording your strokes on a digital platform but the fact that the painting is analogue and done on paper makes it unique. The process is achieved by photographing the painting at different stages of completion but also to make it smooth there are frames where the brush has been digitally retouched from the image. Subsequently different parts of the sequence have been separated, retimed and re-composited back into the animation to achieve a smooth flow to the piece. The result is an original artwork that is animated from start to completion with the focus on the painting rather than on the brush and the method of the artist. original analogue painting is an add-on for the first collector. (34x51cm unframed)

2D anime Artist, Daily life stories content creator  


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More me than ever Something and nothing in this glowing city Opening heart to more of the little things around us Nocturne  


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First artwork minted on MOCAxSR SPACES by KOLLECTOR

Digital Artist- Thousands of brushes


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‘In Tablet VI of the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh refuses the sexual advances of the goddess Ishtar, In response to Gilgamesh’s insults, enraged Ishtar goes to the heaven. She demands the Bull of Heaven from her father Anu. Eventually, Anu reluctantly agrees to give it to Ishtar, whereupon she unleashes it on the world, causing mass destruction’ ‘The Bull of Heaven is the constellation we call Taurus’ 1654x2339px 12 sec loop animation

Abstract Intuitive 

Into the Sunset

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Chasing the last ray of light, And some fireflies; Into a long-lost dream!

want to create stories about deep and introspective experiences. 


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-The crisscrossed paths of the mind, if you do not know how to travel them, become fiery, he said…. -Do you see me paralyzed? I asked. – …this mind in flames will melt everything, only this way I will be able to leave. Continue thinking…  


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