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Who is Android Jones?

Oct 16, 2020 Artist Statements

4 years ago

Android Jones: I’ve seen things in this life that I’m incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds. I don’t know why I make this art, or what compels me to keep creating it; it’s a mystery I intend to pursue for the rest of my life, and each image brings me closer to the Ultimate Truth

Who is Android Jones? 

Andrew “Android” Jones has been an intrepid, experimental creative since his earliest memories. Back then, he would draw and paint constantly. 

“One of my first jobs was drawing portraits, at 16, here in Colorado on the streets.” Jones tells SuperRare. “I realized that I would still be able to eek out a survivable living making art if all I had was just a handful of charcoal pencils and paper I could find a way of bartering value for people. Before that all my other jobs were in the food service industry, when I was in college I put myself through it working in kitchens.” 

To hone his craft, Jones attended The Ringling School of Art and Design, while in his off-time he would practice visionary art privately “in different stages of consciousness.” Jones said. “I’d lock the doors and turn the phone off for like two or three days and just make a bunch of crazy art.”

DHARMA DRAGON | This image was live painted digitally, over the course of Boom Festival in Portugal in 2012. The image depicts an avatar that is representative of the international demographic that attends and creates Boom Festival each year.

As he found other psychonauts in the artist community, he was able to push further into new creative realms. Later he tried his hand at digital painting. Then he brought his art to other modern day canvases, like VR and 360 projection mapping. As a sort of signature in his career, he routinely practices his craft on the most cutting edge canvases. Among other artists, this capability has become almost like a signature for Jones’ creative ingenuity. Known for a shamanistic style that includes something Jones calls “electro-mineralism”, he combines ancient mystique with futuristic mediums for something somehow nostalgic and entirely new. 

Never one to shy away from an adventure even in his early years as an artist, Jones lived an artist’s “van life” before it was cool. “For a good deal of time, from 2007 to 2012, I’d always have these big art vehicles like vans or industrial equipment vehicles with mobile studios in the backs with solar hooked up to them.” He recounts for SuperRare. “I did a lot of work traveling working out of the back of trucks.” 

Today, his work is impossible to put in a box, but the bulk of his most recent imaginings have been showcased alongside others in what is popularly called the “Visionary Arts” milieu. 

Past Projects and Collaborations 

In the visionary arts, festivals are like colossal galleries into creativity, and Android Jones saw the boundless potential of this early on. In fact, it’s a key reason he shifted gears in life to drive his creativity toward new horizons. At events like Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Oregon Eclipse, and Burning Man, Jones found a growing circle of friends and fans who nourished his propensity for the experimental. Some recent projects of note include his 360-degree dome projection SAMSKARA, his one-of-a-kind paintings on the numerous individual glass panels for Burning Man’s infamous Space Whale, and his stunning unveiling in The Smithsonian Gallery for Burning Man’s official ‘No Spectators’ exhibition.

BLOOD MOON | Originally a digital painting, this image depicts a series of rare supermoon blood moons that occured in 2015. The final blood moon occured on September 28, 2015 and was a total lunar eclipse. 

Album Art and Live Visuals for Musicians 

As an emblem of mature and modernized psychedelia, Jones has been frequently sought out for visual accompaniments for some of the most iconic musicians on the international stage. One such example from his early days is the Grateful Dead, but more recently he has created

live visuals and album art for electronic music leviathans like Blutech, Tipper, Shpongle, CloZee and Random Rab, just to name a few. 

Innovation, Technology and the Future 

One on occasion, Jones projection mapped his wildly intense illustration of the goddess Kali on the surface of the Empire State Building. As he pushes forward, he’s still blazing new trails. In LA, he teamed up with a crew who manage Wisdome to regularly experiment with new visuals for music artists. As streaming has become the new default show format in the age of COVID, musicians are looking more to folks, like Jones, to make their stream stand out. In the not-too-distant future he’s expected to extend his craft in the realms of virtual and augmented reality with the pioneering team at MicrodoseVR too. 

From his farm in rural Colorado, today Jones makes art daily and spends time with his family. He’s settled down a lot, but his art is all the more enriched by the balance he’s achieved living in the vast natural wilderness of the Centennial State. 

“I can’t be binging on a piece of art for like 4 days straight and life has a way of letting you try different things for balance.” Jones laughed. “[But] I think I’m a lot more satisfied now than I was back then.” 

For Android Jones’ debut on SuperRare, he’s tokenizing two seldom seen but widely loved images, titled Blood Moon and Dharma Dragon. See above for a brief description on each of the images. 

Stay in touch 

For additional information, contact Android Jones through his website or stay in touch on instagramfacebook, or twitter.



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