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Community Opinions: Why We Believe in CryptoArt?

Feb 27, 2021 Art

1 year ago

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There are already many articles on CryptoArt written by researchers, scholars and influencers. But it’s also important to listen to the community of artists & collectors who are participating in this very movement: why they, whose lives are directly affected by this new form of art, believe in CryptoArt. The answers received are way more visceral than I expected. It’s much less abstract, theoretical, generalized, and much less about the logistics of a market or an industry. It’s about the lives of individuals, changed in a positive way, because of CryptoArt.

Reason 1: It solves the pain points of the traditional art world.

Crypto art solves problems of the traditional art world with regard to authenticity, provenance, transparency, scarcity, liquidity, and the use of new media & technology.


Transparency, proof of ownership, lack of fakes. – @viralrush

Easy to manage. – @NERFWRLD

Reason 2: This technology revolution is going to be one of the most disruptive things ever happened to the art world.

Crypto art solves problems of the traditional art world with regard to authenticity, provenance, transparency, scarcity, liquidity, and the use of new media & technology.


Because it is one of the few truly new things happening now. – @lvcasaguirre

Because everything goes digital, and the innovation of creating scarcity via NFT’s/blockchains is one of the most revolutionary things to happen to art since the invention of synthetic pigments that made painting/art available to a much wider range of people. – @CMYKRevolution

Reason 3: Digitization is inevitable to the art world.

The world is digitizing, and so is art.


It’s the natural evolution of art. Digitized! – @AtomicHeroes

One reason I believe in cryptoart is that when the traditional art world is working hard to go online & incorporate social media into their business, cryptoart is essentially born on the internet, and continues to develop organically across social media. It’s the art of our time. – @anloremi

Grew up with computers and gaming, crypto art feels more related than traditional art. – @strxmner

How many people do you interact with online regularly vs how many people in the real world? Especially this past year. It’s natural to want to show something off in the place you’re spending most of your time. – @geno_mx

Reason 4: Digital artists are having unprecedented opportunities and finally getting the respect & rewards they deserve.

It’s finally giving digital artists the same kind of value, admiration and respect that traditional artists get and is being recognized as a true art form from a wider community.


Before, digital art was undervalued because you couldn’t make the piece unique. – @42cryptoart

So much art is digital and crypto art gives artists an easy way to monetize it. – @hubbersnaks

Because it finally gave the way for digital artists to make money on their art. Before that none of the technology could allow so many people making so much money on digital art. – @artoix

The NFT space has given many artists platforms to share what they do in a way that has never existed before. It’s all about access. – @yamori_JPN

It gives artists an opportunity they didn’t have, especially newer and lesser known artists.. especially artists who are fighting their way out of poverty. It’s been life-changing for many. – @TheMCFaceman

Reason 5: Working for clients is no longer the only option for digital artists.

Because I don’t wanna spend the rest of my days working for clients.


Cryptoart allows computer graphics start being widely recognized art, not just marketing services. – @olegzvg

Because it connects artists with people who love their art, rather than with people who see them as tools. – @dangiuz

Reason 6: It’s more decentralized & democratic: power to the artists, power to the people.

Creativity unshackled with the creators in control…control of what is expressed and how it is sold…plus the royalty scheme!


POWER TO THE ARTISTS – @gallotia_viz

It’s the only time in my life I’ve ever seen artists truly be honored for who they are. First it was purely transactional cryptos to decentralize money for the people, now it’s NFTs decentralizing creator economies. Power to the people. – @firstnameriley

Because the art goes directly to the audience and everybody is welcome.I believe in cryptoart more than classic digital art for the same reason I believe in youtube more than tv. – @VirtualJoe0

Creators will no longer get screwed over by middle men & bag holders. – @Bot17Rob

As an artist, I don’t need to rely on galleries, who want a hefty cut of my work. I can also chose not to sell every piece but share with the world. – @ManuelaOprea

Reason 7: It’s a supportive community of artists, collectors/investors, and entrepreneurs; artists and collectors are able to build direct & constructive relationships across the internet.

Because collectors and artists understand and appreciate your story, your effort and interact within a loving community.


Because it’s a community, and it’s a positive one. – @aurecevettier

This space has been the most welcoming art space I have seen in a decade, I see it changing artists lives every day I log on into Twitter, I see a very supportive community growing every day. It’s the future ! – @Jruffhouse

I love that it continues to support the artist, even after the works sell and resell. Power to the creator! – @justinaversano

Because of the community and the constant support you get from everyone. It’s a really positive space for artists to grow and pursue their craft. – @gentlemanbronco

I love it. The artists, concepts, conversations, inspirations, insights, eclectic methods, views, beliefs running rampant & free. – @GiselFlorez

Reason 8: The future is to be built by us together, and it can be better.

Because it can still change.


I also think this is the beginning, and we are all just scratching the surface of what is possible. – @yamori_JPN

Because we can make it right now, before any other kind of dark future comes. We have one chance, so let’s hold onto it and build a democratic space for our community! – @fabianofrankk



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