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SuperRare Magazine is a digital publication at the cutting edge of the cryptoart revolution. We welcome pitches exploring the intersections of art, technology, finance and community in the emerging Web3 world. With Web3 ownership and distribution built into many of our initiatives, we reflect the radical cultures and disruptive technologies that birthed us; telling unexpected stories from our decentralized future.

For approved articles ranging from 800 to 2,000 words, our rates span from $250 to $1/word up to $1,500, depending on the content category and the author’s experience. 

Magazine content

SuperRare Magazine currently publishes thematically-centric content. Our content cycles typically run for one month at a time (occasionally longer), and we specifically seek articles that align with future focuses. We post upcoming topics here and update them regularly. You’re still welcome to send ideas that fall out of scope (you might even inspire us to pursue something!), but we’re much more likely to greenlight an article that fits within a planned content cycle.

Upcoming focuses

  • Cryptoart’s future starts now: Telling the story of what makes the cryptoart movement special, and how it differs from other NFT projects
  • Cryptoart revolutionizes provenance: Blockchain not only brings provenance to digital art, but provenance narratives can become part of an artwork’s value. What examples of this exist? What will be the longer term implications, particularly in respect to the benefits of secondary royalties?
  • Socially conscious cryptoart: How is cryptoart reaching and helping communities around the world? How can artwork sales, DAO missions, or project utility be structured to benefit communities in need? What examples exist?
  • New digital mediums: Blockchain brings provenance and payments to digital art projects. What new mediums are benefiting from this development? Interactive artworks? AI artists? 3D experience? In what directions are we headed next?

Most magazine content falls under the categories of Art and Tech. This includes both long form and short form content.

Long form content

Our long form content consists of feature articles that usually range from 1500-2000 words each.

We’re interested in artist, collector, and innovator profiles, investigative articles, critical articles, and analytical articles that explore movements and communities within cryptoart and web3, the intersection of art and technology, cryptoart markets, and related topics. 

Short form content

Our short form content usually ranges from 800-1000 words in length.

We’re interested in Q&As with interesting figures from around the cryptoart world, educational and how-to articles intended to inform and assist those just entering the crypto space, and visually driven content like short photo essays.

How to submit and what to expect

Please read the examples listed below to get a sense of our style and tone. When ready, send a short pitch (less than one page) to [email protected]. Make sure the subject line begins with “[SuperRare Magazine pitch]:” (including the brackets but not the quotation marks) or we might miss it. Your email should include the following:

  • A short synopsis of the idea, why it is important and why you should write it
  • The type of content (Long form profiles, investigative articles, criticism, or analysis; short form Q&A, educational/how-to, or visual content)
  • Your research plan and intended interviews
  • Any relevant clips of your previous work, if available

If you haven’t heard from us within 14 days, please feel free to follow up.

Feature Articles

Artist Discovery

Feature Articles