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SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report

SuperRare Secondary Market Weekly Report

Mar 1, 2021 Staff Picks


3 years ago

February 22-28

Weekly recap of the highest digital art secondary sales on SuperRare.

#10 The Summoner by jparked was sold by @freezedrychief to @ethereumdapps for $10,260
ROI: 78%
Artist royalty to jparked: $1,026

The Summoner
Edition 1 of 1
Eth Summoner – Digital painting // 5000x3769px

#9 Yum by arc was sold by @cryptosteve to @seedphrase for $12,345
ROI: 1,079%
Artist royalty to arc: $1,235

Edition 1 of 1

#8 The Collector by mbsjq was sold by @mjr to @lookingattheart for $15,936
ROI: 805%
Artist royalty to mbsjq: $1,594

The Collector
Edition 1 of 1
There Is Only One Of Me And I Love Being Yours. 1/1 Edition. mbsjq original.

#7 Bong Love by killeracid was sold by artnome to matrix for $16,544
ROI: 8,256%
Artist royalty to killeracid: $1,654

Bong Love
Edition 1 of 1
Original Killer Acid. Genesis Collection character #1

#6 MMM_VR_DONUTS by xsullo was sold by spasmodic to @thegreatmando1 for $25,576
ROI: 269%
Artist royalty to xsullo: $2,558

Edition 1 of 1
The future is here, where food is digitized and consumed. Homer is a simple man, and all he wants is an infinite amount of donuts made up of a series of ones and zeros fed through the metaverse. Includes: Original 4k loopable animation mp4 file. Custom 100% birch wood print from Prints On Wood. And an Infinite Objects video print delivered within 4-6 weeks.

#5 T.S. Flames by smogone was sold by jordannaire23 to mdot for $31,383
ROI: 1,530%
Artist royalty to smogone: $3,138

T.S. Flames
Edition 1 of 1
Travis Scott enjoying the high life with jewelry blingin

#4 Black Astronauts Cry by micah_johnson was sold by @levaultdemigs to rudy for $38,404
ROI: 17,598%
Artist royalty to micah_johnson: $3,840

Black Astronauts Cry
Edition 1 of 1
24 Hour Flash Release. Highest Bid at 10:00 AM EST tomorrow (5/10) secures this powerful work. Original Painting 48″ x 36″ (available) 1150 × 1588.

#3 American Child by Hackatao was sold by @cryptoken3 to rudy for $48,457
ROI: 8,492%
Artist royalty to Hackatao: $4,846

American Child
Edition 1 of 1
Never Again

#2 One Proud Owner by mbsjq was sold by @cryptosteve to kw7 for $78,838
ROI: 2,458%
Artist royalty to mbsjq: $7,884

One Proud Owner
Edition 1 of 1
Astro looking extremely proud of his new donut powered porsche 917K. What more do you need in life… than a porsche, a pack of donuts and some inflatable flamingo friends. Digital Illustration from the Astro & the Universe series by mbsjq. 1/1, Single Edition. [Bonus] Signed mbsjq print included.

#1 Warren Buffet – Decentral Eyes – Variant 02 by Coldie was sold by basileus to seedphrase for $88,665
ROI: 2,692%
Artist royalty to Coldie: $8,867

Warren Buffet – Decentral Eyes – Variant 02
Edition 1 of 1
The second of a 10 piece series I take a look at one of the biggest OPPONENTS of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. One of his famous quotes about Bitcoin, “Bitcoin is a gambling device,” the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, Cherry Coke drinking, McDonald’s devouring, white-haired stonk king himself, Warren Buffet. Created with 10+ images to create a decentralized portrait. This Buffet collection explores a variety of punk design aesthetics and 3D methods for depth. Anything can happen with a variant though. Size: 2400px x 3000px, Format: MP4



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