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Nov 18, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

2 weeks ago

New artists, new upgrade

The new artists list is getting a twist. Each week, we’ll still compile a list of the newest artists on SuperRare, but we’ll also ask editorial and curation staff at SuperRare Labs to vote for their favorites. The top three will get a shout out as New Artists to Watch. And one thing about the new artist list that hasn’t changed? If you see an artist you like here, support them. Follow their Twitter, share their work, buy their art. It’s up to all of us to make the cryptoart community florish.

New artists to watch

Visual artist and Printmaker, mostly inspired by science fiction films, space objects, nature, and memories from childhood.


Edition 1 of 1

Wijayakusuma is the name of a flower that only blooms at night, also called the night queen flower, In Javanese mythology, whoever manages to own, plant, and see it bloom at night will have their hope come true. Tells about the anxiety of seeing beauty along with the destruction of nature every day, hoping that everything that has been damaged will be beautiful again. Inspired by the song wijayakusuma from Ardhito Pramono  

photographer exploring my curiosity surrounding humanity. 

Route 66 Diner

Edition 1 of 1

The photographs that comprise American Reminiscence were made in small towns, and cities across the rural American countryside that have often been forgotten. These images act as an exploration of a past life, while serving as a beacon to future generations. Edition: 1 of 1 St Robert, Missouri, c. 2021  

Psychedelic Pop Art  

Beautiful Journey

Edition 1 of 1

We travel through onerous roads filled with chaos in hope our dreams lay at the end of the journey. At times we can ignore our surroundings, forgetting about the process and the present. However, there is beauty in any journey. As we move towards our aspirations and goals we carry our experiences and loved ones with us. They remind us we are not alone, filled with their wisdom and motivation to continue forward.  

New artists on SuperRare

Neurosis of Sleeping Beauty

Edition 1 of 1

This is the story of a neurotic woman who wants all eyes on herself.  

Creator of nymphtopia, digital artist tree-nymphs

The Swinger: Purple Meadow

Edition 1 of 1

Jessica Lichtenstein’s iconic tree nymphs are animated here for the first time, in “The Swingers” series, swinging playfully amid immersive, dreamlike landscapes. To create this new digital series, Lichtenstein actually looked back in time to master painters in art history, drawing inspiration from Fragonard’s Rococo masterpiece, The Swing. The hypnotic swaying of the Swingers draws viewers into the surreal wonderlands Lichtenstein creates, as she lightheartedly plays with ideas of voyeurism, objectification, and female power.

create intricate, intimate stories in monochrome.  

Dinner Date

Edition 1 of 1

A study exploring the fine line between a Glutton and a Gourmet. Glutton(noun) : An excessively greedy eater. Gourmet(noun) : A connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate. Relationships, once stripped off the rose-tinted glasses, laid bare, reveal the quality of the dynamic. The roles played by the individual lovers in a union. I wanted to explore this theme from two perspectives. 1. A lover in a state of comfort and complete surrender, giving themselves to be devoured. Heart, Mind and Body. 2. A lover in a state of being controlled, having their strings pulled, being consumed more than they wish to be. Mind, Body and Heart.


All About That Bass

Edition 1 of 1

Video Collage  

neurotic meditative  

Free speach: $8

Edition 1 of 1

la liberté d’expression n’est pas libre. c’est huit dollars  



Edition 1 of 1

In distant future Homo Sapience was split into two separate species Splicers and Mechs. This led to the war and a catastrophic event that changed the face of our planet forever. This event was called The Divide ✦ SAVE AND PROTECT Species that have managed to survive Conflict are the product of unnatural selection gone completely mad. Everything that has not been destroyed by a merciless outer space must be carefully studied before introducing it into my body. The uncontrolled growth of the biome could rob me of my self-awareness. So I’m slowly but surely building up layer upon layer of cyber and bio parts, turning into something new human long gone, not a splicer, not a mech. Save and preserve, revive the remnants of the old world. This is the mission of the likes of me, the Intertwined. 3000×4000 px annfable  

Minimal urban photography — on iPhone 


Edition 1 of 1

One morning, the sun’s rays painted a portal amidst an unassuming urban landscape. It felt like an invitation to another world that was as fleeting as it was magical. — Artist: eskylabs Edition Type: 1/1 Location: Ang Mo Kio, Singapore Year: 2022 Can be used to display privately, or in commercial and non-commercial settings, or in groups with an unlimited number of participants. The License includes unlimited use and display in virtual or physical galleries, documentaries, and essays by the NFT holder. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works.  

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