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Last week I sold my first first NFT. It’s the first NFT I ever minted and the first one I’ve ever sold. The buyer, @5ht2a, is auctioning it off with all the profits going to @5ht2a asked me to do a little Q&A to help share more about the auction, MAPS’ mission, and what they are hoping to do.

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3 years ago

Last week I sold my first first NFT. It’s the first NFT I ever minted and the first one I’ve ever sold. The buyer, @5ht2a, is auctioning it off with all the profits going to @5ht2a asked me to do a little Q&A to help share more about the auction, MAPS’ mission, and what they are hoping to do.

Bicycle Day #1
Edition 1 of 1

To start, can you share a bit about this piece ‘Bicycle Day #1’?

Bicycle Day commemorates Albert Hofmann first LSD trip on April 19, 1938. In San Francisco and elsewhere there’re these big parties. Some friends wanted to create a free daytime thing that was a lot lighter and more low key so they created the Bicycle Day Parade. Which in the end seems like a no-brainer: like why NOT a bike parade? It happens every year in San Francisco (and probably elsewhere too) on April 19th in Golden Gate Park.

Anyhow, they asked me to make a poster for it. I made this image of a sort of an Albert Hofmann look-a-like with all sorts of other psychedelia embedded in it. There’s Zippy the Pinhead and aliens and a white rabbit and all sorts of fun bits and pieces. The original is india ink on paper which I scanned and digitally colored.

My friends made some posters that they put up around the city and then we offered a series of limited edition prints on heavy weight paper that I signed and numbered. We donated the proceeds from that print to MAPS.

Can you tell people about MAPS and what they do?

Sure. MAPS is the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Sciences. They’re probably one of the most vocal and active organizations like this in the world. They focus on psychedelic research and therapeutic uses of psychedelics, funding and grants for various studies related to psychedelics, and drug legalization/decriminalization. A big part of their focus these days has been around treating PTSD with MDMA and various psilocybin studies. They’re really a wonderful organization who I’ve been involved with for a long time.

What is your own involvement with MAPS?

I first connected with them over ten years ago when they started featuring my art on the cover of their bulletins. Since then, I’ve helped organize fundraisers and conferences with them where my artwork has been showcased. Lots of their supporters have bought my work over the years which is sort of a win-win for both of us. I feel like they have a really positive message and are doing really good work in the world. I’ve always done what I can to help further those aims.

As someone who has also been a long time supporter, I hope this auction can help further those aims too. Let’s raise a million dollars for MAPS!  🙂 

The auction starts on April 15th at 4:15am and ends on April 20th at 4:15pm with all of the profits of the auction will be donated to The winner of the auction will also get a special edition 13” x 19” print of the image on heavy weight archival paper signed by the artist. 

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