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Dec 16, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

12 months ago

New artists to watch

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cult of privacy

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☻Juxtaposer of uncanny ideas.  


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In the garden of life, Where beauty and pain coexist, A mother endures the thorn, To bring forth a new beginning, Bonding thicker than blood.  

🚨 Flashing Art Hazard 🚨  


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The Glitch Forms

New artists on SuperRare

Multididciplinary Artist. My art pieces are continuing conversation.  

Heavier Is The Head That Wears No Crown.

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This is for when a picket fence says; “You have something to protect” And having no fence says; “You can’t protect what you have” This is not for the ones with picket fences. This is for when you want to protect that which is not commonly worthy. This is for when it is not glittering, This is for when the grass is any other color but green. This is not for diligent men who will stand before kings, This is for the ones who can’t care who is king. (This is the first installation of my four part genesis series La Noyade on SuperRare)  

Artist. Director. World Builder.  


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Become part of SIFT by owning a piece of its origin. Proceeds from this collection go towards the development of the feature film. Also owners will be credited in the film. Written, directed, animated, edited, and starring Matteo Santoro.  

create 3d artwork:)  


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From when I’m writing this 21 days ago I was hacked, they took all of my funds from my metamask wallet. 7eth at the time which is what I had saved up from 2 years of being a part of the nft art community. Upon noticing I was hacked the first few things I did was check to see if I had lost access to anything.. I had to reset a lot of passwords. And then I realized if any of the art gets sold on my original SR account then the funds would go to the hacked wallet. SO I had to create a new super rare account. And if possible I will be burning any art that is left on my original account. Thank you to the SuperRare support team for helping me create a new account and giving me access to mint. (Dan and Ed you guys are life savers for real thank you for the help with this) At the moment I am rebuilding my start in the nft space. I had everything ripped away from me. They took all of my funds but they can’t take my ability to create artwork away. And thank you to my past collectors for believing in me to begin with 💙. Thank you for seeing a reason to collect my art from the start. And thank you to my grandparents who are kind enough to understand me. And have patience with me and supporting me as well. -fllunt  

Artist Prompt Engineer Emotion Trapper  

Venus and Mars

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The world is a beautiful place when Venus and Mars are together. But sometimes, the sins of the past start to pull Mars into a pit of despair. The black-winged angel of sorrow embraces Venus, separating her from Mars, while the red-winged angel of sacrifice calls Mars to redemption. The demon, who counts the heads of sinners, has once again reached the fateful number, and Mars must be the next to fall.  

Irish Photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.  

405 [Handstand]

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“405” is a portrait of the busiest and most congested freeway in California, the 405. This series explores the suburbs and streets off the exit ramps along the 72-mile stretch from Irvine to San Fernando. Affected massively after the lockdown was announced, there was an almost instantaneous environmental and social reaction to the lack of cars on the usually backed-up lanes. Traffic in Los Angeles has always been a daily talking point for most who live here, and this clear reaction to the pandemic was fascinating to witness. Two years on, and as the city tries to get itself back together, the traffic returns with a vengeance. Still, a major talking point but with added darkness. There has been a rise in violent road rage reports, shootings, a sense of lawlessness, and the smog is as thick as ever. This work is an objective portrait of the 405 freeway and what surrounds it. This photograph has been hand-printed by the artist and minted outside of the “405” series as a standalone art piece.  

digital artist  

Present Past Rift

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Digital painting + AI, 2022

Italian classical painter and AI whisperer. 

Late Night Session

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Art is first visualized then manifested. There will be struggle, uncertainty, refusal. At the end, there will be art.  

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