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Oct 7, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

1 year ago

Join my beautifully disorder depressed bloody world.


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“The CHAOS was begun. Don’t run away. You can say this’s my new ERA.” Digital art by Haningwaslost Genesis piece on SuperRare

French photographer based in Biarritz. Capturing the Ocean in all its moods and lights along the coast.  

The Wave

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The Ocean is my playground. It’s somewhere that I love to go and enjoy my spare time. The ocean is beautiful, and comes in so many different colours, it is also terrifying and furious. I particularly like this clean style where you only keep what is important. I tend to capture places devoid of human crowds or bulky details. Photographing the waves at sunset is something I particularly enjoy, especially when the wind comes from inland, it whips up froth and spray on the waves that reflects and diffuses the golden light. It’s all about the light, choosing the best time of day to photograph the seaside is extremely important, as the intensity, direction and color of the light vary throughout the day. I analyze the weather and depending on the conditions I chose the spot where I’m going to shoot, As soon as I watch a wave, I subconsciously abstract it from its most basic elements. I chose a minimalist style because this style of photography only constrains the imagination, I also want my images to exude serenity. For me a photo is only beautiful if it provokes or gives off an emotion. I try to bring a sense of escape where the viewer finds himself alone in the face of the immensity of the landscapes available to him.  

Painting, drawing, mixed media.


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Oil, ink on paper 8″ x 11″ and digital.  

Superflat Artist Exotic Taste

The New Religion

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Outside the chapel late at night, they gathered to watch with minds eye. They were spellbound until dawn as the visions unfurled. More was learnt that one night than we will ever know. This was the birth of the new religion.

Digital Creator. Father of the HPPRS 🐰🥕

Headless Blaze of Glory, 2022

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There is nothing but the bitter stench of burning rubber and the screams of those tortured beyond measure.  

Conquest of Dimension

In the water

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There are times when too much information and thoughts make us too tired. Whenever that happens, I heal by looking at fish without thinking. I hope everyone who has seen this work will be healed like me for a while

GIF or Die! 

in the spotlight

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2048 x 2048 digital paintings & gif.

Photographer, collector and curator 📸❤️🚀

Light, together

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Even in the darkest of times The warm embrace of togetherness Shows us the Light

crypto artist


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for in a world full of darkness, only the touch of God can create light.


Machine learning fast

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Looping animation. 2×9 sec. 2048 x 1150 p.


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