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The NFTGirl-curated artists speak about their work, their lives, and more.

Oct 11, 2022 Exhibitions

2 months ago

NFTGirl’s [email protected] exhibition, presented as part of The Joy of NFTs Space on SuperRare, brings together work by nine Latin American artists who are leaders in the world of web3. Their art spans a diversity of styles and mediums, reflecting and honoring their complex cultural identities and experiences.

NFTs have seen wide adoption in Latin American countries due to the freedom and autonomy the technology allows artists, and Latin American artists like those featured here have made incredible strides furthering the cause of cryptoart.

Watch the artists speak about their art and themselves below, and check out the exhibition here.

Samantha Cavet is a 25-year-old photographer, born in Venezuela, and currently based in Madrid, Spain. Her photography focuses on portraying the human abyss, solitude and melancholic feelings, as well as dreamy pictorial landscapes. What inspires her most to create photographs are paintings, films, and music.

Monaris is a photographer with a passion for visual storytelling. As an Adobe Lightroom and Sony Ambassador, she has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory that lives to transform brief instances of reality into movie-like scenes. She has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent brands. Her debut book, “Momentos,” was published by Setanta Books in 2021.

Jimena is a Colombian-American artist who brings her background in computer science and engineering into her abstract artwork. She interrogates and explores the relationships between art, technology, emotion, and connection with the self.

Pablo is a designer and the cofounder and CEO at Bueno, Blush Design, and the creator of Robotos NFTs. He hosts talks and workshops on design, illustration, and storytelling among other topics, and has a channel called Sketch Together where he posts tutorials and performs critiques on livestream.

A Mexican multidisciplinary artist and designer, Mariana explores the edges of human existence by choosing trash, shiny objects, and stonesitems we discard and haul awayas her subject matter. She is also a designer with Robotos NFTs and has worked as a UX designer and a design executive.

Milton is an Argentine artist whose works combine both expressionist and hyper-realistic elements, materializing organic universes where the emotions of his characters seek to cross the screen. Currently, his art explores digital naturalism.

Oxeegeno is an artist from Buenos Aires. His art reflects the effect humans have on the environment and the complex ways people interact with the knowlege of our impact. He views every feeling as inspiration.

Rodrigo Rezende, also known as RWR2, is a Brazilian artist based in Toronto, Canada. Raised in a small valley town, Rodrigo left his family and community to pursue art. He studied graphic design in Rio de Janeiro and turned digital art into a viable career.

J.N. Silva is a Venezuelan artist with a keen eye for the decisive moment. His eclectic style has allowed him to pursue different avenues, ranging from street and portraiture to live music and aerial photography. With a career that spans over a decade, Silva has shown his work worldwide, and has a long history of building community. His entry into the NFT world marked a shift for the photo space, and he has onboarded hundreds of artists into the world of NFTs via his artist collective, Animus.



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