“Death” by ALIENQUEEN, 2023. Available on SuperRare July 27

Curated Conversations: ALIENQUEEN

SuperRare Labs Senior Curator An interviews ALIENQUEEN about psychedelics, death, and her journey in the NFT space.

Jul 26, 2023 Art / Artist Conversations

11 months ago

ALIENQUEEN is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist specializing in digital illustration. Influenced by psychedelics, dreams, sex, and death, her art evokes comfort and anxiety simultaneously, handling its subject matter through a layer of acidic haze, normalizing the terrifying and transforming the sweet and mundane into the unsettling. The subjects of her work project a sense of immediacy upon the viewer but also seem entirely suspended in time, lost in worlds of their own making. A Cambodian refugee, living in the United States, her family’s experiences have influenced her work as well, lending specific perspectives on love, mortality, and connection.

SuperRare Labs Senior Curator An interviews ALIENQUEEN about psychedelics, death, and her journey in the NFT space.

“Death” by ALIENQUEEN, 2023. Available on SuperRare July 27

An: Where were the characters in your art originated from? The girl, skull, alien, frog, etc.
ALIENQUEEN: The girl in my artwork represents me, and the skulls can also symbolize either me or another entity, depending on the piece. Since I was a kid, aliens have fascinated me, and now I love drawing them, making them a significant part of my art!

An: How did you decide on your color palettes?
AQ: The colors flow to me impulsively, and I become quite obsessive with them. I’ll modify an illustration multiple times until it feels just right. I suppose I choose my colors based on my emotions and feelings.

An: How important are psychedelics to your art?
AQ: Psychedelics are pretty essential to me and I use psychedelics as a tool to help stimulate my imagination and increase creativity. I feel more open and receptive to new ideas while on a psychedelic trip and I feel a deeper connection to myself.

An: Can you tell us a bit more about this 1/1 you are dropping on SR?
AQ: This piece is about the certainty of death and how it’s an inevitable part of life. Alongside death, there’s also freedom. Death is the ultimate truth we all face, while freedom allows us to live life the way we want. These two ideas are closely connected, reminding us how valuable life is and urging us to live it true to ourselves.

Spirit Walking” by ALIENQUEEN, 2022.

An: Many artists are afraid of dropping 1/1s during the bear market. What made you decide to do it against the current market condition?
AQ: I’ve been working on this piece for a few months, and I’m super excited to share it. It’s different from my usual work but still related. The character (death) is part of my story in some illustrations, making this piece very special to me. I’m not worried about how it will be received in the market; I’m just going with the flow. I enjoy surprises, and whatever happens, I’m okay with it.

An: How is it like to be a female founder of 2 pfp projects?
AQ: It’s really cool and to know that I have a community that loves my art and supports me, is a truly great feeling.

An: What’s your advice to other artists on how to market/promote themselves?
AQ: Be true to yourself and your craft, be authentic, and connect with people who understand and vibe with you. Stay positive, knowing that things happen for a reason. Trust your intuition. When it comes to promoting yourself, focus on creating art with passion, and it will speak for itself.

An: How do you build and maintain relationships with your collectors?
AQ: I connect by becoming friends with them and hanging out in real life whenever possible, especially during NFT events.

Murders and Executions” by ALIENQUEEN, 2022.

An: What’s your favorite thing about the NFT space?
AQ: I deeply value the incredible relationships and connections I’ve formed in this space, along with the amazing knowledge acquired. It’s truly inspiring to gather insights from like-minded artists and collectors who share the same vision for the NFT space and community.

An: You are also one of the co-founders of Art Asylum, tell us a bit more about it!
AQ: Art Asylum is a place where artists and collectors come together, sharing insights and ideas. It’s a lively hub for collaboration, offering support in our artistic journeys. We’re a community of like-minded individuals, connected by our passion for art, NFTs, and exploring the NFT world together.



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