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Oct 21, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

1 year ago

Painter, Animator, Collector  


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EEE-43048-Ecstasy Crystals are beautiful I’m high, up in the sky with my friend Mandy I want to run, jumping is so cool C₁₁H₁₅NO₂ I’m sad, XXX 40 minutes passed in 3 hours I’m a human again X,X,X XTC I love Molly, I can fly 3,4-Methylen IIIIIIII Looooove chemistry!!!!!! thank you Merk thank you so much I’m a human again in 2 hours…  

push meaningful art  

Choose Your Life

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They teach you how to become a doctor, an engineer, an architect. No one teaches you how to become yourself. Welcome to your ready-made life. Exhibitions: Alike / Milan / 2020 Ripido Festival / Bruneck / 2022 JPG 5600×5600 2019  

Intricate drawings that highlight uncomfortable truths  


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The horde of megalomaniacs races towards its own demise  

Obfuscating the context of the natural world  

Spectrum of Eventualities

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At the nexus of everything exists a spectrum of eventualities a syncopated cacophony of echoes that form into a moment.  



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a beautiful change emerges. pain was necessary. challenges were needed. and everything I suffered was the catalyst for a better tomorrow. 

Forgotten parts of the brain. Dystopian therapist and onieric illustrator. Editorial design and Freelance Artist  

The unpredictable

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Mapping the impossible is not a chimera when we talk about destiny  

Painting photography with sculptural elements.  

Dali’s nightmare!

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This kind of work started in a period of great tension! I saw many faces at the last step of life. The spirit fragmented, was waiting for the body. I start by painting with some sculptural elements. Alongside I use lighting & macro photography. The final editing happens in Photoshop. No AI involved.  

creative studio based in Amsterdam, creating immersive stories.  


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Icarus falling from the sky 

Director-Producer, Urban Fine Art Photographer, NFT Collector  

The Palace

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The Palace is the genesis NFT of my new color collection Time Travel. This piece captures L.A.’s once glamorous movie palace district, where the brightly lit marquees sit incongruously on the dark downtown street populated by shuttered businesses. Its lights send a message of hope and promise for a brighter future. This collection encapsulates L.A. as I came to see it during the height of the pandemic, stylistically inspired by the visual language of film noir and the “happy accidents” one encounters in urban street photography.  

Fine Artist, Tetrachromat, Lover of Nature, Celestial Muse 

Tetra Galaxy

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Tetra Galaxy is an eye of the universe. A celestial dream overflowing with color. This is a journey across millions of lightyears, where there are as many colors, forming a dreamscape of self-discovery. Even in the darkest parts of space, stars and luminous bodies shine like lighthouses for the unknown traveler. This is an animated tetrachromat oil painting.


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