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Oct 28, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

1 year ago

Multidisciplinary artist.

Impression, Sunrise (Non-Objective Composition)

Edition 1 of 1

Digital Painting Yura Kimakovych, 2022

We play around with digital art, with its form and color. We are the definition of an art experiment. We are the art – in theory and practice. 

Stone of Life-Giving Comet

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We are trying to find the answer to the origin of life. Comets scattered around the universe, flying silently, leaving a long tail of ice behind. The water, that’s all life needs. Carried by the silence between the stars, it could be the source of entire civilizations.

French artist using artificial intelligence to fully express my creative vision since 2021

Fractured Museum

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Fractured Museum represents the fractured mind of the ai artist who is submerged with so many creative possibilities, constantly juggling with exploring the endless possible variations of a current style, trying new ones and curating the thousands of outputs. Too much freedom can sometimes be difficult to handle.

am London based illustrator motion designer who inspires movement and positivity through my creativity.

Planet Love

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I have dreamt about a new world, immerse by love and colours where my creative mind is a place where you can be sure to find inspiration and positivity.

Willard is contemporary artist exploring the poetic depth of ordinary things.

The First Snow

Edition 1 of 1

“The First Snow” (2022) borrows elements from my code-based generative works to create a landscape that comments both on the pictorial construction of images and the melancholy of everyday life. 7200 x 9000 pixels

RAM creates deep and disturbing images through the use of his canvas. He views the world in shades of Red.  


Edition 1 of 1

40″ x 40″ Acrylic & Oil pastels on Canvas I’m on Go Mode. No more holding back. I’ve worked my whole life for this moment. This moment is My Moment and we gonna keep going till our bones are grinded to dust.

Exploring abstract calligraphy

Neural Collapse

Edition 1 of 1

Asemic calligraphy · sumi ink · paper  

Oil Painter, Digital Artist World-Builder

New Hollywood

Edition 1 of 1

New Hollywood (5000 A.D.) This floating island is the first in the 27 piece collection “Sunderlands Genesis.” Sunderlands is the post-apocalyptic universe created by oil painter and digital artist Shelby Stardust, where all of her art exists. **SOUND ON, original music** The purchaser of this artwork will receive a signed 24” x 36” physical component, a full resolution image file and looping 32 second animation with music upon contacting artist @shelbystardust through Twitter. To read the story behind this artwork and find future auction dates, visit  

Post-abstract digital artist from London UK.

The State of Not Being Somewhere

Edition 1 of 1

My SuperRare genesis piece absence and edges / margins and thresholds / what was intentional / what has been left behind / the ghost of a symbol / the spectre at the letters edge / the tape around the door way / the long forgotten scrawl / the accidental boundary / the glue that collects dust, asking to be remembered.

Bob Marley smoking a spliff

Edition 1 of 1

Bob Marley smoking a spliff at his house at 56 Hope Rd. 1974


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